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I just found my moms sextapes on the internet

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*Scroll to the bottom to see attached reference pictures for idea of what my mom looks like*

My name is Michael and I’m a 14 year old white boy. I’m about 5’7 and have a skinny build and I have brown eyes and brown hair. I’m a virgin and have only kissed one girl one time. I live with only my mom and have no other siblings and I never knew my dad. My mom is 32 and a middle school teacher. She’s about 5’2 and if I’m going to be honest, she has a perfect body. She has long blonde hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She has a flat tummy and thin waist with hourglass-hips and a fat round ass that sits perfect above her thick thighs. She’s never married or even had long term boyfriends. To be honest I’ve always known she was a hoe but this is something else…

Last week I was scrolling down on a few porn sites and saw a video that looked good from the thumbnail. Interracial, which isn’t my cup of tea but the woman in the vid had an amazing ass. I clicked on it and started jerking myself. The video started with a blowjob view from the back. A black guy was sitting on a couch and the camera was set up in front of him, facing him. A naked blonde woman with a fat ass was on her knees between his legs. I was really getting off to the view, seeing her head bobbing slowly up and down while the guy threw his head back in pleasure.

The blonde slowly started picking up the pace, and before long she was slurping and gagging on his dick loudly. The noises were heavenly and I could tell she was sucking sloppy as hell. The black guy grabbed a handful of her hair and started pushing her up and down on his dick hard and started fucking her face. I started jerking faster and harder to the sounds and the sight of that big milky ass and that head bobbing up and down wildly. The guy started talking, saying all kinds of shit. I quote: “That’s a good white bitch, eat that big dick” “You like choking on this big black dick don’t you baby” “Keep sucking, show everyone what a hoe you are.”

The degrading honestly started to turn me on even more.. I watched the black guy reach out with one hand and slap her ass, making it jiggle and leaving a big red handprint on it. After about 5 minutes of head I started feeling really close. That’s when the guy said “Get up here and bounce that white ass on this big dick.” I stopped jerking for a second to slow down and edge myself a little while she got up and straddled him. That’s when I realized this guy had one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen. It has to be 8-9 inches long and was thick as fuck. I don’t even know how she was taking that in her mouth, much less down her throat.

I watched her position herself over his cock in cowgirl and slowly lower herself on it. She cried out loud as soon as the tip got inside. The guy didn’t give a fuck though and grabbed her by her hips and pushed her all the way down immediately. She screamed and her body jerked from suddenly having a big ass dick go balls deep in her. The guy slapped her ass before grabbing two big handfuls of her assand started fucking her. The view was fucking amazing. Her big ass jiggled and clapped while she twerked on it. The black guy grabbed her ass and spread it apart, giving the camera a perfect view of her little cute dark asshole and her pink pussy being split open by his dick. The dirty talking ensued… “Shake that fat ass on this dick bitch” “Show them you’re a BBC whore” etc.

Again, it only took a few minutes before I started getting close again. I felt myself about to erupt when the man grabbed her by the hair and told her to stand up. She did and he got up too. He walked her backwards towards the camera until her ass was just a couple feet away. He grabbed, slapped, and spread her ass open for the camera while saying more degrading shit – “She got a fat ass for a white girl doesn’t she?” “Look at that pretty little asshole and pussy you got” – before he gave her one last spank and said “Bend over the table and look at the camera, I want them to see your face while you take this dick.” The woman said “Yes sir.” and I immediately got a weird feeling. The voice sounded familiar for some reason. I brushed it off and kept jerking, planning on finishing to this scene. She walked around the table facing the camera now and climbed on the table on all fours. She lowered her face into frame and that’s when I realized.

My fucking heart dropped and I immediately let go of my cock. I was looking directly at my own mother. I paused the video quickly on the shot and just stared at it. My hands were literally trembling and I was shook. My mind started going wild with the realization that I had spent the last 15 minutes jerking off to my own mom sucking dick and getting fucked. I had jerked off to my own mom’s pussy and asshole being spread on screen. Somehow, my erection didn’t go away though. I mean fuck I might glance over at my moms ass when she walks by every once in awhile just for the fact that it’s literally perfect but seeing her like this was different. I was shocked thinking about the fact I was looking at my mom fucking someone when she was just in the next room over right now.

I quickly minimized the video and clicked on the channel that had uploaded it. 8 other videos were there. I clicked on the next one. It was a POV video of my mom getting fucked in doggystyle by another black guy. He had a handful of her pretty blonde hair while he pounded her. Her ass was bouncing with every thrust and he was fucking her so loud it sounded like gunshots. She cried out and grabbed at the sheets. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He let go of her hair and pushed her face and chest into the mattress. Her big round ass was arched up and looked so good in this position… He reached out and put his thumb against her asshole and started rubbing it in circles while giving her slow, deep strokes. She moaned and cried out loud while he slowly pushed his thumb into her asshole. I had to click off. I had never had a feeling like this before. I was literally watching videos of my own mother getting fucked..

I had to click on just one other video. The thumbnail was her sitting on a black couch by herself as if it was an interview. The video started with a camera man asking her questions. He asked her where she was from, how old she was, etc. Based on her answers there was no doubting at all that it was my mom I was looking at. That’s when the man asked her if she had any kids. She smiled and lifted a finger and said “Just one, a son.” She literally mentioned me in one of her pornos. I felt sick but also more turned on than I ever had been before. I could tell the videos were all filmed within the last 8 years with time between each one. This was the most recent and I could tell by the fact she looked identical in the video to how she does now. This could’ve been made in the last month for all I know. The man asked her to undress and show off some. As I watched her slowly strip each article of clothing off I noticed my hand lowering back down to my dick. It was completely involuntary and I couldn’t even help it. I grabbed my cock and kept jerking. My dick was leaking precum and was rock hard at this point. The cameraman said something about “are you ready to be blacked honey?” I also realized now that all of my moms porn was interracial for some reason. That’s the only kind of guys she ever would bring over or date though..

She nodded her head yes and walked into a different room with the camera man following her. Inside were two big black guys that had to be 6’6 and 230lbs, muscular and covered in tattoos. They stood up and started grabbing on her. They didn’t even introduce themselves or anything.. I was watching my mom get surrounded by two big black guys while they grabbed her ass and tits and said shit like “Oh you brought us a nice lil white girl today!” “Look at that ass” and “You want some black dick in your mouth baby?” to which my mom bit her lip and replied “Yes daddy I want that big black cock already.” She dropped to her knees and pulled out a set of big pornstar sized dicks and got to work. Going back and forth and sucking them so sloppy.

I sat there for another 30 minutes and watched my mom get split roasted. One guy had his hands around her hips and was fucking her hard from the back making her ass bounce while the other guy fucked her throat until saliva was running down her face. By the end of the video she had a face covered in cum, spit, and smeared makeup. I came harder than I ever had before. My legs shook and I had to cover my mouth to stop from moaning out loud and waking my mother.

For the past week I’ve been jerking off to her videos every single day. It’s been awkward being around her and she’s starting to notice and ask me what’s wrong when I avoid her. It’s just that every time I see her all I can think about is how good she looks naked and how she talks and gets treated in those videos. I’ve just been giving her non-answers when she asks me. I don’t know what to do at this point. She’s a teacher at my school too. The other guys already poke fun at me constantly and lust after my mom like crazy. Now I find out there are videos with her face all in them. Anyone could come across these even if she used a fake name it’s clearly her. I don’t know what to do, I just had to tell someone about my situation. What should I do and how should I carry on with my mom after seeing all of this?


Let me know what you think of this story and any suggestions you might have… maybe a part 2??


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  • Reply Azim ID:3c3uwo20c

    Dude add some nasty stuff like fart, enema or scat please.

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    I’m the head of department at a highschool. I left my cellphone in my office desk during a school sports event. A student of mine took my phone and later blackmailed me into letting him fuck me. There were some pics and vids of me with my husband that he threatened to distribute

    • Ls silver ID:2px1mmwmvhx

      Well did you do it?

    • Cukdad39 ID:1cy34l5q7utt

      I would love to be your husband and see that happening

  • Reply PO469 ID:1cnkugeyqy7r

    I can see how the next part could go one of two ways. He tells he found her porn and gets to use her for his own pleasure, or his friends find it and he catches them blackmailing her into a gangbang.

  • Reply PO469 ID:1cnkugeyqy7r

    Maybe it is just the camera angle in the pics but she has a fatter ass than I like. I like a nice small tight ass,

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    Very hot young man… How about this for you and momma,, You slowly become MORE obsessed with your beautiful slutty mother and her cravings for BBC, IR etc.and not sure what to do, you seek out MORE evidence of her sexuality etc, and somehow in the interim, this situation becomes exposed to your neighbor, Steven ,a mature older white guy (me) who has always wanted to get with your little mom, and after finding out she is a porn mom, her interests, AND that her Son gets off on all this, Steven agrees to help you get some real RESOLVE about all this. So, while you watch him strip down and starts to pump his big, engorged Cock next to yours, you begin to conspire a plan to help Steven get balls deep in your mom, seducing her into a relationship which pushes their sexual lifestyle involving IR, swinging, gangbangs, building into an intense live sex scene of perverted confessions, Oedipal obsessions, and unholy unions of the flesh…

    • Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

      Wow! Steven. Damn dude, you have a wild imagination.
      You should definitely write a story, or a series of stories like this.

    • Cukdad39 ID:1cy34l5q7utt

      I love this idea!

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  • Reply Bisamrattan ID:oyo0jq06i9

    Nice! I couldn’t get your story out of my head, so I ended up writing the related one myself 🙂
    It will probably be published tomorrow.

    • MM14 ID:1dj6tieazza0

      really? what’s it called?

    • Bisamrattan ID:oyo0jq06i9

      “Our Mom and Us”. Enjoy 🙂

    • Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

      What is your related story called?
      By the way, it is nice seeing authors like you writing so many cool stories. Thanks.

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    I found a box with porn dvd, magazines, thumdrives and two hard drives in my parents bedroom cupboard when i was 12. The one hard drive was labeled private and it was loaded with vids of my parents with other couples, teenages of all races and even incest with family and relatives. I used this to blackmail mom.
    If theres others with incest experience and want to just chat then leave your email. Thanks

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    Fucking love this! More of your whore mum please!!

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    MM14 ! Lynette is a big time trouble maker her on this sight , a few months back it was found out that Lynette is a dude, just giving you a heads up ! Tara !

  • Reply MM14 ID:1dj6tieazza0

    Did everyone just not read the very first and very last sentence lmao? It’s a reference picture and yes it’s a story.

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  • Reply TARA ID:1df0k80uvhff

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    Keep jerking it. Or, see if you can roll up in it. Hint: Most people don’t want their family, work mates and close friends to know about their “dark” side. Use it to your advantage.

  • Reply Courtney ID:8aga5tv1

    My mother was in an open relationship back in the 70’s (she was a hippie and didn’t hide anything about sex or nudity around me). My dad knew and tolerated it because he was a trucker at the time and paid for hookers when he was gone for so long, so he was ok with my mom fucking her black coworker. Seeing her openly with him is what gave me my fetish for black men today.

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    My son blackmailed me. He’s been fucking me for a year now. He’s only 15 and has got me pregnant

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      Tell us the whole story.

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    Is this actually real? If so, do you have any contact info?

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      Fantasy only * (Final Sentence)

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