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Me, my roommate and her kids

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The day the new girl in the apartment above me moved in I knew I had to have her. Her name is Lori and she’s currently going through a messy divorce. She has two kids, Julia and Anna, aged 12 and 14 respectively. Things Between us started out slow, but after a few short months, it became obvious that there was definite sexual tension. She’s my age, 37, works out all the time and is super fit. She’s pretty but not hot, has an amazing body and beautiful tits. Both her daughters are very pretty as well, the older one slowly rounding form with small perky boobs, and a cute face. The younger one is a knockout but hasn’t developed much although it’s pretty clear she’s going to be the hottest one of the three. Our relationship took a drastic turn one night when I came home from work and got a text message from her asking to help with the Wi-Fi. I went upstairs to find Lori half drunk and her two kids trying to play a game online. She offered me a beer which I took, and tried to figure out what was wrong, Julia and Anna by this time were very antsy and urging me to figure it out. When I went into the other room where the wires were coming in, Lori followed me, and immediately pushed me up against the wall. We started making out like highschoolers And I was soon taking her bra off and fondling those magnificent tits. I was kissing her neck and working my way towards each of those beautiful nipples while my hands lowered her pants and found their way to her beautifully shaved pussy. We fell onto the couch, still kissing, while I finger fucked her wet snatch. It was very clear that she hadn’t gotten any in a while because she came all over my fingers in a few short minutes. She flipped me over, ripped my shorts down and immediately took my cock into her mouth. I consider myself an average size and length, and Lori was loving every second of it. When I got close to cumming I asked her where she wanted me to finish, she said she wanted it in her pussy and it was OK cause she was on the pill. Fine by me, I thought. She stopped, sucking me off and proceeded to jump on my cock and start fucking me. it was at that moment I looked up and saw Julia and Anna standing there watching me fuck their mother. I tried to stop, but Lori wouldn’t let me get up and told me that she lets her daughters watch her when she masturbates and that they often do it together. It was by far the hottest sexual experience of my life, and I busted a load deep inside her pussy while staring directly into Anna’s eyes. When Lori climbed off Her snatch was dripping with my cum and my cock was still rock hard. Julia walked over to her mother and they started making out while Anna came over to me and hold of my cock and started licking it clean. After only a few seconds of this, I had to have this beautiful young teen. I lifted her from my cock, took her shirt and pants off and began licking every inch of her body. She barely had a chest, but her nipples were sticking out and so hard. Her pussy was bald with only a little peach fuzz. I was in heaven. By now Lori and Julia were engaged in a 69 and she didn’t seem to care that I was about to defile her youngest daughter. When I got to Anna‘s pussy, I took my time and licked every inch of her labia before plunging my tongue as far as I could inside the young ones virgin pussy. She was writhing around in pure ecstasy while I ate her out. I moved her body around so we two were in a 69 and looked over at Lori – I didn’t say anything but we both knew how different our lives were going to be from this point forward. When I felt I was good and ready, I took Anna and laid her on the couch and positioned my cock at her opening. Slowly I rubbed my head up and down her slit to get it nice and wet and careful inserted into her tight little pussy. She moaned a bit, but was clearly loving every second of it. Lori spoke up and said not to worry about hurting her because she had been fucking a dildo for quite some time. That was all I needed to hear before plowing into her and fucking her tight pussy as fast as I could. I didn’t last very long and blasted a load inside of her pussy too. When I was finally done, I pulled out of her and laid back down on the couch. Lori, Julia, and Anna all spent time, licking my cock clean and kissing each other and me. there’s nothing better than tasting a young girls pussy when you’re kissing. When it was time to go, I kissed all three girls goodbye and Told them to call me whenever they wanted. Julia, perhaps feeling left out, said to me “ hey Tom, I think my laptop is going to be broken tomorrow afternoon. Maybe you can come by and help me fix it” you all know where I’ll be tomorrow

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