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Advise Needed? Should I let me neighbors kids(15 & 14) fuck my daughter(19)?

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My daughter is not very bright and a little chubby, I’m afraid she will remain a virgin

Hi, My daughter(Anna) is 19 years old and never had a boyfriend. She is not retarded but not very bright as well. She didn’t get selected for any college for the same reason. She is an introvert and has like one friend and she too is 4 years junior to her. Anna used to babysit her.
Anyways, during summer we open our backyard pool for all the neighborhood kids. I thought it will great for Anna to mingle with them and develop some social skills. Usually, there are 8-10 kids during the allocated time for the pool. My neighbors have 2 boys Pete (15) and Kevin(14). They do everything together. There are very naughty. They run around the pool bullying kids and pushing them in the water etc. But usually, it is harmless so other kids also enjoy it. All kids are younger than Anna, so just sits near the pool and browses the internet in her two-piece bikini.
Pete always teases her with words or throwing water are her or water balloons etc. But the day he crossed the limits. Anna was helping some young kids to swim when Pete went under the water and puller her bikini bottoms. She was horrified and ran back the house with her wet butt hanging out. All the kids laughed while Kevin was making a video of it. I ran out and scolded them both and asked Kevin to delete the video and said not to repeat the same, or else I will tell their parents.
The next day, when Anna was walking toward the pool and just about to jump in, Pete pulled her Bikini top off and slapped her butt and pushed her in the water. Anna again got frightened and just came out of the pool and ran towards the house with her jiggling boobs. This time I saw the whole incident with my own eyes from the kitchen window. I threw a towel at Anna when she entered and ran towards the boys. All the kids were laughing as I was chasing them to catch. They were too fast, and jumped the fence and ran home. I went back to Anna and thought later when their parents will back home, I will tell them about it.

While drying my sweet chubby daughter I thought, these are the only boys who are showing interest in my girl. I know that boys have a different way to show they are attracted to girls, like with such banters. I didn’t complain to their parents. I’m thinking to let them spend more time with Anna, like maybe some excuse that they all can be in the same room together and spend some quality time. Like some craft project. I want to see if they take that opportunity to give my daughter the pleasure she deserves. Maybe this will give her the confidence to go out and hang out with other men.

Please comment your suggestions. Also, what are the ways I can bring them together, and what will help the boys to go ahead and give my daughter sexual pleasure. Thanks in advance.

P.S I will post my daughter’s pics if you guys help me out. Thanks

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  • Reply Danny 1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Absolutely let them fuck your daughter at least three times a day every day and then you clean up her pussy with your mouth

  • Reply Bum ID:2e0667zb0d

    Absolutely let these dirty young boys fuck her. Also watch and encourage them on.

  • Reply Mom who knows ID:ndomrl3oid

    Lol. I have my doubts this is true but i will offer my suggestion anyway.
    As some of the commenters below say…its a sheer waste to let two little lost ignorant rabbits to enlighten your conservative and ignorant 19 year old. Further, it’s sheer stupidity to have those immature brats have their way with your daughter. Her self esteem already seems fragile and having immature disrespectful brats bullying, teasing and exposing their activities with her to the neighbourhood is a sure way to destroy what little self esteem she has.
    Rather start by being open with her yourself. And if SHE expresses interest in exploring the carnal pleasures then you should exercise some common sense in guiding her to find safe , suitable and trustworthy candidate or candidates for her to explore and experiment with. And it must be an experience that leaves her feeling confident rather than embarrassed or belittled.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald4

    Sounds like a typical know nothing American household. The problem lays with the fact that the parents use the government controlled school system to sexual educate their children and that is a complete joke at best. what should of happened is all parents teach their own children about sex and their bides from ages like 6 to 7. the earlier the better that way they can make informed decisions about their bodies.
    She is 19 and legal in all state so i would be more then happy to travel to your place of residence and teach your daughter about sex.. I will pay my own way and spent a week or so at your house and teach her everything i know. If you are interested contact me on kik ricowillhitit or Discord Gonzo#0659
    I would be more then happy to help out your daughter and i have a lot of experience with virgins.

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:8bw8pby20d

    Anna,your neighbour’s kids sound like complete idiots.
    I understand and appreciate your concerns towards your daughter and her needs but please don’t give your daughter to a couple of jerks.They won’t appreciate your daughter nor what you are doing or why.
    Di you have a friend with a son? Someone you know,who isn’t a jerk?
    Invite him round and make a suggestion.
    Your daughter needs to be made love to not just fucked.
    You need someone who can take his time.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1darjpbt09

    I say let them have some fun and her as well. Life is full of opportunities dont let her miss out on this one if you want to talk more email me

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre69 ID:29kcjdmzrb

    Anna19 do y’all live in the USA if so I will go fuck your daughter instead of those stupid boys

  • Reply Cumminginsiderher ID:4glvgwov3

    Keep in mind that these boys probably don’t know jack about sex or how to get a woman off. If you are going to make your daughter end up having sex with them, then you should at least “teach” these boys about what they need to do. People underestimate “teaching” boys how to correctly have sex that benefits BOTH partners.

    I was lucky enough to have a few married neighbors and friends of my mothers that were more than happy to start teaching me at the age of 13. Pretty much all thru school, I bypassed the whole high school girlfriends thing and pretty much stuck with older women from late teens up to their 50s. They loved it since I was young with lots of energy but had the “experience” of a much older man. It didn’t hurt that I looked much older for my age and by the time I graduated high school I was 6’5″ and 240 lbs of mostly muscle. That was the beginning of my ending up at 6’7″ 265 of ALL muscle with about 7% body fat. While I don’t consider myself overly large, I am comparable in penis size for someone that is 6’7″ which can be a gift or a curse depending on how much dick the woman can actually take. Some can handle all 10+” 3″ thick, while some can’t.

    Do yourself a favor if you are really serious about finding some sexual partners for your daughter, find guys that will treat her right in bed so she can enjoy it as well. It doesn’t sound like these two punks are suitable for her. If I were you, I would “try-out” any potential partners first, and if they are suitable, pass them on to your daughter.

    • Mesh ID:hd34dg6ii

      send me ur Whatsapp number iwanna fuck her

    • Anna19 ID:1fto8yxwhl

      Thank you for the advise. I will keep in mind. I will update once I go through it. Thanks

  • Reply Drachenlord ID:7sp1xnqj

    Yes, your daughter needs experience at the best with younger peoole from 12 to 16, so set it up so they can fuck her raw.

  • Reply Deano ID:bqg6a09z

    Hey can I have your email I have some suggestions?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2v2yccfyhk

    so to condense:
    your daughter is a ditzy, chubby, introverted and bashful lil’ lady that you want to see get handsy and even fucked by a guy sooner rather than later and you think a 15 and 14 year old pair of boys would be your best bet?

    i’m also assuming they only swing by when the pool is open right?
    i see 2 options:
    1. invite them around exclusively and perhaps get them to talk about why they’re always giving your daughter shit, get the three of them together to hash it out, perhaps get your daughter to wear some clothes that’ll accentuate her breasts some more, a push-up bra, some tight fitting leggings or yoga-pants that’ll heft her ass up would work nicely too.
    try to convince her to let ’em smack her ass and fondle her tits some more in the privacy of your own home.

    2. talk to their folks about it and ask them to send their kids over to apologize at some point, between that conversation and when they arrive, get your daughter to dress up a lil’ and show off her goodies when they arrive, have her answer the door, ask them if they’d like to come in and talk?

    either way, Hit me up with an email if you like this idea and let me know if it’s a success ‘kay?

    • Anna19 ID:1fto8yxwhl

      I appreciate a lot. Thanks. I just want my daughter to have the pleasure of sex at the right age and enjoy her life.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:fx7ita58i

    Let the boys have their fun and other things will happen she will enjoy it

    • Anna19 ID:1fto8yxwhl

      Thanks. I will encourage them to fuck. Will try my best to make sure My daughter enjoys it and she is not left out.