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Family Affairs by Itsmashruba

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Chapter 1 – The beginning

Hi, my name is John. At the time all this happened I was married to Ann. We lived down south with our two daughters, Samantha or Sam, as we call her, who was a tall tanned 12-year-old with long blonde hair. Sam had a long wiry frame like a ballerina and was starting to develop up top, her little breasts were about the size of small oranges. When she wore a tight top you could see she had puffy nipples that clearly protruded. Her sister Bethany, or Beth, was 11 years old and had long light brown hair with the family’s slim features. Beth had just started to develop as well, nothing more than perky little nipples that also protruded obscenely in some of her tops. Both girls were very active in the school and belonged to the volley ball and gymnastic teams. Given the hot and humid weather in Florida, the girls were always running around the house partially clothed or in their little one-piece bathing suits.

As usual Ann was away out of town on business for a few days leaving me to fend for the girls and myself. Not a problem, we were used to it, as Ann seemed to be always travelling these days. It was the school holidays so as the girls dragged themselves out of bed that momentous day, I asked them what they want to do today. “Shopping!!!” came the response in stereo. “We need new swimming suits, daddy, our old ones are starting to wear out and are too small.” Sam informed me. I was going to mention the same thing to both of them the last time I saw them in the pool. Sam’s little breasts were starting to fall out the sides and the crotch was so far up her pussy you needed a map to find it. As for little Beth’s, hers had become so sheer you could see the areola of her developing breasts. “OK, get dressed and we can go to the mall,” I replied. “Woo hoo!” came the shouts of joy as both of my daughters leaned in and kissed either side of my cheek. “We luv ya, daddy,” they squealed. “Yeah, yeah hurry up and get ready,” I replied, having heard it all before. We arrived at the mall and we agreed to go our separate ways making plans to meet up in the food court in an hour’s time. I had wanted to pick up a new digital video camera for weeks so I took the opportunity and head to the electronics outlet in the mall. An hour later I returned to the food court, of course no sign of the girls. I sat down and took out my new camera and started playing with it. Being a male there was no reading the manual it was turn it on and start playing. I was taking a few shots of people in the food court, trying out the zoom on a few young teenagers. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity behind me as the girls ran into the court. “Sorry we’re late, dad but we are not finished shopping yet. We still need to get our new bathing suits.” Sam informed me breathlessly. “What have you got there?” I asked pointing at the shopping bags. “A few other essentials we girls need.

Dad can you come with us and help us pick? We want your opinion,” Beth asked with a huge smile on her face. “Why do you want the opinion of an old man?” I asked in response. “You’re not old, all the girls at school think you are a hunk,” Beth said nonchalantly. With my pride brimming I accompanied my daughters to the store. I sat and waited patiently as they browsed the racks and picked out a few items. They scampered off to the changing rooms as I waited on the seats outside. “Ready, dad?” screamed Sam. “Yes” I replied. Out came my daughter in a bikini that floored me. It left very little to the imagination and I told her so, “Umm, it’s a little small. isn’t it? You can see just about everything you own”. “Great, that is what I wanted.” She replied happy with her selection and my response she did a U-turn back into the dressing room. Next came my youngest daughter and like her sister her bikini was just as revealing. I just shook my head in disbelief and resigned myself to the fact they were growing up fast. “OK, you’re both growing up, you choose what you want to be seen in,” I responded holding up both hands in defeat. “Oh dad, it’s just for us at home, not to go out in public,” Beth informed me trying to reassure me but it was way too late. “OK, let’s go pay for them” I replied as I headed to the cash register. That night I cooked dinner for the three of us, a nice lasagne. I opened a nice bottle of red wine and poured myself a glass. “Daddy, can we have a glass of wine with dinner?” Asked Sam. “No way, you’re too young,” I told her in my serious fatherly voice. “But today you said we were growing up and could make up our own minds,” she argued. “OK, get a glass but not too much, your mum will kill me if you get drunk” I gave in too tired to argue the point. They raced out of the dining room and returned with a wine glass each and proceeded to pour themselves a glass. “Dad, can we get dressed up for dinner? Let’s make it a special night?” asked Sam. “OK, that sounds great.

Upstairs and get dressed and back here in five minutes,” I said happy to oblige their request as something to brighten up a dull meal. I got dressed in some trousers and shirt, casual but nice. I return backed down stairs and assumed my place at the head of the table, looking back up the stairs. I heard some muffled talking at the top of the stairs and then footsteps. The girls were arguing about who was to go first. In the end Beth lost and came down first, my jaw almost hit the table. She was dolled up in black shoes with little heels, white thigh high stockings and a black mini skirt that left little to the imagination. Her top was a white camisole with spaghetti straps. Following behind her was Sam, she had high heels with a thinner heel, a sheer pair of white stocking and garter belt, a red mini dress and black top with a plunging neck line. “Where the hell did you get those clothes from?” I asked in disbelief. “Mum took us shopping last week.” Sam replied. “She let you get that?” I asked. “Yes, she helped pick it out. Dad we’re not five any more,” protested Beth. “OK, sit down and let’s eat, by the way you both look stunning” I said as I admired how stunning they looked. “Thanks, daddy” they replied in unison. I gulped down the remains of my wine and reached for the bottle. The girls sipped on their glass and when finished went back for seconds. “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked. “One more won’t kill us dad, come on, please” pleaded Beth. “OK, do what you want but be careful,” I had given up. Sam then reached over for the bottle and as she did her top fell open giving me a clear view of her whole left breast including her puffy nipple. I just stared at her breast in awe before coming to my senses. “For fuck sake! She’s your daughter!” I said to myself and looked away. Sam looked down and saw the revealed breast and my embarrassment. “Sorry dad, I almost fell out, I guess my tits aren’t big enough for this dress yet.” “Don’t worry, Sam, it’s OK.” I gulped another mouthful of wine, “and by the way your tits are fine” I immediately realised the enormity of what I had just said.

Sam just smiled and returned to her seat. Beth, not to be out done, turned to me and asked. “What about me dad?” “What about you, Beth?” I replied unsure what she meant. “Are my tits fine as well in this top?” She asked, looking down at her own chest. “Beth, behave yourself, I think the wine is affecting you” I replied dodging the question. “No, I just want to know. You told Sam her tits were fine, so I want to know” she demanded a reply. “Well, I shouldn’t have said so, let’s drop it and finish dinner.” I argued the point. By this stage my daughters had become sexual beings in my mind and my own body was starting to react as my cock grew hard in my pants. “Oh dad, please I want to know.” Beth pleaded with me for an answer. I remained defiantly silent so she pulled the straps of her top down her arm to reveal a beautiful left breast of her own, so soft and firm you could suck on it for days, “Beth, what the hell, pull it up now.” I yelled more from embarrassment than anger. She did as I asked and we returned to our meals. At the end of the meal I got out my new camera and again played with it. I pointed it at Beth and Sam and videoed them talking at the end of the table, they both looked and smiled at the camera. “Dad, can you tape us putting on a show?” Sam asked. “What type of show?” I asked “I don’t know how about a beauty pageant? We can model the clothes we got today and do a talent segment,” she replied. “OK, that will help me test this baby out. Let’s go into the lounge room, there is plenty of space. The dining room can be your preparation area, OK?” I laid out a plan to my daughters as my mind raced through the possibilities of seeing their breasts once more but this time I could tape it and enjoy it again later. “Great, thanks daddy,” they called in unison as they ran up the stairs. I set up the camera in the lounge and called out to the girls to hurry up. Sam poked her head around the corner and said they were ready. “The first stage will be a fashion parade.” With that Sam started the music which was some new hit song, too suggestive for my liking but the kids loved it. First out was Beth dressed the same way as before but this time with a little make up. She paraded up and down the lounge did a few twirls and left the room to be replaced by Sam, again Sam followed the same routine.

The girls then came out for a review of stage one and modelled together. They then started to strike some suggestive poses on the stage. Beth leaned forward and I zoomed straight down her top and I could see her breasts just like her sister earlier. Stage one was over, next came the swim suit competition. Again Beth came first this time. She was getting bolder in her actions. She bent over in front of the camera and had the bikini pulled into a g-string up her butt. She looked over her shoulder with her finger hanging from her pouting mouth. Sam was next and not to be out done by her sister also had a g-string bikini. This time she collapsed to the floor on her back and thrust her pelvis to the camera in a very provocative manner. She continued to move to the music the same way a stripper would. The lips of her pussy were now clearly visible against the fabric of her bikini. By this time my cock was starting to grow again in my pants. The girls then came out together for what they called the review session and again performed as one, striking pose after pose. In one pose at the end Sam was in front of Beth and Beth reached around and slid her hand under the fabric of Sam bikini top and fondled her sister’s nipple. Sam did not bat an eye lid as her own hands went behind her and grab her sister’s little butt and pulled her in tight against her back. Beth pulled her hand from her sister’s breast and they turned and left the room. A few minutes later Sam called out “Are you ready for the next session, dad?” “Yes, what is it?” I asked. “Underwear,” Sam replied. “What??” I asked my head snapping around to the origin of the voice. As I watched the door, Beth appeared in a matching red satin bra and g-string panties. She slinked across in front of the camera and turned her back. Slowly she reached behind and undid the clasp at the back. I almost fainted. Looking over her shoulder and with a shrug of her shoulders she let her bra fall to the ground. She then winked at me and placed both of her thumbs in her panties and slowly pulled them down over her butt.

Slowly her firm tanned butt started to appear then her little puckered rose petal came into view as she bent over even further. She then suddenly pulled her panties back into place. Thank God she stopped there otherwise I may not have been able to control myself. Beth then turned around slowly and looked straight at the camera revealing her beautiful youthful breasts before covering up and running of our stage. I heard some squabbling with Sam saying “That is not fair,” and Beth saying, “All’s fair in love and war”. Sam then walked out in similar lingerie to Beth but hers was white and had more lace. The lace allowed her nipples to show through her bra. Sam looked straight at me, licked her lips and then she looked down at the bulge in my crotch and smiled. She then proceeded to cross her arms in front of her chest and ran her hands down her arms and then reached for the cups of her beautiful bra. Sam stared straight at me then unclasped her bra at the front. Slowly she revealed her small firm breasts to me and the camera. They were absolutely perfect you could play with them for days. They were just as beautiful as Beth’s, slightly larger and fuller. Letting her bra fall, she placed her hands cupping her breasts, before slowly dragging her fingers over them until she was pinching each of her nipples. This only made her nipples grow bigger and harder. Sam lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked on her index finger slowly, all the while staring straight at the camera. She then returned her now wet finger to her nipples and traced a wet outline around her areola.

By now my conscience was done. I am videotaping porn with my own daughters and I was getting into the action wondering what my two daughters would do next. My cock was so hard it was really straining against the fabric of my trousers. I just wanted to rip them open and let my cock fall out in front of my daughters, but I did not want to risk stopping any of the action taking in place in front of me. Sam turned and walked out of the room, looking over her shoulder at me with a wicked smile on her face. Next came again the review session where Sam and Beth acted together. They walked casually back into the room, both of them now topless and proudly displaying their young firm breasts to me and the camera. Their music started again and they commenced what looked to me like a well-rehearsed routine. They started to slow dance holding each other very tight so that their breasts were pressed together. Their bodies swayed to the music at the same time their panty covered pussies ground together. Sam pulled away slightly from Beth whilst maintaining pussy to pussy contact. They stared into each other’s eyes with pure lust. Sam tilted her head slightly and moved her face closer to Beth. Beth responded in kind by a slight tilt of her head and moved to Sam. They kissed softly on the lips, slow and deliberate. They parted a little before Sam opened her mouth ever so slightly and moved in again. Beth responded by opening her mouth and letting her tongue dart out to meet her sister’s mouth. Their passion started to rise as they are openly French kissed each other in front of their own father. They seemed oblivious to me and the camera now.

Their hands were all over each other caressing each other’s butts and breasts. Sam again broke off the kiss and bent over a little taking Beth’s left nipple into her mouth. Beth threw her head back in rapture with her eyes closed enjoying the hot, wet sensation of her sister’s mouth on her immature nipple. Sam sucked her sister’s nipple into her mouth and slithering around the sensitive nubbin with her tongue. Sam then moved over to the right nipple and repeated the dose. Beth was in absolute heaven. Her breathing was now much faster and deeper and every now and then a moan escaped her lips. Whilst sucking on her sister’s lovely breast Sam’s hand was rubbing Beth’s mound through her panties. Beth pushed her little hips forward increasing her sister’s contact. Sam was rubbing up and down her sister’s slit forcing the material of her panties into her body. Beth’s panties now started to show a definite wet spot as the fondling continued. Sam then slid her fingers under the elastic of Beth’s panties and made direct contact with her sister’s slick slit. Her fingers bulged in her sister panties as she pushed her long finger into her sister. Beth released a deep soulful moan. “Oh fuck, Sam, finger fuck me. I need to cum,” Beth moaned. Not stopping her oral attack on her younger sister’s nipples Sam just moaned a response. Sam then tore at her sisters panties ripping them from her body to reveal a smooth bald pussy covered in its own juices. Beth lowered herself and laid back on the floor with her sister standing over her. She stood staring down at her own sister for almost a minute then ripped off her own panties, turned and lowered herself onto her sister’s face.

Beth lapped at her sister’s bald pussy teasing her clit and finally plunging her tongue deep into Sam’s pussy. Sam threw her head back and yelled. “Oh, fuck, yeah! Eat my cunt, you slut” By this stage I had my own cock out and was pumping it furiously. There I sat with my cock out, trousers around my ankles pumping my eight-inch cock as hard as I could watching my daughters make love to each other. The girls were both kissing and vigorously licking at each other slits. Sam was trying to ram two fingers up her sister’s pussy, whilst Beth was jamming her tongue as far into Sam’s little body as was possible. “Oh fuck, sis, I am going to cum. Oh yeah! Suck my clit harder, oh fuck, oh FUCCCCCCKKKKK!” screamed Sam as she came in Beth mouth. She came so hard she actual squirted cum juices all over her sister’s face. At the same time Beth’s own orgasm continued to build to a crescendo. “Sam, Sam do it harder! I need more fingers in me! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Keep jamming me. I want to feel what it’s like to have dad fucking me! Oh fuccccccckkkkk ,I’m cuuuuummmmming!” she screamed as her orgasm crashed through her body and they both slumped to the floor trying to recover their breath. Hearing her words I was in shock all over again. The thought my youngest daughter wanted me to fuck her both excited and scared me at the same time. I just kept pumping my cock for all it was worth. The girls had finally recovered and were now watching their father masturbate less than 6 feet from them. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum” I groaned. “Cum on us, dad, give us a cum bath,” shouted Beth eagerly. I shuffled over closer to them as they lay back on the floor beneath me side by side wresting on the elbows. I kept pumping up and down my hard shaft now on the verge. “Fuck, dad, cum on our tits and faces,” yelled Sam. That was enough to send me over the edge and I erupted, a torrent of sperm splashed all over their faces and tits.

Both Beth and Sam had their tongues out trying to catch a glob of their own father’s sperm. Finally I finished pumping the last of the sperm from my cock and I looked down to see two cum-soaked smiling faces looking up at me. I slowly collapsed onto the floor next to them resting against the sofa. Both girls scooted over and sat either side of me cuddling under my arm resting against my side. My hand rested on the side of their young taut little bodies. The way they felt naked next to me sent a shiver though me once more. “Where the hell did you girls learn that?” I asked. “Come on, dad, you can get anything off the net these days,” replied Sam. “Yeah, we surfed a little and found some sites that explained everything we needed to know with some very good visual guides,” interrupted Beth, as she laughed. We sat there for over an hour casually talking about what they had seen and what they had just done. I mentioned to them it had to be our secret. They assured me it was our secret. As we talked I reached around and started to play with their nipples, more sub-consciously than a deliberate act. As I did they gently played with my cock bringing it back to life. As Sam and I talked, Beth as if it was the most natural thing to do, lent over and took the head of my cock in her mouth, licking it and swirling her tongue around it. She then gave way, allowing Sam to follow her sister licking up and down the shaft. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, she stopped to look up at me, making sure I had seen her and then forced my cock as far down her throat as she could get it. With her little hand she pumped my cock as she sucked and licked around the head. Each of my preteen daughters took turns sucking their father’s excited cock until I am about to burst. “Oh God, girls keep this up and daddy’s gonna cum,” I warned them breathlessly. This seemed to excite them even more as they quickly agreed between the two of them I would cum in Sam’s mouth so she commenced finishing me off with renewed vigour. With her hand pumping up and down my shaft and her little mouth and tongue working in unison I was in heaven. Beth without anything to do stood up and placed a foot either side of me and leaned forward giving me full access to her pussy.

I reached up with both hands grabbing her pert little butt cheeks and pulled her closer to me. I licked my way all around her bald pussy and dipping my tongue into her wet hole every now and again. Beth was leaning so close now her knees were resting on the sofa and had virtually mounted my face as I ravaged her preteen cunt. Beth ground her immature pussy onto my face ensuring maximum penetration of my tongue into her young snatch. My actions were having the desired effect with Beth groaning louder and louder as her orgasm grew closer until she finally screamed at the top of her lungs. “Oh fuck, daddy! Oh fuck, oh, oh, oh, here I cummmmm! Oh for fuck’s sake. Oh my God!” Her whole body stiffened as if hit by lightning before slumping onto the sofa in a heaving mess of post-orgasmic bliss. Meanwhile Sam was still pumping my cock hard as her mouth created a perfect vacuum over my cock head. Finally my body gave in and I erupted into the back of my daughter’s throat coating it with the sperm that made her many years before. She pumped the remaining sperm from my body lapping it up with joy. She looked up at me opening her mouth to show me my sperm and then reached over to her sister and started to French kiss her swapping my sperm in their mouths.

Chapter 2 – The next day.

The next morning I awoke still sitting on the floor in the lounge the same way I fallen asleep the previous night, naked. My sexy daughters at this stage where nowhere to be seen as the memory of the previous night’s debauchery flooded back. I was horrified at the memories with my immediate thought “Shit! They were drunk and I took advantage of them and now they are hiding in shame from me.” I quickly got up and tidied the lounge before searching the house looking for my daughters. No sooner had I started than I heard some activity from the kitchen. I cautiously made my way there towards the source of the noise. I peered through the door and saw my 2 lovely daughters making breakfast. They both looked showered and refreshed wearing their aprons I had brought them last Christmas. Then I noticed something else, they are still naked underneath. Simultaneously I started to relax and tense up at the same time. Relax in the sense of my guilt and tense up being my sexual anticipation. I entered the kitchen as if nothing was different greeting my lovelies. “Morning, girls!” “Morning daddy” they replied in unison running to give me a hug and a kiss.

First Sam hugged me around my waist as she did she looked up and kissed me on the lips. She was quickly replaced by Beth who did the same but at the end of her kiss she snaked her little wet tongue into my mouth. “Go and clean up, daddy, and come down for breakfast” ordered Sam as she turned to continue her breakfast preparations. I did as I was told and retreated to my bathroom where I proceed to shower replaying the previous night’s events over and over again in my mind. After my shower I put on some shorts and tee shirt and returned down stairs. Beth looked at me shaking her head in disapproval and tisked. “That will not do.” She walked slowly over to me looking me up and down before she reached out, took my shirt and pulled it over my head throwing it on the floor. Then she pulled my shorts down, releasing my stiffening cock right in her face. “That’s better, I think I remember this guy from last night, he looks ready for action, doesn’t he?” she said as she kissed the head of my cock. With that she pushed me into one of the kitchen chairs and placed a leg either side ready to mount me. “Hang on, are your sure about this?” I asked. “Oh God, daddy, I need a fuck. I want to feel that big old hard cock of yours inside me now.” She replied with a serious look on her face. “What about your cherry? Don’t you want to save it for someone special?” I asked. “I have,” was her response. With that she whipped off her apron grabbing my cock in her right hand aiming it at her virgin pussy. Slowly she started to impale herself on me. She grunted a little as her pussy lips were slowly pried apart by the head of my cock. She took it slow as her sister came over to assist, supporting Beth’s weight with both arms wrapped around her. Beth lifted up and then lowered herself back down again, another inch entered her tiny body. She repeated the action once more but the head of my cock was now up against her maiden head. “Oh fuck, daddy it hurts. You are sooo big!” She groaned out in pain. “Take it easy and relax,” whispered Sam in her ear. She reached around and started to palm her sister’s breasts and nipples.

She then reached down and played with her hard little clit, this seemed to relax her sister. Beth rose up once more before forcing herself down hard. Sensing the moment, I thrust my hips upwards, hard, allowing my cock to push through her hymen. Tears began streaming down my daughter’s face, the pain of losing her virginity too much for her to cope with. Sam tried to comfort her “Just relax, sis, stay still and let your pussy get used to daddy’s cock.” Sam was looking down between us, in awe seeing her sister stretched wide by her father’s cock. After a minute or so Beth looked down at me and said “OK, daddy, I feel fine now. I think it’s time for you to fuck your daughter and make her a woman.” As if in a trance I dumbly nodded and started to pump my cock in and out of my daughter’s tight cunt as she raised and lowered herself meeting my thrusts. I slowly reached around her slender body and gripped Beth’s butt cheeks and picked her up. With my cock buried deep inside her tiny body I stood up, her legs wrapped around me. She continued to thrust up and down on her own father’s cock. I turned around and placed her on her back on the kitchen table, all the while she remained impaled on my cock. Her legs now raised with her ankles around her ears, I was pumping in and out of her once more like a piston in an engine. Sam came closer and lowered her face to her sister as they consummated their relationship with a deep and passionate kiss. Reaching between them I massaged Beth’s small firm breasts and then turned my hand to meet the equally firm breasts of Sam. Sam, wanting to be part of the action, gingerly climbed onto the table and squatted down on Bath’s face giving her access to her bald plump pussy. With her arms wrapped around my neck to balance herself, she now leaned in and passionately kissed me. Her kisses were warm and wet as her tongue plunged into my mouth searching for and finding a companion. We kissed as her sister ate out her pussy and I fondled her preteen breasts at the same time I fucked her younger sister. Sam was the first to cum as her sister focused all her attention licking her sister’s clit, which was so hard and extended it made for an obvious target. “Oh Daddy, this feels so good.” Sam gasped out loud breaking off our kiss. Her fingers were tangled in my hair, pulling my face against her little breast. “Oh fuck, I think I’m cumming, Daddy, hold me, please. Oh! Oh! Oh fuck, shit, Beth eat my cunt, you bitch.” “That it. baby, cum for daddy, piss cum all over your sister’s face, let it go baby.” I encouraged my daughter’s depravity. “Oh! OH fuck, it feels so good, daddy, oh so fuckin good!” she rasped as she collapsed almost falling from the table, only to slide into a chair next to her sister, who herself was on the verge of her own orgasm and I was not far behind. “Oh Gawd, daddy! You’re so deep in my pussy!” Beth yelled, as I thrust my cock deeper into her preteen cunt.

She felt so wet and warm around my cock, I was in heaven. I felt my balls tightening and knew I was about to cum. “Oh baby! Daddy’s going to cum!” I yelled. I lifted her whole body up towards me and kissed her, plunging my tongue into her waiting and eager mouth, driving my hips up to slam into her tight pussy. “Cum in me, daddy! I want your cum inside me, daddy!” Beth screamed. She felt the first blast of my cum blast into her womb, sending her over the edge. Beth came hard on my cock, her pussy juices flooding my cock and balls. As we came I held myself deep inside her slender body until we both collapsed in each other’s arms panting with cum oozing from Beth’s pussy. “Oh God, I love you, daddy” she panted kissing me. “I love you too, baby” I responded kissing her back. After we recovered, Sam and Beth finished preparing breakfast and we all sat down to a nice hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs with coffee and juice. I went to clear the dishes and Sam put her hand up to stop me. “Let me do this, daddy, we want to pamper you this weekend. Beth go and clean up and get dressed, I’ll take care of this” “Thanks, sis” with that Beth leaned in and kissed me on the lips, “Thanks, daddy, that was great. I hope we can do it again real soon” and hurried off for a shower. I looked over and Sam was at the sink washing the dishes, still with just the apron on. I walked over to the sink and started to help her by drying the dishes. I turned and walked behind her to put away a dish and looked down at her firm butt. It looked delicious so I moved closer and wrapped my left hand around the front of her waist and pull her tight as I did my cock settled in the crease of her pert little butt cheeks. I nibbled at her long sensual neck causing my little girl to throw her head to the side and grind her firm butt back onto my hardening cock. Encouraged by her reaction my other hand reached inside her apron and taking her right breast in my hand I palmed her hardening nipple. “Fuck me, Daddy. Do it, do me from behind” whispered Sam. “OK, Darling, but I need to get you wet first.” I said. “Is this wet enough?” she asked as she took my hand and placed it on her pussy. She was soaking wet. I plunged my index finger into her bald pussy and gradually pushing deeper, in and out, in and out. Deeper and deeper into my preteen daughter cunt. I then felt her hymen, my daughter was still a virgin. I pulled my finger out and offered it to her to suck, which she did with great enthusiasm. “Are you sure, dear, that you want me to take your cherry?” I asked. “Oh fuck, yes, daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard. I want it to hurt” she pleaded. I took my cock in my hand and bent her over the sink and aimed it at her glistening cunt. I moved forward placing the head at her entrance rubbing it up and down mixing my pre-cum with my daughter’s juices. I slowly applied some forward pressure and I began to enter my daughter’s virgin pussy. “OH FUCK!” Sam exclaimed. I pulled back and pushed forward once more as another inch eased into her greased hole until I reached her hymen. I put my hand on Sam shoulder and asked, “Are you sure, baby?” “Please, daddy, just do it. Fuck me, fuck me hard” she replied looking back over her shoulder at me. I pulled back and holding her hard by each shoulder and thrust my hips forward as my cock tore through her hymen shredding beyond repair. Sam shrieked in pain as the stinging sensation of losing her virginity swept through her body. “Easy, baby, take deep breaths” I assured her.

Through the sobs she agreed with me, “Oh God, I feel so full daddy, your cock feels huge inside my little pussy, can you wait till I catch my breath?” “No worries, honey, take your time, we have all day” I said as I reached around and played with her clit. As my finger touched her clit Sam straightened her back and forcing my cock just that little bit further into her virgin womb. “Do it now, daddy, fuck me with your big old cock. I want to feel my cunt full of your baby-making sperm” she demanded. With her wanton demands I lost my mind and went hell for leather pounding her from the rear. My balls were slapping her butt checks as I bottomed out in her cunt time and time again. “Oh fuck, yeah daddy, make me cum. Oh God, daddy, fuck your daughter and make me pregnant, daddy. Shoot that baby-making cum up my cunt. Oh fuck! Oh, God! Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss” she screamed as she came hard her back arching up at the same time I coated her fertile womb with my baby-making sperm. We stayed joined like that for over five minutes as we both soaked in the sensation of love making for the first time. Finally I pulled my cock from her cum-soaked pussy as Sam turned around and kissed me deeply. After cleaning up we headed out to the movies. As we sat in the back row, luckily we had the theatre to ourselves. My daughters and I were like young lovers making out in the back row. The three of us kissed and fondled each other missing most of the movie. None of the staff seemed to care. Both girls were wearing short skirts giving me free access to their shaved little cunts. It was made even easier having removed their panties at the start of the movie. With a daughter either side I finger fucked them to multiple orgasms during the movie. By the end my hand was cramping and was soaked with their juices. As I fingered their tight wet holes the girls had my cock in hand pumping it up and down. As I warned them I was about to cum Beth took her turn and tasted my sperm from my cock for the first time. Excited we decided to head home and have another round of sex before their mother, and my wife, arrived home. The car screeched to a stop as the girls jumped from the car running inside. I followed close behind following the trail of clothes on the floor. It was not long before I had my cock buried deep inside Sam pounding her hard as she wailed encouragement. “Oh fuck, daddy, fuck me hard. Fuck me real hard, daddy.” With her slender legs spread wide and her pussy stretched to its limits, my cock thrust deep in and out over and over until my little girl was shaking uncontrollably.

Her orgasm tore through every fibre of her young body as she stopped breathing for almost a minute. Wave after wave swept over her until finally she was released and her body slumped back on the mattress heaving for breath. Lying beside her sister was Beth, her legs spread wide waiting for her father to fuck her. Who was I to disappoint my daughter as I quickly moved from between Sam’s legs to those of Beth. I aimed my hard cock, wet with my daughter’s sexual juices, and thrust it deep inside Beth’s waiting cunt. She felt so tight and warm as her little legs tried to wrap themselves around me. Beth looked up at me and smiled. “Do me slow, daddy. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel every inch as you cum in me.” I did as she asked, slowly sliding in and out of her body as we gazed into each other’s eyes. Every now and again we kissed as we made love. We made love like this for almost 30 minutes as Sam lay next to us watching us, excitedly fingering her own wet pussy. Sam came over and over as she watched her father and sister make love. Finally our orgasms built to their peaks and I flooded my daughter’s womb with my incestuous seed sending her to an earth crashing orgasm. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her whole body shook. Finally we were both spent as we lay together kissing each other. After recovering, we all took a quick shower to clean up and changed the bedding removing any evidence of our love making and waited the return of Ann my wife.

Chapter 3 – Mom Comes Home

Later that day Ann returned from her trip with hugs and kisses all around upon her return. As a home coming we decided to have a family movie night after first having a swim and BBQ out back on the patio. After going to the store to pick up some supplies, I returned home to find my wife and daughters already swimming in the pool and half a bottle of wine consumed. I quickly changed into my shorts and ran back down stairs to join them in the pool. As I burst out the back door I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw they had all lost their tops and firm pert little breasts were everywhere. “What’s going on here?” I asked smiling. “Don’t be a prude, honey, the girls asked if they could get an all over tan and I said yes, no one can see us here anyway,” Ann replied. I gave a shrug before I dove into the pool and surfaced at the other end next to my wife. The girls were at the far end of the pool looking back at us. Ann was a little drunk and as I found out later all three had been drinking and the half empty bottle was in fact their second for the day. Ann turned to face me and jumped into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist. “God, I missed you,” she said as she ground her cunt into my hardening cock. She then leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. At first it was a soft lingering peck on the lips. Next was a little more passionate, until finally she opened her mouth and snaked her tongue into my mouth. I broke the kiss and said, “Baby, our daughters are here.” “I know, John, but I need this now, they’re old enough to understand,” she said. “Yeah, dad,” said Sam, now a few feet from us. With that Ann pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard again, and with more passion. We were kissing hard as our hands caressed each other lovingly until I felt a hand on my shoulder. Still kissing their mother, I saw it was Sam on one side and on the other was Beth. We were gathered at the deep end of the pool in a family group hug. Ann still kissing me with renewed enthusiasm.

Suddenly she broke off our kiss and looked at all three of us and said. “Oh god I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I really missed all of you whilst I was away. Oh fuck, it’s great to be home” I had never heard Ann curse like this in front of the kids ever before but today she was letting it all go. Again we all embraced as Ann french kissed me right in front of our girls. Ann’s hands were everywhere exploring my body including grabbing my hard cock and squeezing it. The girls saw their mother’s wanton desire, and her hands, and giggled excitedly. Wading around us, Sam was now hanging off Ann’s back, with her arms around her mother’s neck. She looked at me and winked as she slowly reached down with her hand taking her mother’s breast in her hand and began to fondle her nipples between her fingers and thumb. Beth now hanging on my back, licked my ear as her hand reached out to her mother’s other breast and squeezed it gently. Ann broke off our kiss letting out a huge groan full of lust looking down to see her daughters’ hands massaging her breasts and pinching her erect nipples.

She looked at me wantonly and I just smiled and raised my eyebrows at her. Sam was now kissing her mother’s neck whilst she played with her nipple. Ann gave into her lust and closed her eyes enjoying her daughters’ sexual attention. She needed it and she wanted more. She slowly opened her eyes and leaned in to our daughter Beth. and kissed her on the lips, not a motherly kiss but a soft prolonged kiss. She then reached around to grab hold of Sam pulling her around to face her and did the same. After a lingering soft kiss she then plunged her tongue into our daughter’s mouth. All pretence of normality was now forgotten as Ann openly fondled our daughter’s breasts and her sister in front of me. The passion between them continued to grow as Sam reached for her mom’s pussy and rubbed it through the outside of her bikini bottoms. Ann returned the favour before plunging her hand down her daughter’s bikini bottom. Beth and I look at each other and decided to join the action as she replaced her mom around my waist and I reached down taking her right nipple in my mouth as I licked and sucked on it.

Beth began moaning and threw her head back in appreciation of her father’s love. Her crotch grinding against my hard cock as we made out like lovelorn teens. I carefully reached down under her little bubble butt with both hands and lifted Beth out of the pool sitting her on the edge of the pool. She understood what I wanted without the need for words. She lifted her butt a little allowing me to pull her bikini bottoms down her legs and throw them into the pool behind me. Beth now lay down on her back with her long slender legs dangling in the pool one either side of me. I looked down at my daughter and smiled, she returned the smile as I leaned closer and kissed her recently violated pussy. I looked back over my shoulder and on the steps of the pool was Ann, naked, now lying back with Sam nuzzling into her crotch. Sam’s tongue was lapping at her mom’s pussy as her thumb played with her extended clit. Ann held Sam by the back of her head pulling her closer and closer to her pussy ensuring maximum contact. All of a sudden as if hit by a bolt of lightning Ann’s whole body trembled as an orgasm crashed through her body. “OH! OH! OH, fuck! Sam lick mommy’s cunt. You slut, fucking lick it, here I cum just for you, baby.” Ann panted her hands pushing hard at the back of our daughter’s head. “OH! OH! OH! FUUUCCCCKKK!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. Thank God we lived in the country and have no neighbours within hearing distance, they would have thought there was a murder occurring.

Ann next grabbed Sam under the arms and lifted her face so she could share her own juices with our daughter. They kissed with their tongues extended as far they could, lewdly playing with each other. Ann continued to pull Sam upwards so that Sam’s pussy was level with Ann’s face and she began to attack our daughter’s pussy. Meanwhile I returned to my own task and was licking the sweet lips of our younger daughter’s cunt. “Yes, daddy, lick me there. Fuck I love it when you plunge into me.” Beth instructed. I did as she asked and plunged my tongue into her teenage juicy pussy. I then softly massaged her clit with the tip of my tongue, which really got her going as her hips gyrated and thrust hard into my face to increase the pressure on her love organ. I then applied a little more pressure to her clit sending her over the edge once more. “Oh God, daddy, that is great. Fuck, oh shit, here I cum again. Oh fuck. lick it, daddy, lick me harder pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee!” she trailed off into her orgasm. Beth on this occasion actually ejaculated pussy juice during her cum all over my face which I greedily lapped up.

On the other side of the pool Sam had cum and her mom and her were lying arm in arm fingering each other’s pussy lovingly whilst kissing in the most obscene way. I swam over to join them, Sam reached back and grabbed my cock and pulled it up to her and her mom’s face. They took turns sucking my cock into their hungry mouths. Sam then took over the sucking whilst Ann started to pump my cock into our daughter’s mouth. I looked down at my naked daughter and wife. It was all too much for me. “Oooooh God, Sam, that’s it. Oh yeah. suck daddy’s cock. baby girl!!” I yelled out loud throwing my head back as I felt my balls tighten. “Oh Jesus! Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck, you two! Oh, that’s it!! Oh fuuuuccckkk!” I gasped as I pulled my cock from my daughter’s mouth, and with my hand, pumped my cum all over her and her mother’s face and breasts. They laid back, arm in arm. with their mouths open hoping to catch some of my sperm. Beth seeing what was happening soon joined her mom and sister and proceeded to lick my sperm off their naked bodies and then feed it to them with her tongue. I was spent and sunk back onto the step in the pool as we all recovered our senses. I think there was a little embarrassment as we all realised we had all now crossed a line we could never come back from, not that we wanted to. “We better clean up and get ready for dinner,” I said as my cock started to deflate. We slowly all got out of the pool still a little in shock at what we had all done and went upstairs to get dressed. I jumped in the shower and let the warm water run over my head as I replayed what we had done in my mind. I then felt a hand on my cock, opened my eyes to see Ann standing there. “What the hell have you been up to whilst I was gone?” She asked. “Those girls have turned into sex maniacs.” “I don’t know what happened. One minute we are eating dinner the next they are eating out each other.” I replied. I then told her the whole story of what happened whilst she was away. “I think I have some catching up to do,” she said when I finished the story. “What do you have in mind?” I asked. “Well things have gotten so kinky around here, let’s continue the trend and fuck me in the arse, baby” she replied. “Are you sure, you never wanted to do it before?” I asked. “I have never fucked our daughter before nor helped her suck her father’s cock but I have today, so shut up and do me” she demanded.

She turned around and bent over, leaning into the wall of the shower. I got some liquid soap and greased up my cock and her arse crack and took aim. I made contact and slowly pushed the head of my cock so it opened her wrinkled star fish to me. I pushed a little harder and the head of my cock was for the first time inside my wife’s rectum. “MMmmmmm! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!” She moaned, as her eyes remained closed. “OH! JESUS!” The words of intense sexual surprise and gratification bellowed from my mouth as the warm, moist lining Ann’s virgin arse held my cock tight as I eased myself into and out of her time and time again. “Fuck me harder!” Ann begged as a tear trickled lazily down her cheek. Ramming my hard, throbbing shaft repeatedly as deep into her tight arse as physically possible, I made her cum hard. As she , her muscles contracted, causing me to erupt into her bowels and coated her rectum with my cum. “OH! MY! OH! MY! OH! MY! GOD!” Ann moaned repeatedly. It was all she could say as my softening cock slipped from her arse. I washed my cock and turned Ann around and sucked on her small firm tits. I dropped to my knees and buried my head into her cunt and ate her juices as they flowed down her leg. Ann’s hands were at the back of my head as my tongue played with her clit. With one leg over my shoulder opening herself to me as I licked and sucked on her hard nubbin her hips pulsed back and forth. After a small cum, I again stood and picked Ann up before bringing her back down onto my now hard cock impaling her as we stood as one in the shower. We stood like that for over ten minutes with Ann slowly gyrating her hips back and forth making small thrusts from time to time. We just kissed with a passion that had been missing since I took her virginity in school. In the end we both had the most intense orgasm of the day so far.

Chapter Four – Movie Night

After dinner we all assembled in the lounge room and made ourselves comfortable. We all had a glass of wine and a blanket to snuggle under. Our sofa was huge, so we all managed to squeeze onto it. “So what are we watching girls?” I asked. “Well, it’s a DVD we downloaded off the net. It’s a surprise,” Beth replied. Sam pressed the play button and we all sat back and watched. The quality looked pretty good coming from the net, the title appeared “Daddy Knows Best”. I had a funny feeling straight away. The movie opened with a family sitting around eating breakfast. A narrator comes on and introduces the family. There was the mom, Jan she was 32 with a killer tight body, brunette with A cup breasts. The father was Tom fairly lean and tanned. Two daughters, Mary was also brunette with A cup breasts and her mother’s white porcelain skin, the other was Joan and a son, Brent. As they eat their breakfast they are discussing their coming day, Mary is discussing a project on sex education at school, the rest of the family listen. “What do you have to discuss?” asked Tom the father. “How people have sex” replied Mary.s “Well what do you know so far?” asked Jan, the mother. “Can I show you instead?” she replied. “OK, use your father as a model, I am sure he won’t mind,” replied Jan. “What the hell are you talking about, Jan?” asked Tom. “Just do it Tom, sex should be discussed openly,” replied Jan. “OK, what do you want me to do?” said Tom resigned to his fate. “Come over here and sit on the sofa with me,” said Mary “Now, sex usually starts with kissing between a couple; boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy” The rest of the family sat on the floor in front of the sofa as an audience to the act unfolding in front of them. “How do they kiss?” asked Jan. “Like this,” said Mary, with that she turned to her dad and gave him a kiss on the lips, it was soft and lingering. “What else? Keep going, just ignore us. Show us what you know so far, Mary, that way we can make sure you are right and get a good mark,” encouraged her mother. Mary again turned and kissed her dad, this time it lingered until she opened her mouth slightly and slipped her tongue into her dad’s surprised mouth. Sensation and reaction was instantaneous as the camera zoomed in as father’s cock began to rise.

The kissing on screen got hotter and hotter and then the dad pulled his daughter onto his lap. She was now mounted on her dad’s lap facing him still kissing him and licking his lips. Her hips were now slowly pushing down as she ground her pussy onto his engorged cock. Her father then reached the front of his daughter’s white blouse and in one quick motion ripped it from her body. Buttons went flying in every direction as he peeled it off her back revealing her in a white lacy training bra. This time he took his hands and massaged her small firm breasts through her bra. The daughter was in another world, slowly he slipped the material of the bra cup off her left breast to reveal her cone-shaped breast and he leaned forward and took her puffy pink nipple in his mouth. The camera now peeled back to reveal the audience reaction. There was the mom with her hand up her skirt fucking the life out her cunt with her fingers, as her panties lay at her feet. The son had his shorts around his ankles tugging on his small cock whilst his younger sister just sat staring at her family. Back in our own lounge all four of us had followed their example and were all masturbating watching the action in front of us on the tv. The father meanwhile had managed to free his cock from his pants and his daughter was giving him a great looking blow job. The mother was being eaten out by her son and the youngest daughter was standing beside her mom lying on the floor, the mom was reaching out to her daughter telling her to get naked. The daughter complied and went and sat on her mother’s face as instructed. The mum was now giving her youngest daughter a cunt eating from hell, with her tongue right up her daughter’s pussy. The youngest daughter started to get into it as her little hips thrust her pussy along her mum’s tongue. I now felt a hand on my cock and looked down and it was Sam’s, she had stood up and removed her clothes and was about to mount me. “You better ask your mom first,” I said. “Do you mind, mommy? I really need to feel daddy’s cock in my cunt before I burst” she said. “OK, but leave me some,” Ann replied. Sam then stood up on the sofa and lowered her recently deflowered cunt down onto her father’s raging hard cock. “What if I get them pregnant, Ann, shouldn’t I get a condom?” I asked “Just fuck her John, cum in that baby womb of hers,” Ann replied, now with her finger up Beth’s butt. Beth turned and leaned over the arm of the sofa, her mom was behind her with two fingers up her butt with more on the way.

Sam was thrusting up and down on my cock. God, it felt tight inside her body but really smooth and warm. “Suck my tits, daddy” she demanded as her hands pulled me to her young developing breasts. I did not have to be told twice. I reached out and grabbed both my daughter’s young breasts and moved my head to them sucking on each nipple for ten seconds then changing to the other. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Sam repeated over and over, out loud, “Oh fuck, I love you so much, daddy” Her thrusts were becoming almost frantic as if she could not quite get enough of my eight inches into her pussy. “Fuck! Oh fuck! I need it harder, dad, PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!” She pleaded. With that I picked her up and flipped my daughter on her back on the floor and started to pound into her. That did the trick. She came so hard she passed out on the floor. She made a lovely sight, legs splayed out wide showing her pussy leaking her daddy’s baby-making cum. Beth and Ann were still at it on the end of the sofa, so I went to Beth and she slipped my now soft wet cock in her mouth and licked the combined juices of her sister and her father’s cum into her mouth. She continued to suck me and pump my with her hand until she got me hard, she then asked. “Daddy, can you fuck my arse?” I moved behind her and Ann made way. Ann took my cock and placed it in her mouth and made sure it was wet and greasy. She then turned to Beth and stuck her tongue in Beth’s rosebud and lubricated our daughter using her own saliva. She then took my cock and placed it at the entrance of our daughter’s butthole and told me to fuck her arse real good. I did as I was told and slid my rock hard cock into our daughter’s bowels for the first time. “Daddy, can we do it rough?” “What do you mean?” I asked “Treat me like a slut, please, daddy, and do it hard,” she replied. I looked at Ann who just smiled and nodded her approval. “OK, you fucking slut, I am going to fuck your arse until it bleeds!” I screamed. “OH! Fuck! Yeah, daddy! Do me hard, you fucker!” She screamed. I started to pump in and out of her shitter, screaming obscenities at her. I grabbed a chunk of her hair and pull her back to me. She screamed in pain. The tightness of her hole and seeing my daughter act like a real slut sent me over the edge real quick.

All of a sudden I erupted into her. Beth responded as she screamed into another orgasm. After cumming I collapsed over the top of her on the arm of the sofa still joined at the hips. After recovering, we returned to the movie. Beth and I remained joined as she sat on my lap with her legs outside mine giving everyone and obscene view of her pussy and my cock is buried still in her butt. Sam and Ann were next to us with Sam sitting between Ann’s legs with Ann playing with her daughter’s nipples. Back on screen, the son is fucking his sister in the arse, while the mom tongues his arse. The older daughter and dad are also fucking on the sofa doing it doggy style. “Is this how you do it, mummy and daddy?” She asks. “It sure is, you little slut,” they reply. Family nights were never the same after that.


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