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It’s nothing you won’t see when you’re older: Part 5

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I take Faith to the next level, but Stacy pushes me even further.

I’d had a great time with my big sister, Stacy.
She’d started by treating me to an up-close and personal striptease and then let me try my hand at spanking, offering me her bare arse for discipline.

She got me so turned on that she had to relieve me with an expert hand job.
And then she generously completed my lesson with a guided tour of her genitalia.

She gave my fingers the freedom or her fanny. She introduced me to her slit, her lips and her clit. She taught me how and where to touch a woman to tease her and please her.
She even let me stick a finger into her hole – just so I could see what it felt like.

We were both in for a surprise, when I accidentally touched something she called her “G spot”. It made her go really giddy!

I hoped I’d be able to use everything she had taught me with my 13 year old girlfriend.
But that was easier said than done.
Sadly, the only place where Faith and I could be truly alone was in my own mind.

We might get the opportunity for the a teenage snog at school, but even that was difficult with the prying eyes of suspicious staff and giggling, immature students all around us.

We managed to arrange a date at the cinema, hoping for a cliched tryst in the darkness of the back row.
Her mum had said it would have to be a matinee show – maybe she thought things would be more innocent in the afternoon.
Nevertheless Faith dressed to allow me easy access.
She picked out a button up blouse and a short, loose skirt so my hands could glide easily to her tits and her fanny. And thoughtfully sat at my right hand, so l wouldn’t have to stretch to far, to reach my goal.

It didn’t take me long to slide my fingers between the blouse buttons and fondle her through her bra. I could just reach her cleavage and with some manipulation I was eable to ease the cups down a little and caress her inner boob flesh, but I couldn’t get a proper handful and her nipples remained tantalisingly out beyond my grasp.

I let my fingers venture up her skirt too – encouraged by the feeling of Faith’s own hand, resting on my crotch and tentatively tracking the length of my cock.

She fell silent, save for her heavy breathing when I touched her inner thigh. The sensitive flesh, was unaccustomed to a man’s touch and I sensed Faith’s arousal at my intimate caress. But of course I didn’t stop there, I continued on my quest towards her sex and the “tell tale” moisture of her panties told me that she was enjoying my explorations. I ran my fingertips up her knickers helping myself to a tender stroke of her slit and she parted her thighs approvingly.

Just like her nipples though, her clit remained frustratingly out of reach. However that wasn’t going to stop from trying to move her knickers aside and stroke her soft silky secret places for the first time.
Her words did stop me though.
“Not there please.”

She obviously wasn’t ready to give me anymore than she had when we were behind the stage.
I decided not to push my luck. The cinema wasn’t really private after all. Maybe she would forthcoming if I could get her alone.

Our next date wasn’t very private either. We were returning to the scene of our first liaison, the tennis courts, but this time her dad would be there too!

It was actually his idea. He was going there to practice his game with Faith and thought I might like to join them.
I had barely ever played before and was nowhere near his class. I wasn’t even as good as Faith really, but I was stronger and faster than her, so I could just about hold my own – even though see did distract me with her tight little tennis dress and her pretty white panties.
I couldn’t help but look.

Her dad was good to me though and tried to make me feel at home.
We finished off with a light hearted match where he took on both Faith and I, playing as a pair against him. We managed to win, but I think he might have let us!
Faith said she was tired and suggested he went to play with his grown up friends and asked if it was okay if she went to my house for lunch. He agreed, so long as she was home by 3 o’clock.
That would give us a few unexpected hours together.

We set off down the quiet country lane that was my shortcut home. Naturally we bundled eachother into the bushes, for a snog, as soon as we were out of sight of passers-by.

“That was easy. You’ve got your dad wrapped around your little finger haven’t you?”

“Well,” she smiled, “sometimes, if I flutter my eyelashes, I can get my own way.”

“I see,” I chuckled, “Is that how you persuaded him to let you wear that little dress?”

“Oh. I hoped you’d like it and the knickers, of course!
I didn’t need to persuade him. I just put an even smaller dress on first (it was one I grew out of it last year) so when he told me to change into something more modest, I just slipped this on and he couldn’t complain.”

“Oh, you’re a crafty little thing aren’t you. I can see I’m going to have to keep my eye on you.”

“Promises, promises,” she teased.

“And don’t think I didn’t see you cheating earlier.

“What? I never…”

“Yes you did! Calling your dad’s shots “out” when they were definitely, “in”. You even did it at match point!
You’re lucky I wasn’t the umpire!”

“Why? What would you have done about it?”

That sounded like a challenge, so I tried to call her bluff.

“Well I’d have hauled you up onto my big chair, put you over my knee and pulled your knickers down for a good old fashioned spanking!”

She fell silent.
Maybe she didn’t know what to say.
Maybe I’d shocked her.
Maybe I’d gone to far.
Maybe she was going to dump me.
I’d better make a joke of it.
I tickled her ribs and ran away, “Come on silly! You can’t catch me!”

We ran to the chip shop where I treated her to lunch. Then we continued to my house, with Faith’s hand around my waist and mine resting on her bum.

Fortunately my parents were out. My sisters were home and although Donna gave my girlfriend little more than a perfunctory “Hi,” Stacy was more welcoming.

After a little small talk she told Faith that it was lovely to meet her but she was about to go to town with my younger sister.
Donna seemed quite surprised at the news, but came around when, Stacy “reminded her” that they were going for ice cream.
“See you later,” she shouted as they hurried out, “Mum and dad said they’d be back at about 4.”

What a great sister!

“Looks like we’ve got the place to ourselves for a couple of hours.”
I pulled Faith down onto the sofa, kissing her with a passion and sliding my hands up under her dress.

“Oooh yes, but…” she pulled away.
“What you said earlier about smacking my bum…. that was… just a joke, wasn’t it?”

It was an awkward question, as my right hand had a firm grasp of her arse. I loosened my grip to stroke her.
“I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” I assured her.

“I thought so.” she said, “but I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to do the other thing.”

“What “other thing”?

She rolled onto her belly, putting herself over my knee. “You said you’d pull my knickers down.”

“Can I do it in my bedroom?

She giggled, bouncing on my hardening cock, “Okay.”

I took her hand and led her upstairs.
My room was a typical teenage boy’s bedroom. Smelly and messy with a carpet strewn with clothes thar they were soon joined by more discarded garments.

Faith’s dress, my shirt, her bra, my shorts and all our shoes rapidly fell to the floor and we stood before each other in nought but our underwear.
Breathing heavily, excited, nervous, aroused; on the verge of adulthood and peering over precipice.
I decided to take the lead.
I was the oldest and I was the boy, after all.

I pulled her into me and took hold of the sides of her knickers, slipping them over her the swell of her buttocks and rolling them down to her knees. Faith kicked them off from there.

She was naked.

“Do you want these off too?” I fingered the waistband of my pants.

“Er… yes, but.
Well, I know, I’m your girlfriend and you’re older than me and more experienced and you’re probably expecting it and I suppose I should do it, but I haven’t done it before and I don’t think I’m ready, so I hope that’s okay, but I really like you and I hope I can still be your girlfriend. ”
She bit her lip.
She had obviously been rehearsing that speech for a while and I could tell she was worried to hear my response.

I kissed the top of her head, as though she were a little girl.
“That’s fine.” I told her calmly, “We don’t have to have sex, if you don’t want to.”

“Thank you,” she sighed

“But you do want to have fun don’t you?”

She did and she added my underpants to the pile of laundry lying on the floor.

We tumbled onto my bed, naked and entwined like a man and a woman should be.
We had plenty of time, so I decided to devote my attentions to her tits first. That was the gentlemanly thing to do after all.
I began with soft strokes and caring caresses but progressed to saucy squeezes and greedy gropes, as my ardour increased and I carried my girlfriend on our wave of excitement.

It wasn’t long before my mouth followed my hands. Kissing, licking and sucking. Feasting on her beautiful boobs and the dark hard nipples that capped them.
I’m sure her tits has grown since I first saw them just a couple of months earlier. They were already the third biggest in her class then and now they were even more impressive.

I loved her tits and what she let me do with them, but both my girlfriend and I knew they weren’t going to be enough to satisfy my desires today. We were going to venture further and seek out new carnal delights.

Faith fondled my arse with growing confidence and occasionally pawed at my cock too. She was cautious of it though.
Maybe she was afraid of hurting me.
Maybe she didn’t want to provoke me into going “too far”.
Maybe she just didn’t know what to do.
I took her hand and showed her how to hold it, but that was all she did. Keeping her hand still and feeling my member throb beneath her fingers.

I was bolder though.
Stacy had shown me what to do and this was the time for me to prove my skills.

I moved a hand down to her inner thigh. I remembered how that had made her squirm in the cinema and it triggered the same response in the bedroom.
She held her breath as I edged up towards her fanny, but the first brush of my finger tip across her silken lip brought a gasp.
“Oh my God Dan. Oh!”
She tensed. Wordless, once more as my finger toured her outer lips. Up and down. Gently, slowly, tenderly.
They dragged across her inner folds noting their warmth and moisture.

Then they went to her clit.

Slick with Faith’s own juices my fingers slicked around her hood, teasing and stimulating.

I took my time playing down there, in my girlfriend’s secret places. Taking pride in making her sigh, moan and wriggle below my sensual touch.

There was little conversation, but I didn’t want to shock her with my next move so I whispered. “Don’t worry. I’m only going to use my finger.”

“Okay.” Came the soft reply, although I very much doubt that she knew what I was talking about.

The index finger of my right hand probed carefully between her slippery lips. It slid in easily, but I eased my way cautiously.
She was silent once more, bravely permitting its total insertion.
Sighing and gasping as her body responded.
And her breathing become even more ragged once I began to saw my finger in and out as though it was my cock.

Faith was flat on her back.
Eyes closed
Nipples hard and pointing at the ceiling.
Legs spread wide.
Clit peeking from its hood.
Cunt split by my finger.
Her body mine to own. To steer and drive through through the tangle of new and unfamiliar lewd and erotic sensations and emotions.

She squirmed when my thumb went work on her clit. And when I hooked my probing finger back to seek out her G-spot…
That was it.
I took her over her edge.
She writhed and spasmed in wave after wave of toe curling female ecstasy.

I didn’t know what I’d done.
I had no idea that girls could have orgasms.
But I knew I had done something right.

We just held each other in the loving bliss of the afterglow, until the clock inevitably ticked around and it was time to take Faith back home.

I walked her home, all the way to her drive, where we opened the gate and (as if by magic) she transformed from being a horny young sexpot, devoted to her boyfriend, into the sweet, innocent little daughter that her mummy and daddy adored.

I continually replayed the day’s adventures in my mind throughout the evening and went up to bed with my cock hard at the mere thought of what we had done together.

It was well after dark when Stacy, crept into my room.
“You still awake?” she whispered.

“Yeah, can’t sleep.”

“You had a good time then?”

“Yeah. Thanks for taking Donna out and giving us the house to ourselves.”

“That’s okay. I know what its like. Anyway,” she nudged me urgently, but continued to whisper. “What did you do-ooo?”

“I just remembered what you’d taught me and she absolutely loved it, thanks.”

“Everything? Did she let you spank her then?”

“No, but you’d told me that some girls weren’t into it, so that was cool. I guess different girls like different things. She likes it when I touch her right up, you know, between her thighs.”

“Oh. Well that’s good, it’s important that you listen to what the girl likes. Lots of boys are only interested in getting themselves off.”
She opened her legs. She was naked below her nightdress.
“Show me how she likes it.”

“Mmm, that does feel nice.
I’ll show where I like to be touched.”
She moved my hand further up between her legs to the hidden spot between her fanny lips and her bum crack.
“It makes me so wet when a boy tickles me there.”

I assumed that was an invitation and I was happy to accept. I tickled and my calm elegant older sister was instantly transformed into a giggling wreck – a shivering jelly, helpless in my hand.

I shussed her to quieten her down before she woke the whole house.

“Sorry.” she whispered, ” I couldn’t help it. That felt great.
Anyway, time for bed.”
She leant in to kiss me goodnight, but bumped into my cock, which had risen to new heights whilst I was ticking her twat.
“Let me take care of that first, though.” This wasn’t an invitation. It was a decision. “Close your eyes.” she instructed, “It’ll be better that way.”

I did as I was told and was richly rewarded as I felt her pull my cock out. She wanked it too but it was difficult from last time. It was hotter, slippier and it was better.
So much better.
And it continued, unrelenting until she made me squirt my load.
A big thick load.
Glorious thick jets of desire, created by my girlfriend and drained by my sister.

A sister who disappeared before I could even thank her.


My big sister was back in my bedroom again a few days later.

I had had a late night celebrating my 15th birthday and I”d just taken my morning shower to try to revive myself, when I found her, sitting on my bed.
She was in a dressing gown and I was wearing nothing more than my towel.

“Good morning,” she smiled. “Do you remember I promised to show you some girly tricks when you were older?”

“I do.”

“And do you think you’re old enough now?”



She untied the woven belt and slipped the gown off her shoulders.
She was naked, her big, bare boobs pointing straight at me.
I couldn’t tear my eyes away – well, not until she opened her legs and disclosed the narrow valley of her cunt surrounded by the dark forest of her pubes.

“Do you remember that I told you that different girls like different things and you need to find out what your girlfriend likes?”

I just nodded, keen to discover whatever my big sister had in mind.

“Well there is something that ALL girls love and I’m going to show you how to do it.”

“Er, okay.”

“And they’ll love you for doing it.”

“Okay.” I wished she’d get on with it. The house was full of people and I was sure we were going to get caught.

“Right now, I know it sounds weird, but I want you to lick me. Here.”
She pointed at her fanny.

It did sound weird, but I still got down on my knees. Quickly, coming face to face with her cunt for the first time and getting my first waft her intimate and personal scent, so musky and mysterious.
I looked up at her quizzically.

“Don’t worry. I warned you it was weird” she laughed kindly. “It’s like the first time dad gave you a sip of his beer. You didn’t like the taste and you pulled your face but dad told you that you’d like it when you were older and you wouldn’t be able to get enough of it in a few years time. Well girls’ fannies are just the same.
Go on. Have taste. Just lick it like you touched Faith’s.”

I licked up her slit, as she had asked. She told me I was doing well so I did it again and again. Licking up one side and down the other. Gently. Getting used to it

“Mmm, that’s great. Now lick the rest.”

I moved to her centre. Wet, soft, pliable between my tongue. Stacy moaned her approval and suddenly I didn’t care about the taste anymore.
She told me to kiss it and I opened my mouth, inhaling her scent and lapping her labia.
My tongue found it’s way between her folds to gently invade her most precious space.

“Oh, oh, oh. God that’s good. Do my clit next.”

I was reluctant to make my leave, but I obeyed my tutor’s instruction and made my exit, licking my way up to her button.
She told me to start by working around it and then to flick across it.

It felt silly when she asked me to start tracing the letters of the alphabet on her nub but I soon had her gasping and moaning in delight.
I decided to kiss it, like her fanny.
She began to squirm.
My kiss soon became a suck and my sister’s squirms soon became writhing helpless spasms, like the ones Faith had had when I touched her G-spot.

Stacy was lost in her orgasm and I guessed my work was done
I pulled my face away and stroked her pussy gently.
It had never been so wet.

Once Stacy regained her composure she kissed me lovingly. “That was great! The girls will love that. Faith is a very very lucky girl!”

It was nice of her to say so, but I’d still have to persuade my girlfriend to let me do it!

In the meantime, though, my sister had other plans.
“Now I’m going to do the same for you. Get up on the bed.”

We swapped places and she pulled away my towel to reveal my cock. She had already made it as big and hard as a rhino horn.
(Well not really but a boy can dream).

She looked up at me. “Now I’m going to do what I did for you at bedtime the other night but I want you to keep your eyes open and watch me this time.”

I stared down at her squatting between my thighs.
She stared back into my eyes. A perfect picture of submission as inch after inch of my cock disappeared into her mouth.
Her lips stretched wider and her cheeks hollowed deeper as she welcomed more and more of my length. Sucking and licking. Sliding her lips along the shaft.
She knew how to pleasure and man and as she consumed me the pressure in my loins grew. It grew until I could bear it no more.
It was my turn to gasp and squirm.

“I’m going to…”

Stacy didn’t pull away.
She stayed put.
Continuing to work me.
Forcing me to squirt all of my cum into her mouth and throat.
Not wanting to waste a drop.
Swallowing it all and leaving me totally sated.

“Did you like that?” she asked.
She returned to her room, without waiting for an answer. The day’s lesson was done.

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  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Needs a few more chapters at least, he needs to fuck all 3 girls, his girlfriend and his sisters

    • Mr Rodd ID:1ah742a8hrd

      I’ve had to spend some time away from the keyboard but Part 6 was posted today.
      Parts 7 & 8 to follow as soon as I’m able.

  • Reply Daddy65 ID:202m0j6zrb

    Grwat story. I like your build ups. You need to write a part 6 and maybe 7. When he takes Faith’s virgin pussy and ass.

    • Mr Rodd ID:1ah742a8hrd

      Thanks for the comments. It’s often more interesting to write the build up than the actual sex! Almost all the tales on this site will contain sex and there are only so many ways of describing it.
      What makes a story stand out is the plot, the characters and maybe some humour, so that’s what I try to work on.
      As for parts 6 & 7, I can only suggest you have faith – I’m sure Dan will!