An introduction to sex with dogs

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copulation and love between women and male dogs.

A general overview
I’m talking about interspecies mating, more specifically copulation between women and male dogs.
The purpose of this Text is to give you a deeper insight into a facet of human sexuality that has been misunderstood and misrepresented for ages. You will learn new things that will shape your perception of sexual orientation, and perhaps even awaken buried or hidden feelings.
Although it might surprise some, dogs can be incredible lovers. They are arguably much better equipped than men to provide sexual satisfaction to women. A dog’s penis is wider, longer and warmer than humans.
They also have a knot (bulb) at the base of their penis which provides extra stimulation on the G-spot. Their ejaculation is massive at around 30 80ml which is up to 20-30 times greater than the average semen volume of men at only 3.7ml.
They can breed longer, more often and with more intensity. There’s nothing quite like it. Such raw power and sexuality. Now, let’s dive a little bit deeper and explore the complexity of canine’s sexual anatomy…
A dog’s penis consists of 3 sections:
1- knot( bulbus glandis), 2- shaft, 3- tip(glans).
During intercourse, the knot swells up inside the vagina preventing it from being pulled out. This is known as “tying” or “knotting”.
A dog’s penis is as sensitive as a man’s glans (penis head) and should be handled “with care. Avoid stroking or rubbing the shaft as it can be painful for them.
It is recommended to grip the penis at the base behind the knot. This action “Simulates the copulatory lock or “tie” and helps in keeping the penis erected.
Canine penis and knot sizes vary greatly, even within breeds. That being said, larger breeds do have bigger cocks on average.
It is especially true for giant breeds such as Great Danes. Even small breeds can have bigger cocks than most men.
The sheath is where the whole penis is retracted. It is the outer covering of the dog’s penis and it serves as protection.
There is also a bone within the penis that maintains the shape and direction of the organ to facilitate mating.
Once fully tied, dogs ejaculate for a long time with many squirts of great volume at the beginning, then with less volume and frequency throughout the mating process. The strong pulsations of the oversized canine’s penis, combined with the searing heat of his ejaculation pouring into you, often cause your entire body to quiver in response. Rest assured though, the warm sensation is not uncomfortable. It is ke the feeling you get when lazing in the afternoon sun. A tie can last up to 45 minutes, however the norm is usually between 10 and 20 minutes. The knot eventually reduces in size allowing an easier dismount. Avoid any sudden moves, as pulling out early can cause pain for both. Simply relax and enjoy the orgasmic bliss that comes from so many of your pleasure spots being hit at the same time.
Dogs ejaculate with greater force than men and their cocks throb wildly with each contraction of their perineal muscles. It’s almost like a firehose going on and off inside of your vagina. The feeling of warmth and fullness, combined with the Lgushing noise and sudden rush of relief once he pulls out is beyond description…
Contrary to popular belief, having sex with dogs doesn’t increase the chance of catching STDs. It is complete nonsense meant to scare people away.
As long as the dog is healthy and taken good care of, meaning it is vaccinated, dewormed and regularly checked by a vet, there is virtually zero health risk.
On the other hand, the chance of catching an STD from sleeping around with random humans is exponentially higher. Sex with humans is by far the riskiest.
Condom use does not eliminate the risk of contracting genital herpes. There’s a big difference between having sex with a dog you love, know, trust and raised.
You know exactly what he eats, where he sleeps and what he does. You wouldn’t have sex with a stray dog for the same reasons you wouldn’t have sex with a bum.
There is absolutely nothing dirty or disgusting about it. It’s all societal conditioning. As a matter of fact, most men have worst hygiene and body odor than dogs.
Dogs have a total of 78 individual chromosomes (39 pairs) while humans have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs). It is impossible for a woman to become pregnant from dog sperm due to barriers called mechanisms of reproductive isolation, preventing members of different species to produce a zygote (a single- celled embryo).
It is interesting to note however that some women who have regular sexual intercourse with dogs have reported feeling “psychologically pregnant”. Experts suspect that most phantom pregnancies happen due to a mind-body feedback loop, in which a strong emotion causes an elevation of hormones, in turn resulting in physical symptoms that mimic those of a true pregnancy. When a woman is fully tied, the warm semen filling her womb can create a deep emotional sense that “conception” is taking place. It is enough for some to reach orgasm almost instantly…
Indeed, some women who copulate frequently with their dogs have claimed to experience symptoms of pregnancy such as delays in their menstrual cycles or missing periods entirely, morning sickness, tender nipples, etc. Some have even alleged producing milk after months of having sexual intercourse with their companion.
Psychologically, when a massive quantity of sperm is ejaculated during a dog’s 30 minutes tie, the warm feeling of having your lover’s seed inside of you creates a strong impression that conception is taking place. Your body recognizes that you are being inseminated and wants to make every effort to conceive. Your heart rate goes up and your brain begins cascading hormones. While a dog can’t get you pregnant, you are experiencing the feeling of being as close to that possibility as physically possible.
The emotional and spiritual connections involved with making love can’t be dismissed either. If the power of the mind is strong enough to make our hair fall out when taking a placebo, what else can happen when breeding with your dog? Science cannot explain everything.
Dog semen is ejaculated in three fractions. The first is the pre-sperm fraction (5ml) which cleanses the urethra of contaminants before ejaculation. The second is the sperm-rich fraction which is cloudy white in color and has a volume of 4ml. The third fraction consists mainly of clear prostatic fluid and contains very few sperm cells. It has a volume of between 30 and 80ml. This fluid gives size to the ejaculate and assists in propelling the sperm into the cervix/uterus.
The differences between canine sperm and human sperm are very slight. Dog sperm is only 3% longer than human sperm on average and it is roughly the same size. A female dog’s uterus is also harsher than a woman’s uterus, hence why dog sperm is both faster and stronger than human sperm. It is believed that dog sperm can live for up to 9 days in a woman’s body compared to 6 days for human sperm. The consistency of dog’s sperm is also much more watery. A dog can release over 2 billion sperm whereas a man only releases about 250 million sperm in an orgasm. The prostatic fluids ejaculated during the third phase of the dog’s ejaculation nourishes the sperm and protects it against the acidic environment making it more suitable for them. The knot traps the fluids and creates pressure forcing the semen against the cervix as it widens during orgasm allowing more sperm to enter.
Additionally, because of the length of their penis, the glans often touches the cervix while they ejaculate directly against it, pushing an even greater quantity inside. It is worth mentioning that women who are trying to conceive should refrain from having sex with dogs as their sperm vastly outcompete human sperm. Regular sex with your dog might act as a form of birth control.
The importance of sexual satisfaction for women’s mental health is often ignored. According to research, women only reach orgasm through intercourse 20% of the time. It is also common for women not to climax at all during sex with men.
Besides just feeling good, sexual intimacy with your dog can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression as it triggers the release of mood-boosting chemicals including dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin while lowering the stress hormone cortisol.
Endorphins are brain chemicals activated by exercise and sex that can help to reduce pain and regulate mood. Dopamine is released by the brain in response to pleasure. It plays a major role in motivation and actually activates libido. It drives us to seek and repeat pleasurable activities.
Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is activated by touch, intimacy and sex. It promotes a deeper sense of bonding. It has anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Showing affection and cuddling up with your dog is enough to trigger the release of this powerful chemical and get you in the mood for sex.
The combined effect of oxytocin and the increase in prolactin after an orgasm can, in some cases, trigger ovulation for women.
Having good satisfying sex with your canine lover leads to greater happiness. Regular orgasms keep you topped up with feel-good hormones, enhancing your well-being by lowering your stress levels, improving hormone balance and sleep quality…leaving you feeling calmer, happier and more relaxed.
The sexual afterglow of raw pleasurable sex can last for as long as 2 days. Sex with your dog can also help to improve sexual confidence as it allows you not to feel self-conscious.
Sexual feelings and behaviours change during the menstrual cycle, and some women find period sex to be more pleasurable and intimate than intercourse at other times of the month. Being able to freely enjoy sex while menstruating is actually empowering and may even intensify orgasmic contractions.
In fact, because of the superior anatomy and physiology of dogs, it isn’t rare for women to achieve multiple intense whole-body orgasms in a single session. They experience better, longer- lasting and stronger orgasms that are incomparable to having sexual intercourse with men.


There is a link between the importance of ejaculation intensity and volume for female sexual function and satisfaction. Women tend to experience more intense orgasms during vaginal intercourse when their partner ejaculate without condoms.
Moreover, women often regard the quantity of expelled ejaculate as an expression of their own sexual attractiveness. On average, men expel between 1.25 and 5.00 ml of semen, whereas dogs expel between 30 and 80 ml of semen. This is up to 20 times more!
Unprotected sex can significantly boost mental well-being. We are biologically programmed to enjoy bare sex because it gives us an evolutionary advantage and maximizes the chances of reproducing. The problem is that it leads to unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Not so with dogs.
The pleasant warm sensation of ejaculation has obvious effects on women’s physical and mental state. To quote my wife: “I feel like something changes inside of me. It’s like finding something you didn’t know was missing, and realizing how hollow you were without it.
It’s like everything is finally right with the world afterwards…sending you over the edge every time. The feeling of knowing that you made him cum such a big quantity of semen is exhilarating. I always make sure to flex my muscles on his knot while he’s cumming to milk it all out.
It makes me feel so sexy and desired knowing how much I’ve pleased him.”
Furthermore, the vagina is mainly covered in stretch mechanoreceptors, which means that girth (or width) is a more important aspect of the penis for women. The unique shape and thickness of the penis is an amazing feeling by itself. However, when a dog digs his nails into your hips and starts pounding you without mercy, as his knot goes in and out of your vagina before it swells up too big, the feeling is euphoric. Your eyes roll back and your legs start to shake almost immediately.
thickness of the penis is an amazing feeling by itself. However, when a dog digs his nails into your hips and starts pounding you without mercy, as his knot goes in and out of your vagina before it swells up too big, the feeling is euphoric. Your eyes roll back and your legs start to shake almost immediately.
The term is called “knot-fucked”. It’s a mind-blowing experience, especially if it’s your first time.
(Knotting doesn’t always happen)
The bulb-like dilation (knot) at the base of the penis gradually fills with blood and eventually holds the penis within the vagina.
The powerful thrusts combined with the G-spot pressure from the knot makes it easy to reach orgasm from penetration alone.

As we can know, semen promote reproductive success by mechanisms that involve complex interactions with the reproductive and immune systems of the woman.
Dog semen inside a woman’s body might also create molecular and cellular changes to promote “pregnancy”. It may stimulate ovulation and development of the corpus luteum, priming the woman’s body to receive healthy offsprings.
Male dogs have no seasonal period of increased or decreased sexual activity. Rather, they can be stimulated at any time. With their enhanced sense of smell, dogs get a lot more excited during a woman’s ovulation cycle.
Dogs also benefit from foreplay just like humans do. To increase his pleasure and the length of orgasm, play with your dog, get him excited and aroused. Let him lick your vagina as it is a great stimulant for you both. The roughness of their tongue touching your lips and massaging your clitoris is incredible. It is advised not to use food to encourage interest, as your dog will associate your vagina with eating, rather than with sex. It’s best to use food as a last resort.
Male dogs also respond by manual manipulation. Simply pushing back the sheath to expose their penis will quickly make them aroused. The sheath should be pulled back fully to prevent the knot from expanding inside of it. As for the taste of dog semen, it can be described as metallic with sweet musky undertones.
You should start with a puppy or a dog who is about 12 to 18 months old. The first time with a dog can be frustrating. You might be unfamiliar with the dog’s reactions or the dog might be too excited. However, with training and a little bit of practice you will quickly get the hang of it and enjoy intercourse with your dog. You can use a pair of socks over his front paws or wear a pair of old cut out jeans to protect against scratches.
Signalling is also really important for training to keep some semblance of normalcy. Use signals such as having sex always in the same room, a piece of clothing or lack thereof. Try to associate certain things with playtime so that he won’t hump you at inappropriate times.
Sex with animals has been practiced since the earliest periods of recorded history, and has even been accepted in certain cultures. For a long time, homosexuality has been considered a form of mental illness, morally wrong and socially deviant. The same is true for sex with animals today. Societal pressure keeps people from speaking out about it. And since no one is speaking about it, the culture doesn’t change much.
Some people actually prefer the company of animals to humans. It isn’t a psychological disorder but a sexual identity. There is nothing wrong with having sexual intercourse with dogs if it respects the desires of both parties and brings pleasure and comfort to both.
As long as your interest involves consensual feelings between you and your partner, simply enjoy what they offer you as they too are benefiting from it. Dogs love sex and they enjoy the sensations of orgasm. They are also perfectly capable of saying no and enforcing it.
It is really easy to see that your dog is enjoying himself while you are letting him orgasm inside of you. He might make soft growls, noises and have pleasure all over his face. It can be incredibly exciting for you. Not only will you have a great time from what he’s doing, but there’s a great thrill from seeing how much he will be enjoying mating with you. It will deepen their love for you and your love for them. It isn’t strange, unhealthy or sick. It is love.
I hope that this guide will shed some light on this taboo subject and make it easier for those who would like to try intercourse with a dog.


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