Incest at age 10

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At the age of 10 my mom had left me n my dad for a guy in canada so i was left living in a small apartment with my uncle and older cousin jacob and ofc my dad but uncle tomas and my dad worked night shifts and day shifts as janitors i didnt see them alot on weekdays that left me with jacob who was 14 at the time he was a perv but i thought it was normal we’d shower toghther and he’d dry me as in rubbing hia cock on my small shaved cunt and grope my flat chest i liked it maybe because i was young and sometimes i humped my teddy best and had a crush on him i liked having his cock in my mouth cuz his jizz tasted sweet but bitter when i turmed 11 we began fucking everytime they left and id take his jizz up the ass when he stuck his tip in my small pucker whole.

This went until i was 14 and no doubt i loved bouncing on his cock my tits had grown to a b cup and i had curves and nice thighs we were in love and we still fuck now that we have a small.apartment together don’t worry he’s my uncles.step.son so i.clickbaited the fuck out of.you but if jacobs reading this come shove your cock in my mouth

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    i bet she does.

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    ten u say. ???

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    Yo dm on insta or Kik ??

    • Brad

      Have u a bald pussy?

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    Pics of you or it didn’t happen