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My little brother pt.3

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Real story between me(17) and my brother(12) First day after we got back from our trip, but also our second great and passionate sex.

This is the third part of my experience with my brother.
I suggest you to read first and second for the context.

We got back home from our trip on Sunday and the next day was a school day both for me and my little bro. We didn’t really talk in the morning before school started.
We both unfortunately went to a different school.
The day pass by and it’s around 1pm and I got a text from my brother.
“I’m thinking about you..” he wrote. I wasn’t even surprised that much, because I knew how horny he is, especially after what happened on the trip.
I must admit that thinking about it made me extremely horny, what wasn’t the best because I was literally in the middle of the lesson. I asked my teacher to go to the toilet and wrote to my brother to do the same thing.
After 2/3 minutes he sent a selfie of himself in the school bathroom.
It made me even hornier when I saw him, because I remembered how good he pounded my pussy.
I suggested to him to swap photos, because I needed to see his young cock and I knew he wouldn’t mind some photo of me. He immediately sent the photo of his little abs and his semi-erect dick. I sent the picture of my titties in return.
I got back to the class and texted some more with him.
“I have to stay a bit longer than you for obvious reasons…” he texted. I laughed at him in texts a little bit.
That’s how the school went.
I mean atleast for me, because I went back home, but my brother had a football match this day, so he wasn’t home for another couple of hours.

Those hours passed by and he got back home.
We talked a little bit about his match and some other stuff and of course there wouldn’t be a conversation without him making it sexual. He won this match and he even scored a goal and I couldn’t hide my pride about that.
“Is there any way you can reward me for this…” he asked.
I knew exactly what he meant by that and I can’t lie I wanted the same thing. The problem was that our parents were home this day. My dad was working on a night shift, so he left to work in the evening, but the problem was still our mum. We lived in a two-floored house and we had our rooms upstairs, which was good, because my parents slept downstairs.
We decided to wait until she fall asleep and then we would close all the doors we can and try to be as quiet as we can.
That’s what we did, dad left to work and mum fell asleep.
I went to my brother’s room and we locked the door.
I was wearing a white top with my nipples see-through and black leggings.
We didn’t get to the point straight away, but we talked for a while and laughed at some things.

He looked in my eyes and then at my lips and I knew what was about to start.
He leaned for a kiss and I did the same, I described kissing him twice now(in the previous stories), but he was amazing at it, we French kissed for quite some time to be honest, then he started to kiss me around my neck and shoulders. It wasn’t long before he went lower.
He squeezed my tits through my top and kissed me again. Then, he took off my top and started licking my sensitive boobs.
It was so pleasurable, that I cannot describe it.
For this whole time I was sitting on his lap, so when he was licking my boobs I started to rub his cock through his pants
I took off his pants and started to lick his cock, it went for a couple of minutes. I precisely licked his young cock and his cute, little balls. Then, I took of both my leggings and panties. I was soaking wet and I couldn’t wait any longer.
I took the initiative this time and I layed on my back waiting for him. Firstly rubbing his cock, with my pussy. I finally directed his cock into my pussy. I moaned uncontrollably forgetting that we had to be quiet, but I composed myself quick after. We were both facing each other and supporting with kisses.
“Oh my god, I love you, I love you so much…” He said.
“I Love you to my handsome little brother…” I answered.
I let myself enjoy the feeling of his young and beautiful cock stretching me open. I was so lost in the sensation of his cock filling me.
I came hard and moaned
“Oh fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop, please don’t ever stop…”
He kept pounding my pussy and my orgasm seemed to go forever.
“I’m very close…” He said.
That was the time I knew exactly what I wanted. I was and still am the type of girl, that follows and knows her cycle, so I knew he could potentially cum inside.
I told him to keep going and I could feel his cock pulse. His cock was twitching inside of me, preparing to explode deep inside. And that’s what he did, he pumped his cum deep inside and creampied me. He claimed his sister’s pussy.
We stayed like this, kissing like we couldn’t stop.
His last drips of cum entered my pussy, before he pulled out.
I stood up and tasted his dick one more time and this time it tasted amazing, a mixture of his sweet cum and the juices of my pussy.
I kissed him goodnight and went to clean up.
Later when I was already in my room, I just texted him how amazing it was and that I love him.

That’s it for this time, but I still have more stories and real experiences to tell if you guys want 😉

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    OMG that was so freaking hot I want more. I so wish I could of fucked my sisters and mom as they were hot as well. Instead I use others daughter and guide them to their first real cock orgasms which I truly love.

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