big brother

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i have always wanted to have sex with my brother he is so attractive and i know hes good in bed he has told sex stories of his gf and i really want him to take my virginity, but im scared to ask when we were little ( he was maybe 10 i was like 7 ) i sucked his dick but that was so long ago i miss it i want it in me so bad, hes so caring too id love to ride him i want him to fuck me and make me his little sex toy i love him so much i just want his dick in my virgin pussy 🙁 i know he will think its strange and gross if i ask him to do anything but i really want to just suck his every inch and ride him he is so hot i would die for him to lick all over me i wanna rub my wet pussy all over his dick

and he is over 18 so its so much hotter ive always liked older guys and he is definitely 1 of them i might just ask to hang out, lay in the bed with him, act like im falling asleep, get on his lap, and start humping but i dont know hes so hot . i want him to put his load in my mouth or on my belly after he fucks me till i cant talk or walk

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  • Reply Gerard ID:2vfi8f7h20c

    You should “accidently”come out of the bathroom with only a satin thong on you,with your boobs bouncing,pass before his room with the door opened.. as if you thought you were alone home..You will “BANKER” see his attitude towards you!You will see that his looks will be that of a man,wanting to fuck a woman.

  • Reply Jacob ID:42p6pzb0c

    Walk up to him and drop your panties and spread your butt cheeks then walk away. If he follows you then he wants it

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I would love a younger sister like you

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  • Reply Gilbert ID:hd34dg209

    What happens with us guy, when we see the nakedness of a female sibling we are most likely to start getting interested to fuck them, so If you want him to fuck you, get some moment were he can see your pussy and act as if it happened randomly, believe me he will fuck you.

  • Reply Mali ID:f956rq6ib

    [email protected] for anyone who wanna chat

  • Reply Yupz ID:5m8g10oq

    Just tell him you want him to fuck you. There is no way he doesn’t want his sister that he already has a sexual past with. He’s thinking about you too.

  • Reply Jason ID:5m8g10oq

    As someone that’s been in this kind of situation before, I promise you he wants to be inside of you as much as you want him inside of you. When myself and my younger sister were young ones we fooled around for a short time. Not sure why it stopped. But I know I wanted to get with her so many times and couldn’t get the courage up to initiate anything and time moved on. When she was 17 and I was 20 she casually brought up how we used to mess around and it broke the ice. I asked her why we stopped and she said she thought I didn’t want to anymore and I said the same thing to her then she pressed up against me and said I want your cock now! When we fucked it was amazing. I had wanted her the whole time and she had wanted me. Your brother wants you it’s in his DNA

  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoib

    Invite him over. There is a movie called taboo American style that has a really hot brother sister scene. That could get a convo started

  • Reply Mmm ID:2auer1820d

    Wait till he’s drunk then suck and ride him all night