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A Girls Best Friend

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How I lost my virginity to my dog at the age of 12

I was 12 years old when I first had sex. As crazy as it may seem, it wasn’t with a boy, nor was I raped in any way. I was scrolling through Twitter, when a friend of mine reposted a zoophillia video. I was intrigued heavily, and started to question if I should do it as well. Later that night I made an alternate account, and posted a tweet saying “if any pervert wants to see me fuck my dog, dm me.” Sure enough messages from men aged 18+ flooded my inbox. I called my dog into my room, he was a black lab who was pretty young. We’d only had him for 2 years but he was never fixed. I set up my phone and began filming, I was nervous and a little scared I’d somehow get caught. But I was so curious to see how sex really felt that I ignored the feelings and removed my shirt and jeans. I was in my favorite pair of purple underwear that night, I called my dog Drogo to my bed and began petting him and reaching under his belly. He licked me back and mounted up on me a couple times but I wasn’t ready. I looked back to the phone to make sure it was recording, then finally got up on my fours and layed Drogo on his back. I leaned down, and watched his large veiny knot slip out of his fur. I adjusted my blonde hair and wrapped my mouth around it. I was surprised by the texture, it wasn’t at all what I thought. It felt dry and slightly smooth and not slimy and wet like I thought. I licked his tip and went back to slowly moving my head up and down. I rubbed his belly while I sucked off his knot, and I tried to go longer but after five minutes I could barely breathe anymore. So I decided to let him mount me. I took my underwear off and turned around, wiggling my little white ass in the air and spreading my cheeks as well. Sure enough Drogo came and licked my pussy a bit, which felt exhilarating. I’d never felt that sensation before and I loved it, before I knew it he was placing his paws under my belly and began thrusting. I felt his knot come inside me and begin to push, I remember rolling my eyes back slightly as I felt it enter and begin his thrusting. I moaned lightly as he panted and fucked me like I was another dog. I let him thrust into my pussy for a good 6-7 minutes. He came off a few times but came back for more, in the last minute or so he kinda let his cock sit in my pussy but I felt his thick warm doggy cum enter me. I wanted him to go longer, as I was having the time of my life. But he just seemed to refuse, so I got dressed again. My legs were shaky and my pussy was sensitive. I saved the video to my phone and clipped up the good parts and sent it to the old men messaging me. Sure enough the enjoyed it and all sent vids of them cumming to me calling me a “dirty princess” and a “nasty whore.” So yeah, that was how I lost my virginity..to my 2 year old dog at 12.

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