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My youth with Dad

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How my daddy introduced me to sex at a young age.

Hi. My name is Luna. I am 19 years old and have blonde curly hair. I grew up in a suburb in Western Europe. My dad (58) is an industrial architect. Apparently he did pretty well for himself. We live in a big house at the end of a lush green street. We have a big garden with a swimming pool, a hot tub and a personal gym. My dad’s office is connected to our house, so he is home almost all the time. My mom (34) however is a flight attendant, and she flies with a lot of lay-overs, so she’s gone most of the time. I am an only child, so it was mostly just me and my dad. So naturally we got pretty close.

One day, when I was 10, I was on the couch watching cartoons with my dad, like we always did when I came home from school. I was lying down on my side, with my head in my dad’s lap. He was stroking my long blonde curly hear. While he was stroking I felt his hand going lower down my back to my bum. I was used of my dad showing me physical affection. We hugged a lot, and we had a lot of tickle fights. And he always caressed me when we were watching TV. But this time his had went lower until he reached the end of my skirt, and he put his hand under it. I remember I flinched a little feeling his cold hand on my bum.
At this point I felt something hard poking in the side of my head. I lifted my head up to feel with my hand what it was. I could feel that my dad had a long hard bulge in his pants.
‘Dad, what is that’, I asked.
‘That is my weiner’, he said. ‘It gets big and hard because I love you so much’. Then he unzipped his pants with his free and and pulled them down showing me his hard cock. I was amazed by the sight. I had seen a few weiners before, but mostly from little kids at the beach or something. But this one was big, almost ten inches. As soon as my dad’s pants were out of the way it sprang up, standing straight.
‘Can I touch it?’, I asked.
‘Of course you can.’, he said, ‘It is hard for you. And if you love me too you can taste it as well.’ So I put my hand on his cock and slowly put my fingers around it. I could feel his heartbeat pulsating in it. I lowered my head and gently licked the tip, where a little drop of clear liquid was forming. It tasted weird and salty, but I quite liked it. Then I heard my dad grunt.
‘Are you OK?’, I asked. ‘Did I do something wrong?’
‘No, baby, you’re doing great.’, he said. ‘Go ahead and put it in your mouth. Suck it like you would a lollipop. If you do it good, you will get to drink daddy’s special milk.’
‘And what is that for?’ I asked.
‘It will help you grow big, and get boobies like your mom.’
I liked that idea very much. I wanted to be a big girl so bad. So I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and lowered it over his weiner, and started to suck and twirl my tongue around it. I felt his hand on the top of my head, and he started to push me up and down his shaft.
Meanwhile, his other hand was still under my skirt, and he had found his way inside my panties. He was rubbing my bum, and sometimes he pushed one of his finger just a little bit in my butt. And he slowly moved it between my legs, and started rubbing my fanny. As soon as he started doing that, I felt a tingling sensation running up my spine. I moaned a little and found it so nice, so I opened my legs a little to give him better access. Then he pushed in just a little, slightly opening my fanny lips. Suddenly I felt a whole rush of tingles running up, as he started to rub my little clit (although I did’t know what it was at the time. I started to feel something dripping out of me, like when I’m peeing.
Then he pushed one finger inside me and slowly started moving it in and out. I felt it hit my barrier inside. Even more tingles started rushing inside my body. It felt so good I opened my legs wide for him, and he took that opportunity to put a second finger inside me and began fingering me.
That’s when I had my first orgasm. It was like fireworks going ff inside my body, and I was hooked immediately. I screamed hard, but it was muffled because his cock was still in my mouth. I was amazed that his touch could make me feel so good.
Then he started bobbing my head up and down faster. He kept going like that for a few minutes and the he shoved my head all the way down his shaft, pushing into my throat and gagging me.
‘Here it comes, baby’, he said, ‘Drink it all.’
Then he groaned loud and I could feel his cock swell in my mouth. The he shot his milk down my throat, letting me swallow it all down. I kept sucking him until I was sure I got all his milk out.
‘Wow baby, that was amazing.’, he said. ‘Did you like it too?’
‘Yes, daddy. I love what you did with your hand.’
‘If you want, we can do this more often.’
‘I’d like that very much, daddy.’
‘I love you so much, baby.’
‘I love you too daddy.’

From then on I sucked his cock every evening after school (as long as mom wasn’t around). Next time he also licked my fanny, which was a whole other amazing sensation. But those memories I will share another time.

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