Another ride

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Part 2 of “The ride” 16 yr old nympho meets a high school hunk. Each one as sexy as hell, but together they are orgasmic. Sit back and grab your dicks

Hi I’m Emily,  16 year old junior in high school. As you may have read, my older brother started fucking almost daily me when I was 13, until I was almost 15. If you haven’t,  please read my story, The Ride.

My body has changed a lot in those few years, most of all my tits, I now have perky 34C size breasts with chocolaty brown nipples that get hard and pointy enough to poke an eye out. I’m now 5ft 4, 135 lbs. With shoulder length black curly hair. I stay in shape by playing volleyball at school, I’m not great, but that doesn’t matter.

I believe that I could have any guy I want at school using the power of the pussy. Boys are so dumb, all I have to do is bat my beautiful green eyes at one and lick my lips, just like that they’re hooked. I take them to my house and let them fuck me silly. They all thinking that they are using me. Never had a lasting relationship with any of the guys, I just used them for my pleasure then move on the my next conquest. That was until a new guy at school named Roland came along. He was 6ft tall, about 200 lbs, gorgeous physique, long wavy brown hair that bounced when he walked. I saw him one day in the gym after my volleyball practice. He was shooting hoops with a few other boys. I sat on the bench just watching him run around playing ball. How big is that dick, I asked my self, I was fantasizing about riding his pole and having orgasms to no end. He finally noticed me staring at him, he smiled and waved then went back to playing before I could put him under my spell.

After they were finished, he walked over to me and introduced himself. I don’t have many friends here yet, he told me, but I’ve seen you in the halls between classes. Emily, right? There’s something different about you than other girls I’ve met here, he said. I was a little shy all of a sudden which is not like me at all. I’m normally very confident and talkative.  I cleared my throat, and told him I’m not like the other girls at school, I know what I want and I go get it. He chuckled as he asked me what it was that I want. Wow, what a loaded question, I thought. I tip toed and still couldn’t reach his ear to whisper to him. He bent down and turned his head, I told him that what I really wanted was for him to follow me home and fuck me. He raised back up and looked around, no one else was left in the gym, he pulled the front of his shorts away from his belly so I could see his dick. It was magnificent,  at least 8 or 9 inches soft and he had shaved his pubes. I gasped at the sight of his package, I looked him in the eye and said, you can ride with me or follow in your car. He said he didn’t have a car, so riding with me sounds great.

When we got in my car and started home, I reached over and put my hand on his leg, he grabbed my hand and opened his shorts. He took his dick out and placed it im my hand. There you go Emily. I squeezed it and stroked it a few times, his cock twitched a few times, it was bigger than my brothers. It was bigger than any othe guy’s I’ve been with too. My pussy began to tingle and get wet. I’m glad it’s a short trip home. While walking to the back door, he picks me up like I was a child. I wrapped my legs around his waist, I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass while he walked. He kissed me hard and used his tongue to explore every bit of my mouth. All of the guys I’ve been with were so shy and timid, but not Roland. He was very forceful to do whatever he wanted to do.

We went straight up stairs to my room, my heart was racing, ready for him to impale me on his mighty cock. I told him to have a seat on my bed as I went down on my knees in front of him. I tugged at his basketball shorts to get to my after school treat inside. He raised his ass up a little so I could pull them off. My eyes grew big as I put both hands around the shaft, it was as big around as my wrist and there was still a good 2 to 3 inches of his dick exposed, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head. Mmm, hmmmm, mmm I moaned as I sucked and stroked him. This guy had 10 plus inches of rock hard meat.
I pull my mouth off and licked and slobbered up and down his dick. I took one of his balls in my mouth and popped it out, then the other. They were smooth as a baby’s butt.

He layed back as I continued to jack him off, I stood up and pulled my tee shirt and sports bra off, my firm tits jiggled and bounced as I removed my shorts and panties. He was watching me intensely,  he scooted around on the bed and told me to get on top and go for a ride. His dick was almost to his navel, he took one hand and stood it straight up. My pussy was soaking wet as I climbed aboard, I straddled him standing up then squated until his dick head was touching my pussy lips. He shook it back and forth to gain entrance to my cunt, I rocked my hips a little and lowered myself down onto this massive cock. It stretched my pussy more than ever before, I looked between my legs and saw half of it was already inside. I want it all, I told him. I began to work my way down his cock. Slowly raising my ass and easing back down. Oh my God, my pussy has never been this full, I think I’m going to cum already, he thrust upward with his hips and a few times. He was watching my pussy devour his cock an inch or two at a time, almost there he grunted. My pussy began to spasm wildly, oh yeah I shouted, give it to me, he grabbed my ass with his large hands that covered my entire butt cheek and pulled me down as he bucked up again. I moaned loudly as I ground my pussy against his pelvis.  My eyes rolled back, as the orgasm was about to take over. I told him, there’s something I forgot to tell you. What’s that, he asked. Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming hard, I yelled as my pussy squirted my hot juice all over his belly, it wouldn’t stop, I kept cumming over and over. He said, damn girl, I’ve never seen that before, give me some more. He raised me about half way up his dick and dropped me back down, again and again with a umm, umm, umm each time.

I was going to cum again, I lifted my pussy up to the head of his dick and slid back down to his balls. Thats all it took for me to start squirting again. My pussy was quaking, but he kept bouncing me and thrusting his dick in me. I was in heaven but my legs were getting weak so I told him to fuck me doggie style. Sure, he said, as I rose up enough for his cock to plop out of my cunt. He got up, and stood beside the bed, I barely managed to get up and on my knees. He grabbed my hips and pulled me around to him, before I could brace myself for what I knew was coming, he drove that big dick all the way to the bottom. I must have sounded like a wolf the way I let out a loud woooooh. This guy really knew what he was doing, his thrusts were long and hard for a minute then he’d pull all the way out and just fuck me with the head for a while, then ram it home again. I came 2 more times while he was fucking me. My pussy was taking a beating, I wasn’t sure I could even walk right by the time he finishes.

He was starting to use shorter, quicker strokes, I knew he was about to blow. I told him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth. Just a minute or two later he was at the edge, he pulled out and I turned around as fast as I could and took his dick head in my lips while he pumped his dick with one hand and grabbed my hair with the other. Aww yeah, he grunted,  then his load of  cum was filling my mouth, I swallowed the first gulp down, there was more, it seemed like he was never going to stop cumming. I swallowed again then he pulled out and shot a little on my face. I licked the last bit dangling from the tip. As I layed back down, exhausted, I looked up at his face, he looked like a god to me. He smiled so sweetly and said, damn that was good.

He collapsed on the bed next to me, I was laying on my back, licking my lips and I wiped the cum off of my face with the bed spread. Roland’s dick was still swollen but not hard, it flopped across my leg and pussy. His fingers began tracing around my belly button, down to my clit then up to my tits, he circled around my nipple and rolled it between his finger and thumb, then across my chest to the other nipple, he pinched it gently and softly cupped my breast and gave it a squeeze. I wiggled up closer to his muscular body, he was hot and sweaty but I didn’t care.

My hand went for his dick, it was so soft and warm, I rubbed my clit with the head and got goose bumps all over. I told him that my pussy has never felt so good, and that we need to do this again, soon. He agreed.
It was almost time for the rest of the family to come home so we wiped ourselves clean with wet wipes that I keep by my bed. We got dressed and I took him home.
On the way he told me that I was the first girl that could take his entire cock in there pussy. I smiled and told him that I had a good teacher, but didn’t say who.
As he got out of my car, he winked and said, see you tomorrow.  Oh,  you bet you will.

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