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Wife Raped By Two Filthy Old Men Part 3

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Creepy Earl brings another trashy old man to discipline and rape my wife. After this and other old trashy men, rape my wife, she becomes a prostitute.

My beautiful 24 year old brunette wife is now going to be used by creepy old Earl, and his old ugly clients. Old creepy Earl had raped my wife and he was now using blackmail to make her his personal sex slave, and a prostitute for him. He used my cell phone contacts and he had taken my wife’s cell phone contacts and threaten to send her naked photos and the video collection of her savage rape by him and several other black men to our friends, relatives, church members, work mates, and this would ruin and embarrass us if he did this. So my wife and I decided that it was in our best interest if we never reported him to the police.

Old creepy Earl now could make my wife and I do just about anything that he wanted by blackmailing us. It was now Saturday morning, and my wife was very sore from being raped by seven old ugly black men the night before, that old creepy Earl had set her up with. Old creepy Earl had told my wife to dress in her Sunday best clothes and he insisted that she wear a nice shirt blouse and pantyhose with her best sexy panties that she owned, to tonight’s meeting with him at the gambling joint.

My wife told me that she didn’t know how much longer that she could tolerate being used by so many filthy men. She was now wondering if any of the old trashy men that old creepy Earl had made her have sex with had given her a sexually transmitted disease. I was also very worried about that also because everyone that I had witnessed rape her looked like dirty hobo types of men, who were very dirty looking and not clean.

As the day progressed, my once innocent pretty 24 year old wife was now getting very nervous about what, and to whom she would have to give her body to tonight. It was about 4:30 in the evening and my wife took a shower and fixed her hair up. She put her makeup and lipstick, and she put on her best silk blue panties, tan pantyhose, bra, and a nice skirt and blouse. At about 5:30 pm. My wife walked into our family room and she really looked like she was going to church instead of this meeting to be raped again. Looking at my pretty wife, no one could ever tell that she was sexually destroyed the night before by seven ugly old black men.

We left our house and we drove over to the gambling joint and arrived at the front door at 6 pm. sharp as old creepy Earl met us at the door. As was last night, the building was empty of the regular nightly gamblers and I was wondering how old creepy Earl was using this place for his use as a sex palace with my wife. I asked him that question and he said that it was none of my business how he has been using this place. I soon later found out that old creepy Earl looked very poor, and he lived in a old run down trailer in a old run down trailer park, that he actually owned this building that was adjacent to my workplace, and he was sort of a wealthy man.

Old creepy Earl walked my wife and I down to the basement and as before he told my wife to sit on the medical bed and he ordered me to remove all of my clothes and take a seat in the wooden chair in the corner of the room. After I did this old creepy Earl cuffed my arms and my legs to this cold wooden chair facing the medical bed.

After old creepy Earl had me secured to the chair he walked over to my wife and he looked at her and he said, stand up bitch and let me look at you. He said that you really look nice as he rubbed his crotch with his hand. Old creepy Earl unzipped his pants and he took them off and he threw them on the floor along with his dirty underwear. He dragged another chair and he placed it in front of my chair sideways. He told.my wife to get on her knees and suck his old dirty cock, before the man that he had coming over tonight, got here.

My wife got on her knees and she looked at me and said that she was sorry and she opened her mouth and she put old creepy Earl’s long dirty cock in her mouth. Old creepy Earl was relaxing, as my wife slowly worked her tongue around the tip of his uncut cock, occasionally putting it in her mouth working her head up and down. Old creepy Earl grabbed both of his ankles and he pulled his legs back to his shoulders and he ordered my pretty wife to lick his balls and tongue out his smelly asshole. My wife slowly licked his gray haired nut sack and she slowly started running her tongue in and out of creepy Earl’s puckering asshole. She jerked his very hard cock as she did this, and then I heard old creepy Earl grunting and groaning as his asshole started winking on my wife’s tongue and he shot his load all over his stomach and chest. Old creepy Earl then told my pretty wife to lick his load of cum off of his stomach and swallow every drop of it, as he called her his dirty little whore, and she did as she was told.

Old creepy Earl then got up and he got dressed and he said that tonight he had some place to go and that he would be leaving my wife in good hands. He looked at my wife as she sat in the chair in front of me looking shamefuly at the floor and he said look you little slut, the man that I have coming over here tonight is paying good money for you, and you had better do what he wants. He turned on the several cameras in the room and he said that he was leaving now and locking us up in this sex room, and his friend would be here soon to enjoy my wife in front of me. Old creepy Earl looked at me and said tonight you will witness something special and he left us locked in the room. My wife looked at me and said that she loved me and was sorry about what she just did to Earl, and I forgave her.

Around 15 minutes later, we heard a key opening the door and a old white man came in the room. This old man was about 70 years old and he was dressed like a hobo. He had very dirty pants and a old filthy T-shirt on. He had gray hair and he smiled at my wife as he walked in the room with hardly any teeth, and the few that he had were rotten and yellow. He was smoking a cigarette and he looked over at me and he said, so this is your pretty little wife, and I said yes she is. He said well tonight she is going to be mine, and he walked over to my wife and he said stand up bitch. My pretty brunette wife stood up and he said I bet you go to church on Sunday don’t you whore, and my wife said yes she did. He said well tomorrow is Sunday and when I am through with your pretty little ass tonight, you won’t be able to sit down for a week or more.

He sat down in the chair in front of me and he said alright bitch start taking your clothes off for me. My wife kicked her high heels off first, she then took her blouse off putting it on the floor, I could see this old man’s cock getting hard in his pants as my wife unzipped her skirt dropping it to the floor. My wife then removed her slip, and then her white bra, revealing her small B-cup tits with stiff nipples, my wife was now dressed only in her panties and her tan pantyhose. This old man stood up from the chair and he walked my wife over to the medical bed, and he said lay down on your stomach on the bed bitch. My wife got on the medical bed on her stomach, and this old man put the restraining cuffs around her wrists. He then grabbed her ankles and he pulled them open as he took his other hand and he rubbed her pantyhose covered ass and crotch. He said very nice, very nice. He then took off his dirty T-shirt, and then he removed his old filthy pants. He had no underwear on, and he really smelled awful. He had a small cock about 6 inches long, but it was very thick. This old man had many tattoos on his body, and was very skinny and pale skinned, with grey hair on his chest and around his package.

This old man told us that his name was Bruce, and he asked my wife what her name was, and she said Linda. He looked at me, and said that he didn’t even want to know my name because tonight he was going to show me what he liked doing to a young pretty woman like my wife. Bruce walked over to the wall that had many types of sex toys hanging on the wall and he took down a few different sized dildos, and a ball gag. He walked back over to the medical table with my wife tied face down and he said well Linda, it looks like you have been a bad little girl. Earl told me what you did last night fucking those black men and sucking their cocks in front of your husband and now you are going to be punished for that you little bitch. He put the red ball gag in my wife’s mouth, strapping it tightly around her head. He then raised the medical bed up in the back and he lowered it in the front so that my wife’s ass was up high and her legs were down on the floor her face was down close to the floor also.

Bruce looked at my wife’s pantyhose covered ass and he said, I bet this bitch liked getting fucked last night by those black mother fuckers. He grabbed both sides of my wife’s pantyhose and her tore them wide open. He then said wow this bitch has a hairy pussy as he noticed her pubic hair sticking out around her silk panties and inner thighs. He said, as he reached in the crotch of them tearing them open, I bet this bitch liked the black bucks, and as soon as he saw my wife’s pussy and asshole he said my goodness what a beautiful looking hairy pussy you have bitch. Bruce spread my wife’s pussy open and he started licking her pussy and tonguing out her tight asshole. His 6 inch cock was very hard now. After licking out my wife’s hairy pussy and her asshole he stood up behind her and he took his belt out of his pants. He looked at me cuffed to the chair with my cock sticking hard in the air and he said you like watching men fucking your wife don’t you and I didn’t answer him. He again asked me the same question and I didn’t answer him. He then got mad and asked me again and I ignored him. It was then that he took the belt and he started striking me with it as a crazed man, sticking my stiff cock several times.

Bruce then walked over to the wall with all of the sex toys on it and he put a ball gag in my mouth, and he walked back over to my wife bent over on the medical bed. He said tonight, old Bruce is going to teach your little whore ass a lesson and he took the belt and he raired back and started beating my wife’s ass very hard, telling her she was a nigga fucker. He said that you should be ashamed of yourself for fucking them last night. He strapped her ass very hard calling her a filthy fucking whore as my wife was moaning with her mouth gaged. My wife was crying and her ass cheeks were beginning to welp, and were red, and started to bleed. After this abuse, Bruce took a big black dildo and he sat in the chair very close to my wife’s well beaten ass and he pushed it as far as he could deep in her hairy pussy, running it in and out of her very fast calling her dirty names, smoking a cigarette. He then took a white dildo and he pushed it inch by inch up my wife’s asshole until it was up to it’s balls. With both dildos in her pussy he then walked around the front of the bed and he grabbed my wife’s brunette hair pulling her face up to his very hard cut cock. He removed the gag in her mouth, and he told her to suck for him. My wife refused and Bruce took the cigarette that he was smoking and he put the red burning tip and he burned her ass cheeks with it making her scream loudly. He squeezed her mouth open and he shoved his hard cock in her mouth and started humping her face very fast calling her a nigga fucker. As he did this he reached down and was shoving the dildos in her asshole and her pussy. Bruce fucked my wife’s mouth, humping her head until he looked at me a he said I’m going to cum in your wife’s mouth now and he grunted and groaned and he held my wife’s head tight to his gray haired balls, sending his cum down her throat.

Bruce then walked back behind my wife and he pulled the dildos out of her pussy and her asshole. He sat back down in the chair and he started fingering her hairy pussy. He started out with one finger, then two, then three fingers in her pussy. He then folded up his hand and he put pushed his whole hand in her pussy up to his wrist, telling my wife to take it bitch. He took his other hand and he pushed two fingers in her asshole as she screamed in pain. Bruce fist fucked my wife’s hairy pussy and he fingered her asshole for several minutes and he finally pulled his hand and fingers out of her asshole.

After this abuse, Bruce walked around and he made my wife put his shit smelling fingers in her mouth and he told her to suck on his fingers that he just had pulled out of her asshole. He then told my wife to suck his dick again and get him hard. My wife put his cock in her mouth getting him hard again. Bruce now very hard, walked behind my wife and he pointed his stiff cock at my wife’s awaiting asshole aimed at him and he shoved his cock balls deep in her, very hard and roughly. Bruce fucked my wife very fast until he grunted and groaned sending his cum load deep inside her bowels.

It was then that old creepy Earl walked into the room with two more old white men who looked like dirty hobo’s. They took off their clothes quickly and one is of them put his dirty uncut cock in my wife’s mouth at the other one put his uncut cock in my wife’s hairy pussy and he started fucking away. Both men shot their loads fairly fast in her mouth and pussy. Old creepy Earl walked over to my wife and he said that he wanted his asshole licked again and he pulled his pants down and he spread his ass cheeks wide and my wife started licking his dirty shit hole. After seeing this, the other three old men each took their turn at getting their assholes licked. My wife now looked like a cheap whore who had been savagely raped and used. Her asshole was leaking cum, her pussy was gagging and oozed cum. Her ass was beaten, burned, and bruised. Her face had mascara smeared around her eyes and she really looked bad.

These nasty street bums had literally sexually ruined my wife She was degraded, had been cursed at, and was pretty much never going to be my once loving pretty innocent 24 year old faithful wife, and creepy Earl knew this. He told the old men that he had brought over tonight that the party was over and he walked them out of the building. Old creepy Earl came back in the room and he said that he thoroughly enjoyed what he had done to my wife, and now he had other women to change into a slut whore. He uncuffed my wife and told her to get dressed. He walked over to me and he uncuffed me from the chair and told me to get dressed. He said that he was through with us, but he reminded both of us, that if we ever reported him to the authorities that he would release the photos of my naked wife being fucked and sucking cocks to our cell phone contacts that he had.

Old creepy Earl said that he had all of the rapes that he videod, and he was selling them to a foreign market that sold true underground porn rape movies, and now my wife was a star rape victim in movies, for men in a foreign country to watch being raped.

Old creepy Earl said that he wouldn’t bother with us anymore and for me to take my wife to the doctor tomorrow, because one of the second group of men that he brought in tonight to fuck her, had syphilis. Old creepy Earl, said that old man had put his infected cock in her hairy pussy and released his infected cum deep in her. Old creepy Earl walked us to the front door and he told my wife to get her filthy ass out of his building.

My wife didn’t go to the doctor and about a week later she was having a terrible discharge and she went to the doctor and sure enough she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease. She received treatment and recovered. I never could bring myself to have sex with my wife after this and we got a divorce shortly after that.

About a year later I was driving down the street by the gambling joint and I noticed my x-wife standing on the street corner dressed like a prostitute. I parked my car and watched her walking up to the cars that had pulled over and she got in one and they drove away, about 20 minutes later the same car dropped my wife off and she talked to another guy in a car and she got in that car and they drove off. Apparently my once prim and proper now X-wife was now a full time prostitute selling her body nightly in front of this gambling joint and beside the building that I once worked at. I am sure that some of the men that I once worked with in the building next door to the gambling joint, had probably had sex with my now prostitute X-wife.

The End

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  • Reply Kathy ID:5xrki3qr9

    I was pimpedout by someofthe guys around El Toro and used and abused in TJ, Mexico but never got divorced and Wenatchee the films ever nowand then. I do have a very large pussy and deep but still works very well.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:28vi91c8l

    Is this story based on true events?

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I love your story and your very descriptive details that puts the reader right into the story ! I also love being fucked by black cock when I’m all dressed up, when I go out clubbing or the backseat of a car ! Britney

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Fantastic story! Wonder if your whore ex-wife still goes to church (haha)! Excellently written, so beautifully filthy!!

    • Whore Maker ID:1dydhy58vhdi

      She might be fucking the preacher

  • Reply Fred ID:4bn00en3fia

    You started it by showing the guys her pussy. It’s your fault she turned out that way. Then you Devore her you fucking asshole.

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    Part 4 pls