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Date with my niece 5

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Getting my wife Amy into bed with her sister in law, Cindy was going to be a challenge, but it was now or never

We set up two hidden cameras in Cindy’s house.
One in the living room and one in the bedroom. Then arranged it so I would take all 6 kids to the water park. Cindy invited Amy over for a mom date while all the rest of us were out. Amy didn’t understand at that point what the word “date” fully entailed.
We got to Sunsplash and everyone put their things in lockers. I looked at all 6 kids, my 3 and my nephew Johnny and my niece Grace, 10, and of course my now lover/niece Shelly 12 going on 30.
Grace had a beautiful round firm ass and no boobs whatsoever. She was the object of many jerk off sessions. My own daughters mirrored her. I was admiring all 4 girls when my youngest said, hurry up dad. I broke away from staring at her and we hurried off to water slides and lazy rivers.
Meanwhile at home, the ladies were drinking and gabbing. Let’s watch a movie Cindy said. Of course, it wasn’t random. My sexy genius, Shelly had set everything up. She had ordered mom to buy a lesbian video at the adult bookstore. Then they had her watch it several times that morning to get her wet for pussy. They stopped it just as two women were in a 69 on a bed. One of the women, as planned, looked a lot like Cindy.
She clicked on the tv and dvd player. As the screen lit up, so did Amy’s eyes. They heard moaning from both women as they enjoyed each other’s wet pussy.
Oh, sorry, Cindy said as she paused the video. I forgot i had that on.
That’s yours?
Yeah, well it’s not the kids. I was watching it before you came over. Don’t get a lot of alone time around here you know.
Yeah, I didn’t realize you liked girls, Amy muttered. I like men and girls, Cindy replied.
Turn it back on, Amy requested.
I thought you didn’t like this kind of movie.
I don’t normally watch sex in movies, but it’s a mom date, right? No kids. Gotta take advantage.
Cindy clicked it back on. They continued eating each other, then moved to a scissors position and started rubbing their shaved pussies together.
Fuck that looks so hot, Amy said nit realizing she said it aloud. She looked over at her sister in law and was surprised to see her tits out and her fingers buried in her pussy. Now THAT’S hot, Amy said.
Oh fuck, Amy. Without your brother around, I’ve been so horny. I need some pussy.

As we watched the video later, it was wonton lust from my wife. She was kissing, fondling, licking, and fucking her sister in law for two hours. We had what we wanted. If she didn’t play nice, we would send the video to all her church friends and show what a dyke she really is.

When we got home from the water park, the first thing we did was check the video. Then we had a family meeting. We layed out the rules. Basically, there are no rules any more. Do what you want with whomever you want as long as they want it too. My wife protested, but quickly gave in. My son said, I can fuck my sisters?
If they want to, I answered.
Next, I’m sorry honey, but I’m in love with Shelly. She is going to be sleeping in my bed as my wife. You’re welcome to stay at home, but in the spare room.
She can sleep with me, Johnny volunteered.
Or with me said my son
She looked at Cindy.
I think for now, she will be sleeping with me.
Okay, so Shelly is moving in with me. Mom is moving to Cindy’s house. Kids, where do you want to stay?
They all decided to keep their present rooms with the ability to do sleepovers.

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  • Reply Kinky old man nothing like fucking some ID:upy1mp43

    Love it got to have more with him fucking her little sister and his daughter ten yrs is a good age to be fucking want some of that

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren3hri

    Loved it especially falling in love with a 12 year old. I was 24 when I fell in love with Becky. Young females are the best.
    keep up the good work but watch the spelling lol!

  • Reply DJ ID:iy7o154k09

    Love all 5 parts to this story