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Playmates part 1

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It all started when I was 10 years old with my playmate named Leon. He was also 10 and a few months ahead of me.

Growing up in a conservative family, I could say that I am naive when it comes to sex. We never talked about it at home, so I really had no idea about it. But it was Leon who opened my eyes and interest.

We practically grew up together since we go to the same school and live in the same neighborhood. Our folks knew each other well, although they don’t hang out a lot due to the differences with their culture. Leon’s parents were quite the opposite. They were very liberal with their thinking and open about sex and stuff. Leon even told me that his dad caught him reading a girly mag but they shrugged it off. They were also respectful about privacy and stuff.

That’s how Leon got so interested with sex. He said that when his parents were not home, he would even watch porn on their computer. He told me that he even got to see his dad’s file folder full of videos.

Hearing those stories from Leon really piqued my interest about sex. What is it all about? Is it really that good like what Leon said?

Since I was a kid, I always sport a shoulder length hair. Being skinny and small for my age, a lot of people thought that I was a girl. Leon was the opposite, he’s quite tall, nice frame, and with good looks that even older girls would swoon over him. He’s quite popular because he’s good in sports.

We were in our prepubescent stage and I think our hormones were starting to act up. Leon wouldn’t stop talking about sex whenever we walk coming from school. One afternoon, he asked me to hang out in his house since his parents weren’t home. His older siblings were also out as well.

We went straight to his room and played some video games. We got bored from playing so we just lied down on his bed and talked about stuff. Until he asked me if I had tried jacking off. I told him that I had no idea what that is. He immediately pulled down his pants and his dick popped out. It was my first time to see his dick. It was quite big and he was circumcised just like me. I was quite shocked and bit shy to even look at his beautiful cock. There were no traces of hair and it was clean.

He grabbed his dick with his hand and started to masturbate. He even closed his eyes while jacking off and made impish moans and grunts. I couldn’t understand what’s going on with me, because looking at my friend jacking off for the first time also caused me to have a boner.

He opened his eyes and looked at me. He then said “Do you want to touch it?” I was startled with his question, and couldn’t even mumble a word. He just took my hand and slowly placed it to his shaft. My hands were trembling while holding my friend’s erect dick. He guided my hand to do the stroking motion he did earlier. After a while, he removed his hand and I was the only one doing it now.

His shaft was as hard as a metal rod. It was hot and my hands weren’t big enough to hold them all together. We looked at each other while I was jacking him off.

He exclaimed “Ohhh…yeah….just a little more tight” as I continue to rub my hands on his cock. Doing the up and down motion sent my friend into a delirious state. His head inched closer to mine and kissed me on the lips. My eyes went big and seeing my friend trying to lock his lips with me. I haven’t kissed anyone before, so I really don’t know how to do it. We exchanged saliva and I could feel his tongue was trying to reach for my tongue. I don’t know how he knew to do such things.

My stroking began to be more furious while we were passionately kissing. Until I felt his dick grew even larger and started to pulsate. We looked at his dick and saw a small amount of clear liquid coming out of its hole. He told me to remove my hand because his dick got too sensitive. We both laid on our backs while watching his dick go flaccid.

He grabbed some tissue from his side table and wiped his dick off. He kissed me on my cheeks and thanked me. My raging boner was also dying down, I reached in to check on it and was surprised that some sticky liquid was also on its head. I would then find out later that it was called precum.

We still have the rest of the afternoon alone. This was just the start of our sexual experimentation.

To be continued…

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