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Movie Night With Daddy

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Tonight is movie night. As always, mama is in her love seat while daddy and I share the recliner. I’m in his lap, wearing one of his shirts with a blanket thrown over us. Daddy’s cock is always hard under my butt while we watch movies so tonight I left my panties off, hoping for more. As the movie starts, I snuggle back into my daddy and he puts his hands on my hips under the blanket. His cock is hard, pressing the shirt in between my buttcheeks. We start our secret game of grinding and dry humping, hoping mama stays oblivious as usual. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait long before my shirt rides up and I feel his cock and fingers pressing into my skin, pulling me against him. Daddy presses one hand between my thighs and I automatically open my legs wider, biting on my lip to silence my moan when his fat fingers touch my tiny sensitive clit. He presses me down and moves me against his cock with every stroke of my pussy, soaking us both with a mixture of his precum and mine. As I start to feel my first orgasm coming on, I glance over at my mom and we lock eyes as I cum on my daddy’s cock. I’m shocked to find her hand in her pants, frantically fucking herself while she watches us.

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  • Reply bebe ID:30rzv6s8rb

    need more

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1cp5b3l6yu3j

    I had dream about my dad before.
    But I don’t think he will touch me.

  • Reply A dad storie ID:mx1vdg98i

    My daughter first made move on me. I sleep nude one morning my sheet was off when she walked in I guess her curiosity got best of her. Waking up she was playing with my dick. She did this on off for over a year. On her birthday I bought her a laptop of her own. Before I gave it to her I visited some adult sites. She must have found them first night because next moring she started sucking my dick. Then one moring I teach over started rubbin her pussy though her panties and started jacking off with my other hands. Just as I was bout to cum I put her mouth. She pulled back some but she must have swallow 3/4 of the major load . Then to my surprise she licked my cock clean, that was 4 years ago. Now 11 she is sucking and fucking others . She finds out if her friends all active then bring them for the night. As she with them.

    • Lil Kitten ID:7124jdmt0c

      Wish you’d been my Daddy.

    • M ID:7glmj544

      Kitten you got session?

    • DaddysFuckToy ID:2zicya6rd4

      Love this. I taught and played with all my friends.

    • Reanimator ID:85ebbgm0

      Kitten, how do I contact you?

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    Could have been a better story if it was longer, had more background information and descriptive details

    • DaddysFuckToy ID:2zicya6rd4

      There’s backstory on my other story.