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Excited to be 16

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This isnt your usual sex story. As the title suggest im excited to turn 16 and let me tell you why. I got my first buttplug which I couldn’t buy myself because I’m 15m atm so I asked my cousin to buy me one no questions asked and they did. And ever since I’ve been addicted to just having my ass filled up. I’ve become more daring like taking my mother’s panties and wearing them to school with the buttplug inside me. Just the thought of getting caught made me horny. Whats more I’ve gotten comments from other guys that my figure was feminine causing me to get even more excited while doing this. And about a week ago I’ve gotten so fucking horny that I searched up the age requirement to have sex where I live and it’s 16 so I’m just eagerly awaiting to try my first ever cock but before then I’m just stretching my ass out with this buttplug getting it all ready for use 😋. I’ve been thinking of searching for near by gloryholes or maybe using a app or something idk. If you have any suggestions on how to start off or the best way to get my first cock let me know.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply benji ID:87wzdtzj

    also do u listen to DOJA CAT

  • Reply benji ID:87wzdtzj


  • Reply [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Mmm 😋 hmu sexy do you have snap 🫰?

  • Reply Discord: Mossy#2344 ID:1dbqjiq626wj

    Hey~ I’m 17, a vers top (MTF). If you want any guidance, Cloud, lmk

  • Reply Kevin ID:1de7ezrxt7ws

    Me too am 15 am so excited to have a cock in me!!!!

    • C ID:1ec3h8w4132v

      Any socials Kevin?

  • Reply BiPed ID:7zv2yufw43

    Mmm I’d gladly fuck you, the law be damned~

  • Reply matt ID:1e12htj6mfwu

    my biggest dildo is 17 inches and 8 inches around on a suction cup base with balls. i can take ALL of it and love being watched. i like crotchless panties that i turn backward so i feel the lace and silk against my cock and balls and my ass is open for a big cum filled dick or a big dildo or expandable butt plug. i posted a story here 1 month ago—being watched while i play with my toys—you might like it let me know