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Seeing my daughters friends wild sides 2

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Kelly has her 12 year old friend Jade and 11 year old friend Ebony over and I hear and see things that shake my world

Mira had awakened an desire and an addiction, I started to look at all.of my daughters friends in a new way, trying to imagine what it would be like to fuck them or at least see them naked. Mira and I messaged on a daily basis and my feelings for her were strong, but they were strong for her other friends too.

A couple of weeks after my encounter with Mira, Kelly had more friends over. It was a warm day so I decided to work in the yard for a while. This year’s early spring brought higher than usual temperatures and before long, I pulled my shirt off and tucked it into my my back pocket. The yard work was relaxing to me. When I stopped to take a drink of my beer, I looked around and saw Kelly’s friend Jade at the sliding glass door watching me. When we made eye contact, she rushed away from the door.

I resumed working and when I took another pause for a drink, I looked to the house ans saw Kelly’s friend Ebony looking out from the sliding glass door where Jade had been a few minutes earlier.

Jade had just turned 12, was part hispanic, and had been an early bloomer. She had c cup breasts and nice curves. Her brunette hair hung to the middle of her back and she had the series brown eyes. Ebony was 11 like Kelly, a mixed race African American girl with a light caramel skin tone and b cup breasts, she had the nicest ass of any of Kelly’s friends

When I went in to use the bathroom, I pulled on my tshirt. I had to pass Kelly’s room to get to the bathroom ans could hear the girls talking. I wasn’t one to snoop. But I was curious what girls talked about. Standing there listening, I heard Ebonys voice

“Girl, i hate to say it, but your dad is hot”

“Ewww yuck” I heard Kelly exclaim

“Oh come on, you’re a girl, i know you have checked him out”

“Maybe a couple of times” I heard Kelly’s surprising admission

“I know i would fuck him” Jade said, my jaw dropped

“Me too” Ebony added

“Come on, he’s my dad, that could get him in a lot of trouble”

“Only if we told, I would never tell if I got to fuck him. Have you at least seen his dick” Jade asked

“Have you seen it?” Ebony asked

“A few times, but don’t tell him” Kelly paused “it’s bug”

“You are a bad girl, has he seen you naked?” Ebony asked after the shrieks of excitement died down

“Not yet” her voice dropped

“Girl, your body is hot, you gotta show it to him” Ebony said

The voices lowered to where I couldn’t hear anymore. I made my way to the bathroom with a hard on over what I had just heard. I heard nothing when I returned from the bathroom ans returned to the yard to work. I was just finishing my work when the three girls walked out onto the deck holding rolled up towels ans dressed on two piece bikinis. I greeted them as I passed, not letting on tk what I had heard. Once inside, I made my way to the bathroom ans looked out the window.

All three girls were laying on their towels in the yard. They laid so that I had a view of the top of their breasts and down to their bikini bottoms. Even my daughter looked sexy in her bikini. I couldn’t resist and took my cock out, stroking as I replayed what I heard through the bedroom door. My eyes darted from Ebonys caramel colored skin to Jades naturally tan skin to Kelly’s pale white skin. My eyes started to fixate on the three different size of breasts, Jades more than the other two. It didn’t take long before my cum hit the wall under the window.

As I wiped the wall, I looked out again and all three girls were still tanning comfortably. I pulled up my pants and moved from the bathroom to Kelly’s room. On the floor were the clothes the girls had been wearing, I picked up each of their pairs of panties and sniffed them, the scent was so good. I needed to see what they looked like without their clothes on. Then it hit me, in an act of perversion, I moved to Kelly’s window ans turned one of the mini blind slats just slightly. I could see in from the outside and they wouldn’t know.

I was sitting in my recliner watching TV when the girls came in from tanning. I waited until I heard the bedroom door close and made my way out back. I neared Kelly’s window and looked in through the slat I had adjusted. Jade was the first to strip off her bikini. Her breasts looked so good, for 12, she looked so much like a woman, a small patch of hair above her pussy. As she was pulling her panties on, I saw Ebony taking her bikini off at the same time as Kelly. I was watching my 12 year old daughter and her black friend get naked before my eyes. Ebony body was flawless, her pussy shaven. My eyes then darted to my daughter. Her small bare breasts looked so good, her pussy was also bald. She was taking her time, in no hurry to get dressed. Two nude preteens and one in only her panties had my head spinning. For the first time in my life, I wanted to fuck my daughter.

What I saw next was a shock, I saw Ebony walk up to Kelly, both girls still nude. Ebony ran her hands down Kelly’s chest to her breasts. Kelly started to caress Ebonys skin, the girls stood close together and as they leaned into each other and started kissing, their breasts pressed together. Ebonys hand moved to Kelly’s ass and Kelly’s moved to Ebonys pussy. Their kiss got hotter and hotter by the second. Without breaking the kiss, they moved onto the bed, Ebony on top of Kelly. Then she slid down and Kelly parted her legs. I saw Jade watching them. Her hand in her panties moving slowly. My eyes went back to the main show.

Ebony was licking my daughters pussy, Kelly looked so happy, her mouth open, one hand on her breast, the other gripping the sheets. Then I saw Kelly have an orgasm, I couldn’t hear anything. I could only imagine her beautiful moans of passion. Kelly and Ebony kissed when Ebony slid up to her. Jade was still playing with her pussy as Ebony rose up and slid uo the bed, straddling Kelly’s face. Her hips moved erotically, her hands playing with her breasts. Kelly had her hands on Ebonys ass as Ebony himped my daughters tongue. I saw Ebonys body tremble and shake as she reached her orgasm, I saw Jades eyes close and her head tilt back, her mouth open as she came too.

I watched until all three girls were almost dressed and returned to my recliner with a raging hard on in my jeans, I wouldn’t be moving until it went away

To be continued

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    It was good until the lesbian past, that was a cold shower.

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      whats wrong with two girls enjoying each others body, if the truth be know more do this than let on, i did and it was great, then i discovered cocks and i couldn’t get enough of them, found one BF with a younger sister and had good times with her too, she confessed to wanting her brother so i set it up for her. we had many happy threesomes after that.

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      Dawn would love to join you and your daughters have a great time with you all

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    I want to sallow my own cum but after ejection. I don’t feel like doing it. Can u guys give me any advice how to do it.

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    keep making stories. Fuck, make a part 10 if you have to!

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    Have to write more this is hot

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    I would love to know if you got to fuck your daughter and her friends

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    I like your storys

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