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I anully raped my 10 yr old cousin when I was 18

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This is a true story I fucked my cuzin in her ass she was only 10 but her ass felt so good hmm

It was a Saturday night and I had met my 10yr old cousin for the first time she lived with her dad and recent moved with her mom’s at the time..I went over to my aunts house which is her mom and that’s where we met she was quiet but still excited about meeting me we had a good talk played board games and even asked to sleep over at my house when I was about to leave..her mother trusted my big sister who I lived with at the time and agreed for her to sleep over that’s the biggest mistake she made but anyways later on that night we went to my house where we played on my ps2 at that time I had naruto and DragonBall on my ps2 she wasn’t really into to games but I made it fun for her I made her beat me over and over…time passes and my sister says she’s going out to come back that’s when I instantly had a genius idea I immediately got horny from just being alone with her I wasted no time and put on a porn CD on my ps2 and watched it with her after seeing a anul scene she questioned me about it and was curious about why their using their butthole even tho she was already familiar with sex according to her but anyways I told her it feels way better than fucking in the pussy and I can show her ..she hesitated and I had to beg her and encourage her before she eventually gave in and told me to try it for 10 seconds and that’s it..I bent her over and spread her ass cheeks apart as I slowly pushed my dick in her bum it was super tight at first but once the whole thing was in it became wet and warm almost like a pussy but way tighter and my dick was the same length with her lower arm so she cried 2 seconds into taking my dick in her ass I can feel my dick hitting her shit and the anul sex got messy after a while but I kept going I can hear her asshole queefing everytime I push my dick back in finally I cum in her butt and when I pulled it out her asshole her asshole was stretched and red she couldn’t walk i told her to sleep it off and I’ll continue this story only if yall fuck with it ik you’ll bash me for the bad Grammer but what makes me different from everyone else on here my story is true this isn’t no fantacy

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  • Reply Ace ID:1gvwkmm0

    I like it pt 2 please

  • Reply Anonymous ID:b9mh66ij

    That’s how it was with “J” who was the same age, The best part was when she was having an orgasm, and her ass spasmed like crazy on my cock. It probably was the single best feeling in the world having her ass literally eating my cock.

    Man, the feeling when I finally came which seemed like it’d never stop was amazing. It was one of those times where had I done the same inside her pussy, we would have been explaining how she got knocked up. Once I started, I couldn’t stop.

    • Big Daddy ID:1ew4zpjtj306

      Nice so do you fuck her still or u find another one to bum fuck

  • Reply TARAS Daddy ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    I love the story don’t worry about the Grammer geeks keep writing kid and tell them to go fuck them self trust me they been after me for along time

    • Negative ID:1de22mk0s2o7

      Grammer is a thing and anully is not a word where anally is a word as anal means a small perky hole as in an asshole so the correct term is anally so when looking up anully annually keeps coming up and thats a whole other word so grammar needs to be correct taras daddy

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    bro, it’s anal… not anul

    • TARAS Daddy ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      I love the story as for you grammar geek go fuco your self

    • Greg ID:1d57gasadfww

      Who cares bout the grammar yall here searching up kid rape stories yall worried about the wrong thing fam lmao

  • Reply Bald little cunt flaps ID:1crba7yvzz9u

    Good on you Greg, slam that tight pink shit box hard and fast and slap them if they start crying, little bitches bald cunts and arseholes were created to be destroyed, photographed and put on video for the pleasure of all us sick perverted motherfuckers on crack and meth.

  • Reply sickodude ID:brx4mj96ij

    Fucked an older lady many years ago, anally. My cock was covered in shit. Miss have anal sex with older ladys