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My little brother

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Story about how me and my little brother got close and started getting intimate with each other.

I’m a female and I just turned 17 and I have a brother, he is 12.

It all started when we were on a trip with our parents. We stayed in a rented flat which had 2 bedrooms. One was for our parents and the other one for me and my brother. Night comes and it’s around midnight, I finish watching my show and I’m telling my brother that I’m going to sleep. He nodded and said goodnight. I couldn’t really sleep that night, I was struggling to fall asleep for about an hour. That when things got serious. I heard my brother saying my name and touching me, to check if I’m asleep. I wasn’t but I also didn’t respond him for him to leave me alone. He didn’t stop and he started to caress my stomach and then he reached lower. I was shocked but also excited so I let him. I was wearing panties and shorts so he put his hand underneath my shorts and started to touching my pussy. I was about to confront him about it, but he suddenly stopped and immediately went to the bathroom, for obvious reasons.
I was shocked but like I said earlier it was also exciting.
That’s when I started to realise that I may be interested in my little brother. This night nothing more happened.
The next day.
I decided to take a little advantage of him and blackmail him into showing his dick to me and for exchange I wouldn’t tell mom about what happened.
I was very curious about it cause I’ve never really saw a dick before that.
I choose the perfect time to do so, my parents went to the beach and me and my bro stayed home. We ordered some food and chilled for a it. Then, I told him that I know what he did and after a while he admitted it. That’s when I told him my ultimatum. He was surprised but of course he didn’t refuse. That’s when I saw his dick. It had great shape and it was pretty big for his age(12). I started to touch him gently, not long before I took it to my mouth.
He stayed silent pretty for a whole time. I gave him a proper blowjob even though I’ve never really done that. He asked me if he can kiss me, and I obviously agreed. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth and to be honest the kiss was passionate and great overall. Then he became more dominant, he took off my top and revealed my boobs. He touched them and licked them for quite some time. That’s when the dorbell rang. I thought that was our parents and we are about to have trouble, but it was just a delivery guy.
I dressed quickly and took the food, but as soon as I came back to the sofa we started to make out again. I loved his lips and so he did mine.
He asked me to fully undress, what I did proudly showing my body. I am about 5 foot three and I’m blonde and I have a c cup.
He told me to lay on the sofa and he will do the rest, he started to play with his fingers first and the lick my pussy. It’s amazing how much he knew about it already, probably from porn. We knew what was about to happen next and I couldn’t wait any longer.
That when the second doorbell rang and we knew that this time it was our parents.
We weren’t wrong, but luckily I closed the door on key so the couldn’t go in immediately. We managed to dress and started acting normal. Later this day nothing more happened, but the next day was our last on the trip and also the day both me and my brother lost our virginity.
I will describe that in the second part of the story.
All of this is true and I wanted to share that, hope you liked my experience and story.

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  • Reply BadMin ID:7rmxitaiv3

    Now I definitely have to read part 2. Great story, I love how you put the events together, even the teaser at the end. You definitely left me wanting more. Good job!

  • Reply Bj ID:1ovk7c44

    I love your story made me cum 2 times (sc_rawr1551rb)

  • Reply Rick ID:1enjm6ozvfxp

    That’s a hot 🔥 story and I got hard

  • Reply Kevin ID:1dw4fehx3cgd

    i love incest stories. my fave is dad daughter if the little girl likes it but young bro sis experimentation is a very close second. thank you for sharing.

    • [email protected] ID:2yvnofvxic

      I agree! Let me know if you have any good material!

  • Reply Beachboy ID:1dkba930eldj

    Hmm well I’ll say that it’s been a while since we had a similar experience with the sister thing and the first time was the best sex I ever had, and yes I would love to have sex with my sister tonight so crazy but it will be a little weird to see her again