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Davey’s Journey Part 6

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While sitting in the woods at night, Davey is joined by his new ‘friend’ Jenny. The two chat, and then things start to get hot!

The storm passed north of where I live. I didn’t even get so much as a drop of rain.

Once I saw that the storm had passed I drove up onto the Parkway, parked T an overlook, and went hiking for the rest of the day. It was pretty warm, but not unbearable hot out. As long as I dressed lite I would be fine. I still wore pants, because they would offer my a bit more protection than shorts do.

I was sweaty and tired once I got home. My parents were already home from work, making dinner. They greeted, saw me, smelled me, and told me to go take a shower, which I did.

Fifteen minutes later I was upstairs, fresh set of clothes on, hair still wet. We talked about what we did today. I of course had to omit certain portions I what I did today, because I don’t want them to find out I had a threesome with two preteen girls. Some people might consider that a flex, most others would consider that to be a stint in prison and being put on a registration. Even for someone my age.

My parents went to bed early, so I played some video games until an hour before I was about to go to bed. I would have kept playing too, but I got a text from Kelly the read, ” going to the pool tomorrow. Wanna meet there?”

“Sure thing!” I replied before adding in, “is Jenny coming with you?”

“Of course,” she replied, with a winking emoji icon at the end.

“Great! I’ll see you two there!” I replied back, ending my short conversation with my cute little twelve-year-old girlfriend.

I was going to keep playing my game, but decided to shut it off for the night, go out into the woods behind my house, and get some fresh air.

I sat on a log I liked to sit on. I looked up at the sky, looking at the stars, the moon, an occasional airplane, and even a shooting star, which I made a wish on, wishing for Kelly or Jenny to join me out here.

Minutes later my wish came true, as a certain eleven-year-old redhead with large breasts slowly walked up to me.

“Hi Davey,” Jenny said with a smile, asking me, “what are you doing out here?”

I smiled back at her, answering her, “I’m just enjoying the night sky.”

She looked up, and commented, “it is pretty.”

I scooted over a little, and patted the area next to me on the log, indicating I wanted her to sit down next to me, which she did, leaning her head on my shoulder.

“Kinda romantic out here,” she told me, still looking up at the sky.

“Kinda is,” I agreed as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

She had changed clothes since she came to my house earlier to have some ‘fun’ with me and Kelly. Instead of a loose fitting shirt and shorts she was wearing a tight, white shirt that really showed off her breasts, and also showed she still was not wearing a bra. She also had some gym or tract shorts on that showed off a lot of leg.

Her outfit, along with her closeness and just how sexy she was, was giving me an erection.

“Do you know that Kelly is going to camp on Saturday?” She asked, which pretty much let me know that she knew what I already.

“Yeah,” I told her, confirming I already knew.

“She’s gonna be gone for two weeks,” she told me in a sad little whispered. “I’m gonna miss her.”

“Me too,” I told her, adding in, “not sure what I’m going to do without her.”

“I can be your girlfriend until she gets back,” Jenny suggested, adding in, “she told me I could.”

I was a little bit skeptical of this, but considering this was Kelly’s best friend, and we did have a threesome this afternoon, so I was sure she was telling the truth. And I was will to risk it now, because she was making me horny by just the way she was dressed.

I stood up, and Jenny gave me a questioning looking, asking me, “are you going already?”

I shook my head, and stood her up infront of me. I then lowered my head to hers, and pressed my lips against hers.

We kissed for about a minute before I moved my lips down to her neck, gently kissing and licking her throat for several seconds.

I removed my mouth from her neck, and placed my mouth over her still clothed right tit, sucking on it gently while I rubbed on her left tit.

Jenny moaned in pleasure as I sucked her left tit through her shirt for about half a minute. I then moved over to her right tit for half a minute.

I removed my mouth, and groped and fondled her breasts over her now wet shirt for a few seconds before pushing her shirt up over her large breasts, and exposing them to the world.

I lowered my head back down to her chest, and continued to suck her right tit, sucking it hard as I took almost the entirely of her breast into my mouth, using my tongue to play with her nipple.

Jenny moaned even louder at my actions, telling me through her moans, “my boobs are… still growing think… they are pretty sensitive… this feels really good!”

I sucked on her breast for about a minute before moving over to the other one and sucking on it for half a minute as well, taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could while playing with her nipple with my tongue. I then finished my time at her chest by kissing both of her nipples, and kissing my way down her body.

I kissed my way down to her navel, and planted my lips right on the little hole, and stuck my tongue right into it. While I did this I pulled down her shorts, and the first thing I noticed is that she was wearing no panties!

“She really came out here with no underwear on!” I thought to myself, wondering just what kind of freaky little girl she really was!

I helped her step out of her shorts, and laid them down on the log we were just sitting on. Then I laid her down on the log, her ass sitting on her shorts so her bare cheeks wouldn’t have to touch bare wood.

I leaned over her body, gave her tits two more good sucks before licking my way down her body until I reached her navel again, briefly stopping at it to flick it with my tongue a few times before continuing my way to my prize!

I finally reached her womanhole, and gave it a slow lick, causing her to shutter and moan. I gave it another slow lick, making her shutter and moan some more.

My licks became faster and faster, and I stuck a finger into her, moving it in and out like it was my penis. The combination of my tongue and my finger made her come within a couple of minutes, her pussy juices getting all over my tongue. It was so good that I wanted more, and I kept licking and fingering her until she came again!

I would have kept licking her, but my dick needed to be put in her, so I stood up, unzipped and unbuttoned my pants, and whipped my cock out.

Jenny spread her legs wider, knowing what I wanted to do. I got over top of her, lined myself up, and slid into her.

Jenny gasped and moaned in pleasure as I got balls deep into her. I then held myself in her for a moment before I began to slowly pump her, going faster as I went.

I kept fucking her, going from fast to slow and back for several minutes until I felt her about to come, so I pumped her even faster and harder until she came, moaning loudly and shaking a little. I myself also came, shooting my seed into her.

I pumped her a few more times before finally pulling out, my jizz dribbling out her. I quickly took off my shirt and wiped off what I could, hoping none of it had gotten on her shorts, or at the very least what did get on there wouldn’t be noticeable.

I looked at my shirt, which now had a stain of my cum and her pussy juices on it, and sighed. I put the shirt on a branch, and then leaned over her to start sucking her tits again.

Jenny moaned as I sucked her tits for a few minutes, moving from one to the other every half a minute, giving her pleasure while I enjoyed the mounds on her chest.

“They sort of taste like strawberries,” I thought to myself, set myself to ask her about that some other day. Right now I was just happy to suck on them, making audible pops when I released them.

Finally I stopped, sat up and informed her, “I… need go in and get some sleep soon. I went hiking after I saw it wasn’t going to rain here, and I’m kinda tired.”

It was true, I was tired, and while a want to have some more ‘fun’ with Jenny, I need to rest too, and so did she.

She sat up and sighed, telling me in a sad voice, “I guess I need some sleep too, although the nap I had this afternoon has kinda thrown me off.

I put my shirt back on, and she put her shorts back on before pulling down her shirt. I was a little worried about cum stains in her shorts, but pushed that out of my mind for now. I took her hand, and escorted her back to her house.

Once we were there, but just before we left the forest I pulled her aside. She gave me a confused look, but I just smiled and told her, “one more thing before I go.”

I lifted her shirt above her breasts and placed my mouth over one of them, giving it a good suck. I then moved my mouth over to the other one, and gave it a good suck as well. After this I kissed my way down her body, and began to kiss her navel, and flick it with my tongue, causing her to giggle.

Once done with her navel I kissed my way back up her body, gave her tits another good suck, and gave her a long, tongue filled kiss.

“Good night,” I told Jenny as I stood up.

Jenny pulled her shirt down, and told me, “good night, Davey.”

I thought about giving her tits another suck, but she was already heading inside, so I decided to just let it go.

It took me a few minutes to get back behind my house, and I was about to head on in and call it a night when I heard some sounds coming from the other side of the woods. The sounds of two little girls.

I decided to see where these sounds were coming from. I knew there were children who lived behind my house, because I had seen them a time or two, but I had never seen or heard them out here so late. It was damn near 11:00 PM! They should be in bed.

Then again, school was out, and if they were old enough…

I crouched down, and as quietly as I could I moved towards the sounds. While hiding behind some bushes I spotted two young girls, who looked to be around eight or nine-years-old.

One girl, a blond, was chasing around another girl, a brunette, in what looked like a game of Tag. Both girls were wearing shorts, and what looked like bikini tops on.

“Maybe they got back from the pool and just decided to not change?” I questioned myself, although I felt that to be a bit strange since all the public pools usually close around 8:00 PM, and there wasn’t a pool in the backyard. Unusual yes, but certainly not unheard of, especially when it comes to kids.

I was about to think nothing more of it and go on inside when I heard one of the girls call out, “tag! I got your Gina! Now you have to let me kiss your belly!”

“What the heck!?” I said in a whispered watching the brunette girl’s arms fall to her sides, and tell her friend, “okay. You win. Yasmin. You can kiss my bellybutton.”

The blond girl, whose name I learned was Yasmin, shook her head, held up a phone, and told the other girl, Gina, “that wasn’t the deal. You said if I tagged you in under three minutes you’ll let me your whole belly this time, not just your bellybutton, and if I tagged you in under two minutes you’ll have to kiss my whole belly. I tagged you in one minute, forty-two seconds, so you have to kiss my whole belly! From the top of my shorts, to the bottom of my bikini.

I heard Gina sigh in defeat, knowing she was going to have to make good on her promise. “Maybe she’s not into girls,” I thought to myself as I watched the the young brunette get on her knees, and plant a kiss on her friend’s navel. She then took her tongue, circled around the hole, and began licking up and down her friend’s torso, going over to her right, and back over to her left, licking the entire front side of her body, from top of her shorts, to the bottom of her bikini top.

Watching the girl pretty much pleasure her friend with her tongue, even if she didn’t use it to touch any private areas was actually quite arousing, and was causing me to get another erection. I even thought about going back over to Jenny’s house to see if she was up for some ‘fun’.

The brunette girl stood up, and looked liked she was about ready to head home, while the blond girl bent down, and planted a kiss on the brunette girl’s navel. She pulled back a little, and even though it was dark, I could see the Yasmin was flicking Gina’s navel with her tongue, making her laugh like a madman, or girl. Yasmin even had to hold onto her sides to keep her from moving away.

She would have kept doing it too if it wasn’t for the fact that someone called out, “Yasmin! It’s time for bed.”

“Damnit,” I thought to myself. “I was really getting a show right there.”

Yasmin removed herself from Gina’s stomach, stood back up, kissed her friend, and told her, “gotta go. See you tomorrow!” and ran towards the house below.

“Bye,” Gina replied, and skipped off in a direction up the ways.

Once they were gone I stood up and asked myself before going inside, “I wonder if they realize just how sexual that was?”

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