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How my Dad and Brother abused and raped me and my sister as teens (TRUE STORY)

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Email me at [email protected] to hear more about my dad and brother abusing and raping me and chat with me so we can start our own incest family 😉

Hello. I’m Maria, and I’d like to tell you how my father and my brother abused and raped me and my older sister growing up as teenagers. This has been something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest and share with like-minded perverts.

This all started about 25 years ago, when I was 12 years old. My older sister was 14 and my brother was 17, just about to finish high school. My mom and dad would always argue, and I would hear them constantly fight in their room. My dad was a heavy alcoholic, and he would drink all day long. Sometimes, when he was really angry at my mom, I would hear him lock their bedroom door, and then hear him beat her and hear her cry as he raped her. Although, at that time, I didn’t know that he was raping her. Eventually, my mom had enough and she filed for divorce. She also didn’t want anything to do with us, as she had been dating a fellow co-worker secretly and she married him right after the divorce. Thus, my dad ended up having custody of us, and that’s when the abuse began.

Shortly after the divorce, my dad ended up getting fired from his job for being intoxicated at work, and he began spending his days at home, doing nothing but drinking. He would drink beer after beer, and get really drunk. That’s when I started to notice him looking at us differently, specifically me and my sister. Through his drunken eyes, it no longer seemed as if he saw us as his daughters, but instead, as little rape meats for him to fuck. He began yelling and screaming at us if we did something wrong or wasn’t helping around the house. He especially had a special hatred for my older sister, because she was a “mistake” and she was blind. He despised her the most out of all of us, and he would go hard on her and occasionally beat her and spank her on the ass when she wouldn’t listen to him and when she had trouble during chores around the house because she was blind. He would tell our brother to beat and spank us too if we didn’t listen to him and help out around the house when our dad wasn’t home.

About a week after he lost his job, that’s when the nightly abuses would start. I would wake up in the middle of the night, and find my drunken dad, reeking of alcohol, standing naked around me and my sister’s bed. Sometimes, he would be jerking off his cock, while looking at us sleeping, and sometimes, he would grab our tiny hands and force it on his cock and stroke it. He would put a hand over our mouths if we would try to yell or scream since it was nighttime. He loved abusing my older sister the most, and rubbed his slimy filthy cock all over her face and forced it into her mouth while she was trying to sleep. She was unable to fight back or protest since she was blind and helpless against our father’s strength, and he loved slapping her and choking her and taking his anger out on her.

He raped us both for the first time a couple of days after his first nightly visits to our room, and he locked the bedroom door. I knew what he was trying to do, as I saw him pull down my older sister’s pants and he violently shoved his cock into my sister’s pussy without saying anything. My sister was crying and screaming and he continued raping her and taking her virginity, and I watched helpess, from my bed across the room, as my sister begged and screamed me to help. But, I couldn’t do anything and just watched as my father continued pounding her and put his hand over her mouth and pulled her hair roughly as he eventually came inside of her pussy for the first time. He let out the biggest groan, and collapsed on top of her, eventually passing out drunk while his cock was still inside her pussy, with his cum leaking out of her with her virginity blood. My sister eventually stopped crying, and I don’t know if she had passed out from the pain or not, but she eventually went to sleep. In the morning, I felt my father lay next to me on my bed, and felt his drunken breath all over my neck and skin as he pulled down my pants and started kissing and licking my neck and face. I started crying and tried to get up and move away, but he held me down on the bed and whispered in my ear all sorts of disgusting things that I could not believe. I could not imagine that this was my own dad who was saying this, and I knew that if I was going to get through this quickly, I would have to let him have his way and not put up a fight like my older sister did that night. So, I let him as he spread my legs, and without any warning, started shoving his cock into my pussy. I started screaming loudly, as I had never felt this type of pain in my life before. It felt like I was being split into two, as my dad showed me no remorse as he kept on shoving his cock inch by inch into my tight virgin pussy. Since I was only 12, it hurt like crazy, and I was on the verge of passing out unconsciously. With my dad’s heavy weight over me pinning me down against the bed as he took my virginity and began pounding me mercilessly, I screamed out loudly as he pushed my face down into the pillow so I wouldn’t be as loud. I felt him whisper in my ear “Let daddy have fun, darling” and those word sent shivers down my spine as I soon felt him rutting inside me and I felt some sort of liquid inside my pussy. I couldn’t stop crying as I felt disgusted and violated as he started kissing me again after he came and told me what a good girl I was and how I was his favorite daughter (instead of my blind sister). And from then on, life was never the same at home as my dad, and eventually my own older brother started abusing and molesting me and my sister.


Its been tough ever since, but I’m now 37, going to turn 38. I’m single, as I’ve had trouble communicating and having sex with other men after my dad and brother’s continuous abuse and rape since I was a kid. The last time I had sex with a man was almost 3 years ago, and it ended badly because I started telling him what my father and brother did to me back then. It turns out no man wants a used and abused slut who’s been raped by their own father and brother. My ultimate fantasy and sexual dream is to start my own incest family with another man who loves incest and is just as dirty and perverted as me. Even though my dad and brother abused and raped me back then, I can’t help but feel naughty and horny and crave daddy’s cock after all these years and I wish he and my brother could fuck me again. If you want to chat with me and hear more about my dad and brother abusing and raping me and see pics of me, please email me at [email protected] and perhaps we can start our own incest family ;).

Email: [email protected]

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  • Reply A ID:1rou10v2

    This is a dude folks not a woman. some indian prick

  • Reply ChefD27 ID:5u1d7cdm9i

    I just saw your story it’s amazing if you are serious I’m game I live in New Orleans and have a very successful business and can’t really find like minded people here

    • FUCKYOU ID:72ygbi4qrd

      Probably because he can’t spell right 😂 fuck do they know how to write words without sounding retarded

  • Reply Guy ID:vuf1n0qm

    Mmmm fuck yes, wanting to be there and join dad and brother as they grab you and having there way with you and seeing you sucking and fucking them so passionately and cumin as you beg for them to keep fucking you email me [email protected]

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5u0x8yyb0a

    Amazing story

  • Reply Erin Payne ID:qg212g8l

    Being the youngest of thirteen children and the youngest with only two sisters, I was never abused or raped. After catching my older sister sneaking into Dad’s bedroom of night two years after losing our mother, I hid in Dad’s room to see what was going on, though I was young 11, I knew they were fucking, my Dad liked having a light shinning dimly for my older sister was quite beautiful. Many times I hided of his closet watching through the crack, my Dad loved looking at her while eating her pussy and she seemed to enjoy it as much as Dad, he always ate her pussy before fucking. I had to ask my sister 3 years older than I, what was a man doing when he put his head between my big sisters legs, so I had to tell her why I was asking and that night we both hid in the closet. As she and I slept of the same bed, she explained about incest fucking and that other people didn’t do the things my big sister and Dad did. I was never to tell on Dad, we could be taken away and never be with our family ever again. We hid of Dad’s closet many times, our older sister Beth, love to sucking his cock after Dad fucked her and came in her pussy, my Judy and I would talk it over as we laid to bed, we decided we wanted to incest fuck with our brothers, having 10 brothers we had 10 cocks to chose from. Judy explained to me, if you tell one of our brothers we wanted to eat his cum, he would always save it for and not cum in our pussies getting us pregnant. When fucking my husband I always think of fucking one of my brothers, it really gets me off and I want to incest my sons once they reach puberty. My sister Judy and I still talk about our sex lives and reveal in the fact we can call up a brother and incest fucking the way we enjoy the most. Our older sister Beth has never left home, some our brothers tried fucking her but she never gave it up to anyone but Dad. If Judy and I have some time we can get away, we call one brother or the other until one is free to come and fuck.

    • Gonzo ID:vuf0ifij

      What an amazing life Erin I sooo wish I was one of u r brothers. Hehehe love it all and more.

  • Reply Alec :) ID:4kf67hb0b

    Will you actually respond to emails lol

    • Daddy ID:6dn5n19m9d

      she has replied to all of mine

    • Debunk ID:njtyzxw8l

      You are right! She doesn’t respond. I think her story is mere bullshit.

  • Reply need sex ID:22ltf5owd1

    you think you had it bad my dad started by having me suck his cock and drinking his cum when i was 7 and had me do all the men cocks that paid him and take all there cum when i was 8 the fucking start at 10 at first just him but he quit his job and he start to sell my little puss at 12 then if you want to hear how bad it got e mail me at [email protected] to [email protected]

    • Interested party. ID:7ylrenchr9

      I’m sorry that you went through that, how bad did it get and last

    • Interested party. ID:7ylrenchr9

      Please tell me more about yourself and all that you’re dad did with you, I’m Bob.

  • Reply bonzo ID:37gcz00mv9j

    Dont belive a word of it.Its pure fantasy If it was true then why didnt you report /both of them ?????????????????????????? 16/07/22

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihri

    Oh my god that was horrific. I have always gotten pussy and never raped not once. I took a lot of courage to write this and I am proud of U. I want to write u but am so reluctant not from the raping and defiling but. An u e er love a man again or ever for that matter. Not all men r this way Maria, some of us care and love woman. Very much.