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Black intruder spoiles kim and her sister’s birthday night out with his own present

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My sister Kim came into my room and told me to wear something sexy, because she’s taking me to her favorite nightclub for my 21 first birthday . So I put on my black skirt and a white blouse with black
pantyhose and white lace panties with my 4 inch heels , and my light brown hair is in a ponytail just like my redheaded sister Kim’s .

My sister Kim is wearing a red skirt and a light green blouse with dark green pantyhose and red lace panties over her hosiery with 5 inch heels.

Kim asked me to go outside and start her car , so I went outside and I realized that I have the wrong keys so I went back into the house and shut the door .So I went upstairs to ask her for her keys, when I heard a muffled crying sound coming from Kim’s bedroom, so I opened her door and to my shock and horror , I saw this very large black guy holding Kim’s red hair with both of his hands and shoving his big black cock down her throat, as she’s trying to scream out to warn me, but the only sounds that came from Kim’s mouth were , “MMmmmmph”!!! “Mmmmphh”!!! “MMmmmmmpph”!!! “MMmmmmph”!!!

I screamed as I ran up to help my sister , “OH MY GOD LET MY SISTER GO”!!! But he grabbed me by my hair also and forced me on my knees , and told me to start sucking his black cock or he’ll hurt me and my sister . So I did what he wanted, and got next to Kim and started sucking his big black cock with her .I couldn’t get more than 4 inches of his 10 inch cock in my mouth, but my sister Kim was able to
and she went down on him like a porn star . My pussy is so wet now ,I just hope he fucks the both of us . I had no idea that I would be so turned on by being raped by a black guy in my own home with my sister , “Oh no ! “I forgot when I had my last period”! “I could be fertile”! I thought to myself while I’m taking turns with my sister sucking his massive cock .

He told me to stand behind my sister as she’s kneeing over her bed , so now I’m standing behind her
with my legs spread widely apart as both of my 4 inch heels are dug into the bedroom carpet .He tells me to bend over her and wrap my arms around her waist . He ripped a hole in my nylons and panties .

I felt him put the head of his cock between my very wet pussy lips and started pushing it into me as I felt my pussy stretch out , I let out a loud shriek , “OOHH”!!!! “OHHH GOD”!!! IT’S SO FUCKING BIG”!!!!

I was panting and breathing very hard as he thrusted the last 5 inches all the way into my white pussy as I instinctively stood up on the tips of my toes in my 4 inch high heels .

He’s now pounding and fucking me so hard that I can hear his low hanging black balls slapping loudly against my nylon covered ass cheeks, and my big tits are swaying and jiggling wildly back and fourth with every thrust he gives me , as I squealed out , “OH GOD”!! “OH GOD”!! “OHH GOD”!!

He pulled out of me, and he tore a hole in Kim’s green stockings and shoved his cock all the way into her pussy as he fucked and pounded her hard and fast .

Kim whimpered out , “OHH GOD”!!! “PLEASE MISTER”!! “PLEASE”!! “PLEASE DON’T CUM IN ME”!!


He went back and fourth, fucking me and my sister together, as my pussy constricted around his
cock , making me squeal out , “I…I’M CUMMING”!! “I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR BIG BLACK COCK”!!


This went on for another ten minutes, fucking each of us back and fourth , until he thrusted his cock as deep as he could into me . he grabbed and pulled my hair back and rode me like his horse as he grunted , and I felt his cock shoot stream after stream of his hot jungle seed into my white pussy .

All I could do was yelp out , “OHH GOD”!! “I’M PREGNANT”!! “YOU GOT ME PREGNANT”!!

I felt both his ball sack and cock pumping and pulsating all his jungle seed into my womb as I
collapsed on my sister’s back, completely exhausted and in tears knowing that I could be impregnated by this black Intruder .

He pulled his cock out of me, and shoved it into Kim’s pussy as his sperm is leaking out of my pussy
and down into my torn nylons, and onto my sister’s nylon green covered ass .

He’s fucking my sister so hard, that I can feel his impact thrusts he’s giving my sister while I’m on top of her crying , trying to tell her that we will be okay .


Kim came hard also on his big black cock as he filled up her fertile womb with his fertile baby making jungle seed .

When he was done shooting what was left of his spunk , he made the two of us lick and suck his cock clean , then he put his cock back in his pants and got up and warned me and Kim not to call the police or he’ll be back , he asked , “Do you two white bitches understand”??

We both said with tears running down our face’s , “Y…..YES S…SIR”!!!!!

He then left as fast as he came , so far it has been 4 weeks and neither me or Kim have gotten our periods yet !

Kim’s hoping that both of our period’s is just late but I don’t think so , so I got two E.P.T. kits for us .


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  • Reply Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

    I’d love to see you being fucked some well hung black dudes! More of the same please Britney your BBJ

  • Reply Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

    Very good britney, shouldnt wear such outfits you wont get targeted so easy, who am i kidding wear anything and your a target 😉

  • Reply gonzos a dickhead ID:4bn00en3fia

    shitty story get a mother fucking life. this shit is so sterotypical

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Just like you turd head !!

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:7z8j90mzrb

    Part two he comes back while you and Kim are pregnant

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    So how did that big black hung guy spoil your night?! You had a great time, you pair of sluts!!!

  • Reply David kenya ID:5srdij5y43

    Let do part two

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Great story Britney it’s always great to hear how you get used and and made pregnant by a bbc. Slim56

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you slim56 ! Incase that you haven’t noticed , I do love being fucked by black cock and my fantasy’s keep me writing them . Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      I have noticed and that’s why I love reading them

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Slim if it’s okay with you I want to do another story about you and yor wife Christina . I promise no violence ! it will be the three of us ,that’s the only clue . Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Of course you can you can use us in a story anytime

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you but it might be awhile ! I’m trying to line up stories so I can continually have one posted every 2 or 3 days ! your wife’s name is Christina ? Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Yes her name is Christina. in case you would like a description, she is 5’2″ 115 lbs 34c tits pixy cut hair style and a cute little ass.

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Also thought you might want a description of myself. I’m 6’2″ 200lbs short blond hair average build with 7″ there abouts. Take as long as you need on any story if there is anything else you would like to know let me know

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you that’s very helpful , I’m basing the two of you as an older couple , maybe mid 50’s trying to reignite your sex life , I hope that’s okay with you because I need a older couple for my fantasy story and the older the better. also slim are you well built and have muscles ? don’t worry there’s nothing racial in my story ! Thanks Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      That’s good I’m 61 wife is 53 picture me as decent shape dad bod I guess

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      That’s great slim . Britney

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Slim do you prefer cumming in the girl or lady . Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Always Cummings in her no sense in wasting the goodness

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Slim56 I have finished your story I hope you like this one better as I left out all racial tones and violence ! I really hope that I made you blow your load for me and your lovely wife also ! Britney