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Me, my roommate and her kids, Part 2

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Me and the girls (12 and 14) go at it while their mom watches

For about a week following my first sexual encounter with Lori and her two daughters, I didn’t really seem much of them. Lori was working a lot and the girls, Julia (14) and Anna (12) were spending the week with their dickhead father. I did have a brief run in with Lori getting the mail, but with other people around all we could muster up was a knowing glance that signified another romp was due. That romp happened two days later on my day off. I was running errands when Lori texted me asking if I could get her kids off the bus cause she had to work late. My cock instantly started to rise as I thought of the possibilities. I told her it was no problem but it would cost her and she said she’d make it worth my while.
I raced home in time to meet the bus and the girls came running off, right over to me and jumped into my arms for a big hug. I held on just a little too long and the bus driver definitely gave me a concerned look. I just waved and thought to myself, “my god, if only he knew what I was about to do to these young girls.”
We went inside and the girls threw their crap on the floor and started hounding me about what we were doing for the rest of the day. I told them their mother wanted them to do their homework but they had other plans in mind. Anna had to use the bathroom so it left me alone with Julia for a few minutes. My cock sprang to life.
I took her by surprise and wrapped her up with a big hug. I kissed her hard and deep and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. It was so passionate. I started to kiss her neck and ears and she was overcome with lust. I took her shirt off to reveal her innocent white training bra. So hot for such a young girl. I lifted that little bra over her head and started to slowly lick each nipple while she moaned in pleasure.
Then out of nowhere, my phone rings and it’s Lori. She asked if i got the girls off the bus ok and I told her I was with Julia now while Anna was upstairs. Julia, not wanting to stop, comes over to me and gets on her knees as she’s pulling my shorts down. My rock hard cock springs free and almost hits her in the head. She takes hold of it in her little hands, it’s amazing how nice your cock looks in the hands of a 14 year old, innocent little girl. She starts to jerk me off while I’m talking to her mother and I was completely lost in the feeling. I snapped out of it and went back to talking to Lori. She said she’d be home later and asked me to take it easy on her girls. She also said, “by the way, I taught Julia how to suck a cock, I can see she’s doing a job.” I looked up and there was the little nanny cam watching the whole scene. Lori told me how hot it was watching her daughter blow me and wished me luck the rest of the way. I hung up and refocused on the matter at hand.
Julia was giving me a wonderful blowjob, slowly licking up and down my cock while massaging my balls. I maneuvered my way to the couch and sat down while she continued blowing me on her knees. When i was about ready to blow my load, I stopped her, picked her up and threw her on the couch. I ripped her skirt off and pulled her pink cotton panties down to her ankles. I slowly kissed and licked my way up her legs, going from side to side, driving her mad. When I got to her sweet, hairless pussy I paused and just inhaled the beautiful scent of a teen pussy. I hovered my mouth right above her clit and exhaled letting my warm breath tease her. I softly flicked my tongue back and forth on her clit and licked up and down each labia. She was literally dripping wet and had both of her hands on my head trying to push my tongue into her pussy. When I finally stuck my tongue inside her, she arched her back up exploded all over my face. I lapped up every drop that came out of her. I started to finger bang her while continuing to suck on and lick her clit, sending her over the edge for an insanely intense orgasm. Before she could recover, I stood up and slowly inserted my throbbing cock into her sopping wet, tight little pussy. I let it sit in her for a few seconds before I started to fuck her.
The whole time this was going on, Lori was undoubtedly watching us on the nanny cam while Anna had been sitting on the stairs, fingering herself watching us. When i saw her, I told her to come join us.
She took off the rest of her clothes and her flat chest with pointy nipples was a sight to behold, I could feel my cock getting even harder looking at her. I told her to get on her sister’s face so she could get her pussy licked. The little girl climbed on and slowly lowered her pussy to her sister’s waiting lips. I leaned over and started sucking on those nipples while thrusting in and out of her sister. Anna then leaned forward and put her face right in Julia’s pussy and began sucking on her clit. The two girls were going to town on each other while i fucked Julia. I took my cock out and put it right into Anna’s mouth, watching this preteen nymph suck her sister’s juices off my cock. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and started to fuck Julia again. After a few more minutes, i felt my balls start to tighten and warned the girls I was about to cum. Julia begged me to finish inside of her while Anna begged me to blast it in her face. I was happy to oblige. I fucked Julia with all my might and blasted a load deep inside her 14 year old pussy, with her sister’s face only a few inches away. I took my cock out in time and was able to save a shot for her, landing one right on her cute little tongue. She gobbled it up and took my cock in her mouth, sucking me dry. She then immediately started licking my cum from her sister’s pussy. When she had enough in her mouth she flipped around and started making out with Julia, swirling my cum in their mouths. I couldn’t resist and had to join them, I gave each of their little pussies a quick lick and joined them for the kiss. I absolutely love the taste of a young girls pussy mixed with my own cum.
When things finally settled down, we all caught our breath and headed upstairs to take a shower.
I looked at my phone before heading into shower and Lori had sent me a few texts, the last one was a screenshot of the nanny cam of me and her girls going at it.
Lori said she wished she was there but was at least able to get herself off watching us.
After the shower, we hung out naked the rest of the day and night and had fun just laying around. Around 10pm, Anna was asleep on the couch with a finger on her clit and Julia was lying down with her head across my lap while she fondled my dick and balls. I heard keys in the door and both me and Julia didn’t even bother moving. Lori walked in, dropped her bags and in one motion lowered her pants and underwear to the ground and said, “who’s ready for round 2?”

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    Awesome need more

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    Amazing more please

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    I love this story. I”d love to lick Anna’s little ass and then fuck her gently but deep.

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    When I was Living in San Diego cal I was in my twenties. One day working in the yard two young girls came up selling girl scout cookies. The older one was 13 and her younger sister was 11 which was the daring one and the girl scout. I invited them in and everything from that moment changed our lives. Those two ended up being so sexual having many nights together. I met their mother and would of spending many weekends fucking all three. Mom was a bomb shell brunet and very sexual as was the daughters. I still think about them all these years later.

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    This is the type of single mother I’m looking for!
    Looking forward to following chapters to cum… I mean that are headed our way…


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      Hey mate what are all those numbers. I’ve seen them in a few messages

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      That is my ID (contact ID number) for the app Session. Encrypted and anonymous chat program … many are using it now since Wikrme shut down