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Becoming Aware – Mai Qu’una Festa – Part 4

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Young autistic girl explores incest with her brother.

About a week later, I heard the noises again in the wee hours and I had to pee so I got up and quietly went to the bathroom without turning on any lights. I didn’t even flush the toilet but very quietly tip toed back to my bedroom and shut the door. I backed up to my bed and sat down on it and just then I felt someone pull me back on to the bed. It was Bill and he was naked and he covered my mouth with his and started to French kiss me. Again I don’t understand how I miss the clues. He never seemed to be interested in me at all and here he was kissing me and attempting to take my panties off. As usual, I did not resist and after the long kiss, he went down on me in a much better way than my first boyfriend.

He licked around and into my pussy hole for about five minutes and then all around my labia missing my clit totally. He did that over and over for several minutes and I just kept quiet. Finally, he lightly flicked over my clit and I jumped a little, then he started butterfly tonguing it fast and soft until I was almost ready to cum, which he seemed to know, so he then tongued me harder and faster until I moaned through my own hand over my mouth. He then let me go to sleep after my orgasm. Sleep came fast and I dreamed of my first boyfriend. Just as my bf was going to dry hump me in my dream, I felt Bill getting on top of me. He was gently trying to push his dick into my vagina. Even though he was gentle his dick felt huge and I said: “Ow.”

He moved off of me and said: “Sorry, are you a virgin?’
I nodded yes and he said: “Oh, my mom said that you were having sex before with a neighbor boy.”
I said: “That’s not true.”
While we both looked at his big hard dick, he said: “Ok, I understand but I need to do something.”

I closed my legs and motioned for him to climb on top of me. He didn’t hesitate and I could feel he was as big as my dad. And like Fred, he unloaded on my belly in a few seconds all the while French kissing me until he came and gulped for air. Then we both fell asleep but sometime during the night, he went back to his own room.

We hardly even looked in each other’s direction during the next few days until my dad and my aunt went grocery shopping and left us alone. The Bill came to my room and sat at the end of my bed not really looking at me.
Finally he said: “I need to tell you that I think I am in love with you.”
I didn’t know what to say. After a few minutes, I said: “We hardly know each other and almost never talk and then we are cousins too!”
He sighed and said: “Maybe not,”
I said: “What do you mean?”
He looked away for a long time and then said: “I saw some old letters between my mom and your dad that mom thought she had hidden well but I was looking for an old jacket of mine that she borrowed and found the letters in the pocket of a similar jacket.”
He then sighed again and was quiet for a long while.
I just looked at him until he looked at me and said: “We are probably brother and sister.”

After another 5 or 10 minutes he began to tell me that from the letters he deduced that my dad and his mom are brother and sister and that their parents died when they were teenagers. They were living on a farm and no one ever visited them so they started sleeping together. Evidently, at first just to have someone close and then they started having sex. Eventually they had two kids and then sold the farm and moved apart.

I thought about this for a while and then said: “If you knew this how could you let yourself fall in love with me and then try to have sex with me?”
He looked away and said: “My mom has pictures of you stuck in her big bedroom mirror. I’ve been looking at them and watching you grow up for years and I think I have always loved you from those pictures. Haven’t you ever fallen in love with someone you hardly knew?”
This time, I was quiet for 5 minutes or more but I wanted to be totally honest so I said: “I don’t know if I have ever felt love for anyone, especially not romantic love. I just don’t understand it. I don’t feel like I want to be in love but I do feel like I want to have sex a lot with someone I like. Does that make any sense?”
Again there was another “pregnant pause” until he finally asked: “Do you like me?”
I said: “Yes.”
He then asked: “Do you like me enough to have sex with me?”
I said: “Probably.”
He then said: “I have enough love for both of us, if we have sex a lot, it will probably be enough for me.”
I said: “We can’t get married and if someone finds out, we could be in a lot of trouble.”
He said: “You are all I have ever wanted. I know we can’t have kids but I want to have you are much as I can for as long as I can.”

We then seemed to open up more to each other and moved close together on the couch and talked about birth control and oral sex and a lot of other sexy things until we found ourselves French kissing and getting hot. Just then “mom and dad” came home. Bill then went to his room while I changed into another pair of pants since my “love juices” made it look like I peed my pants.

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