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My girlFriend’s brother

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My girlFriend’s brother fucked me hard with his friends

I am 15 years old boy, skinny, dark messy hair and dark eyes, i am a bit muscular with nice shaped ass, a 7 inches cock, shaved and cut, in overall i am cute to both sides, girls and boys.
One day in the summer vocation i went out with my girlfriend to the cinema, in the middle of the movie i kissed her, and she did the same, we made out for 5 minutes and then she told me to come spend the night at her house because her parents are out of town and there is only her brother in the house.
I know her brother his name is charley, 17 years old, muscular and handsome, when we arrived he was in his room but when he heard my voice he came out to see,
I said hi and she said charley this is my boyfriend and she told me this is charley my brother, he then said he’s cute i am impressed, she said he’s going to spend the night,
We sat down and ordered pizza while watching tv. She said shes going to get groceries for tomorrow, and she asked me to come, her brother said no i need to talk with him.
She said ok and left, he then told me “ i know whats going to happen this night, you’re here to fuck my sister” i didnt know what to answer and then he said show me your size, i said what then he shouted show me your dick, i showed him, it was 5 inches hung over, he said nope, that’s too big for my sister, i said but she’s cool with it, then he said only with one condition, let me fuck you to make you feel whats a big dick can do, i said no its not happening , he said its not up to you.
And left, my girlfriend came back with bunch of stuff, the whole time her brother was watching me, then i surrendered and went to his room, i told him make it quick because I really wanna fuck my girl, he said not here she might hear us, and then told me get in the car.
Thw whole time in the car he was texting someone. We arrived to an abandoned motel, he then said i will fuck you easy and quick don’t be scared, when I entered i saw three guys the same age as charley, they were his friends, the asshole wants to rape me, he then said load your guns boys, they all started taking off there clothes, the first one has a small dick, 5 inches I guess, the second has a 7 inches, the third was a surprise, he had 9 inches thick, very thick white dick, and for charley he had a 6 inches but very very thick,
They told me take off my clothes and bent over, i did it because i was scared from them, the 5” approached and his dick was lubed, it took him about 2 minutes to get it inside, my ass is very tight, i felt his dick slide in my asshole, he was rough, it wasn’t that big but it did hurt, he fucked me for about 5 minutes and told me to squeeze my hole, he shot his cum in ass, it was warm and it started dripping from my ass,
Meanwhile charley was making me suck his beer can thick dick, then i felt a dick at my opening, it was the 7”, he fingered me first and then aligned his dick at my hole, he pushed his dick at my hole and it was really hurting, he got his dick inside, i moaned loudly thats made Charley fill my mouth with his dick, this guy fucked me good, he was a master, we changed positions and he came in my ass about three times, and now its the 9” turn, when i felt his dick at my opening, I started crying, he said be still and it’ll be easy and you’ll enjoy it, i did what he said and boom, he started pushing, i choked on chrley’s dick trying to moan loud, it didn’t fit so he lubed it even more, but the position was not helping so he sat on the ground and told me to ride him up, i went in top of him and sat on his thick big dick, he started pulling me down on his cock, and it entered me and stretched my hole, I cried while moaning, it was painful, big and thick, he started to thrust slow, but he gained up pace, i was sitting on his dick moaning hard and crying, nothing that i can do, every muscle in my body was enjoying this big dick, he grabbed me ass and opened my ass hard so his dick can go smoother, he pounded me for half an hour before he thrusted the last thrust and shoot his huge huge thick load in my hole, then he kept it there, it sisnt go soft so he went to round two, he hold me in his hands and made me lean on his chest, and fucked me hard, thrust thrust thrust thrust, and the moaning was very loud, after ten minutes of his big dick stretching me, he came in my ass again, he slide out and it was a relief, I stayed at the ground, with 6 loads of cum in my ass, they went home and chrley picked me up and putted me in his care naked, he then said hope on on my dick, i did it and it slide in right away, his dick was thicker than the 9” he fucked me real good, the whole road riding his dick and moaning, he came many times in my ass but he kept thrusting, he pulled the car over and went out with my on his dick, i was so tired at the time, my ass was leaking cum, his thick dick was pounding me hard, and the he cum for the last time, but is didn’t stop, warm cum kept getting poured in my hole, it isn’t just cum!!!!
He is peeing in my ass, I tried to resist but I couldn’t, he kept peeing in me, his pee started to flow out, how peed a lot in me, he said then this is to clean you from those cum loads
Then he made me sit in his lap, with his dick inside for the whole road.
When i got back i went home immediately.

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