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Meeting a lady on the grocery shop

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Meet a lady in grocery shop and at the play ground

This happened back in the 70 I was 13 Mark my name my mum would get me to go to the shops one day I was in the corner shop that sold everything .
I was looking for something can not remember what now but a lady asked if she could help me she was old by my standards but had big tits .
She helped me find it .
Next day it was Saturday I went over the park I was in the play ground on the swings
I saw the lady that helped me sitting on a bench I waved she waved back
I got off the swing and was waking over to her she had a summer dress on as it was a nice day her dress was showing the top of her tits and her knees
I was in shorts stop just infront of her she smiled and said not shopping today I said no my mums doing a big shop with my sisters she told me her name was Mary I said I’m Richard l kept looking at her tits and was trying to look up her skirt we were talking about stuff one of my mates call me I turn round shouted back I would be there in a couple on minutes.
I turned back her legs were open I could see the top of her stocking I look up at her face she just smiled my mate called me again she said you had better go my cock was hard I put my hand over it I asked if she would be there when I got back I be about half a hour may be I ran off
When I got back she had gone I looked around for her but couldn’t see her so went back to my mates.
Went over the park next day she was not there .
It was about a week later on my way to school that I see her she was with another lady she waved I waved back she was on the other side of the road so we did not speak .
I was Friday I was on my way to school I was talking to my mates when I saw both the ladies they were on my side of the road I stop and acted like my shoes was undone I got up just as they got near to me I Mary you ok they both stopped Mary said yes thanks for asking then said this is jo she said hi I asked her if she was going over the play ground tomorrow may be then they walked off .
Saturday I asked my mum if I could go over the Park ok she said gave me some money be back by 6 ok
I got to the play ground no sign of Mary I went on the swings played football with my mates they went off home for lunch I walked back to the swings there was Mary and Jo sitting on the bench both in summer dresses both showing top of there tits and there knees I call out to them and ran over I stopped I sat down infront of them on the grass they both smiled We were talking they were asking me about school from where I was sitting I could see up there skirts a little the ice-cream van turned up they asked me if I would like a ice-cream yes please Mary gave some money the said they would have a lollipop I could have what I liked .
I come back gave them there then sat down infront of the on the grass when I look up there dressed where pulled up a bit more and there legs were open so I could see up to there stocking I had shorts on and cock got hard I put one hand over my cock while I eat my ice-cream Mary and Jo were lickingthere ice-cream really sexy.
When we had finished Jo asked me what time was I due home I said 6 it was 130 now they said would jlike to go to Mary’s for dinner I said I would have ask my mum Mary look at Jo then I said I tell her I’m gong over to my mates steven ok I only lived 5 minutes away 0i cane back OK she fine with that don’t have to be home until 9 we left the playgroun walked passed my school when got to a house Mary said something to Jo went up the path Jo took my hand and we walk round the corner Mary was at a gate she looked all round then we all went in .
Mary said it was her back garden we went into the house through the kitchen and into the living room.mary sat me in arm chair Jo sat on the sofa opposite me Mary ask me I want a drink of lemonade yes please she left Jo was talking to me her dress was way above her knees I could clearly see her stocking tops and her black knickers.
Mary come back she must have seen me look up Jo dress said to me like that gave me my drink and handed Jo a drink then sat down she sat down pulled her dress up to above her knees opened her legs I put my spare hand over my cock Mary had blue knickers .
I finished my drink Jo said let’s put the TV on Mary said no let’s show him the Film she got up closed the curtains put the light on there went to the cine projector mary then pulled down a white screen Jo said come and sit between me and Mary you be able to see better I did still with my hand covering my hard cock Mary turn on the projector turn the light out and sat down a picture come on the screen it was Mary and Jo Jo said they were on holiday abroad it showed places they told me the name of the places.
Then it showed a hotel then Mary said this is our room there was a big bed Jo said that they put the camera on a table on the screen Jo and Mary where Mary had put her hand on my right knee Jo did the same .
On the screen that both took of the dress I just look open mouth they both had stocking on white Knickers and bras I could not take my eyes of yhe screen Mary said she would get another drink got up went into the kitchen she call jo out Mary came back with the drink then went again as I watch the screen they both started to take off there stocking then the screen went white the projector was behind the sofa one of them switched on the light the other turn off the projector.
Then they both came round infront of the sofa they were both naked l shocked I look at there tits then between there legs they had hair but it was nicely trimmed Mary said is this better then the film I just looked and nodded they both sat down either side of me Mary said why don’t you take off your shorts and top for us I stood up did what I was asked my cock is about 7 ” long that good for a boy my age .
Jo bent down and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it I have never had this done before
Mary stood up turn round put her hands on the sofa told me to finger her so I put one in her cunt she was so wet I had one hand on jo head I cried out oh fucking god I’m coming jo sucked me I come in her mouth Mary told me to put more fingers in her cunt
Jo lifted her mouth off my cock got holder of my hand pulled it out of Mary cunt she got hold of a bottle squeezed some lubrication on my hand made it into a fist put it by Mary cunt then pushed it in it went right in up to my wrist then she said fucker so I started to pull in and out Mary was saying yes more put it in more Jo told me to push it in more I did about haft my arm was going in and out Jo told me pull out lay under Mary put my fist back in so I did first push haft my arm in she cried out yes I’m coming again.
Jo was now standing she said to Mary are you ready Mary said yes she put lubrication all over her hand and fingers Jo said to me pull out but not all the way leave your fist in her cunt did my cock was so hard Mary got hold of it and started to wank me I could not see what Jo was doing her it comes Jo said I could fill something being put into Mary’s ass I looked I could just see Jo arm at Mary’s ass
Jo said to me when I tell you you push back in and fist fuck Mary has hard as you came unit I tell you to stop if Mary tell you to stop you don’t just keep going.
So Jo said now I push in the same time Jo push her fist into Mary ass I was going as quick as I could I could fill Jo fist doing the same Mary was say yes yes Jo said she having so many orgasms keep going the Mary cried out stop no more Jo said keep going Mary was breathing so fast my arm was so wet Mary had stopped wanking me she must have orgasms a lot more time before Jo said when I tell you pull right out do you know what a clit is no she put her other hand under Mary found her clit it was so big see that when you pull out get your mouth on it and suck it she said that Mary would squirt liquid out it not pee its her love juice so just swallow it are you ok with it yes Mary was bucking her hips so fast Jo said OK now I pull my arm out lifted my head got my mouth over her clit and sucked it Jo grabbed Mary and lowered her down with out me letting go of her clit her juice was going into my mouth Jo said she orgasms again when she had finished she rolled off me Jo got my cock it was so hard she layed me down sat on it and fucked me until I come.
We look at the time it was just coming up to 5 Mary said that she had not orgasms so many time she said to Jo did she Jo said she got near she push her back lifted her legs she told me to suck and bit her clit Mary was about to put lubrication on her hand when she said Richard has come up you that will be enough I got my mouth on her clit and was sucking it Mary push two fingers in then three four pulled out made a Fist and pushed it right in Jo orgasmed straight away it was 520 Mary said go and clean.up before you go home I lift with a smile on my face and two happy ladies

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  • Reply Linda ID:5wwpcn3im9k

    Interesting concept, too bad it was so poorly written.

  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    A really nice story Richard. Needed better proof reading to be perfect. But, I really enjoyed the story.
    Keep writing. I hope this story continues on to many more parts.