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COVID-X: The World Where Older Men Must Impregnate Young Girls (chapter 2)

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I make out with 12-year-old Ally and learn about how Sex Ed class has changed at Ally’s middle school. Later, Ally sends me a little surprise.

I kissed little Ally back for several moments. Her mouth was sweet and wet. It took everything in me to break from the kiss, and really there was no need to, but I wanted to get to know Ally better. I wanted a real connection with this blonde 12-year-old girl before we started trying to make a baby together. I was 42 after all, and could surely control myself long enough to learn a few things about this little goddess.

“Ally, you’re such an amazing kisser, but like I told your father, I wanted us to get to know each other a little more first.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I have just wanted to kiss you so badly for like forever!” she said.

I told her she could call me Evan.

“How long is forever?” I wondered out loud.

“Like since 5th grade. I would talk about you to my friends and they thought I was weird for having a crush on a guy older than my dad. But now things are different.”

“At school they are different?” My arm was still around her young, warm body. I could feel her radiate through the thin fabric of her tight blue dress.

“Yes, more and more girls at my school are getting pregnant. Some of them have been my friends for a long time and they used to tease me when I told them about you.”

“Oh I see,” I remarked. “Since those girls who teased you are pregnant now, that means they had sex with men over 40.”

“Yes! Exactly!”

“Do you and your friends talk about sex a lot?”

“Not always, but a lot more than we used to. Most of us wanted to know what it’s like so we’re always talking to the girls who got pregnant already or who are fucking their adult boyfriends.”

She sat up on her knees again, kissing me even more passionately this time. I held her little head in my hands, stroking her golden blonde hair as we kissed open mouthed. She started to get a little brave and I felt her tongue touch mine. After a few minutes we paused.

“That was so nice,” I complimented her.

“Mmm, hmm,” she smiled back.

I wanted to learn more about her school so I asked her, “What else has changed at your school since that law was passed?”

“Well like I said, a lot of girls have grown-up boyfriends now. The boys at my school are actually really jealous and are kind of more mean now.”

“None of the girls have boyfriends their own age?”

“Yeah, a lot of them still do but the other girls make fun of them for having little kids as boyfriends. I mean, it’s kind of pointless to have a boyfriend who isn’t a man, right? They aren’t experienced and can’t get girls pregnant, so they are sort of useless.” She laughed.

I joined in the laughter as best I could. “Yes, I guess you’re right.”

“And boys aren’t allowed in sex ed anymore either.”

“The boys got kicked out?”

“I guess. They got moved to other classes and pretty much all the girls are taking a sex class now.”

“Wow! Do they show you girls like, porn and stuff?”

She giggled. “OMG No! They have videos that show like cartoon sex and stuff though. Also girls are allowed to talk in class about sex they’ve had. They get really detailed and sometimes the teacher tells us to get back to the lesson but usually he just lets us talk. It’s so great! Last week this girl Molly told our teacher she wanted to fuck him but he said he can’t have children yet, but I think he’s lying. Actually, I have heard a few of the girls say that want to fuck our teacher.”

I was getting incredibly aroused imagining a room full of pre-teen girls watching cartoon sex videos and telling each other stories about fucking grown men. As she continued to talk about the class I slide my hand that was already around her up the side of her body and rested my fingers on one of her little titties. I placed my other hand on her bare legs and traced gently with my fingertips. She squirmed and moaned a little, then rested her head against my chest and closed her eyes, enjoying my fingers on her small body.

We sat like this for almost an hour, talking to each other like friends, with some gentle kissing and touching in between. Before she got up to go home we exchanged numbers. I asked if that was okay and she told me it was her mom’s idea.

“I had a wonderful time with you tonight, Ally,” I admitted to her as she stepped out my front door. She turned around and grabbed my hand. She was about a foot shorter than me standing in her heels.

“I did too, and I can’t wait to tell my friends I have a boyfriend now!” She stretched her petite body upward, trying to reach my face with hers.

I bent down toward her and put my arms around her waist before kissing the little girl on the mouth. After a moment of feeling her sweet wet tongue against mine, I stood up again. She jumped up into my arms and wrapped her perfectly smooth legs around me. I caught her butt in my hands just in time and held her in the air as she grabbed my neck with her arms and planted another passionate kiss on me. In this position the bottom of her tight dress was all the way up to her waist and I could feel her soft panties and the damp heat from her adolescent pussy against my fingertips.

We kissed like this for several minutes before I put her down. “I can’t wait to see you again,” I complimented.

“I can’t wait to see you too, Boyfriend,” she replied. I admired her perfect little 12-year-old body as she walked away from me. her tight blue dress was hugging the bottom of her ass and the back of her pale legs looked good enough to lick. I was temped to call Ally back just so I could bury my tongue in her little butt hole.

A few minutes later I received a text from Ally.

“look what u did to me”

There was nothing attached. I waited a few minutes before responding.

“Did you send something? I didn’t get anything.”

“sorry it didn’t send. here”

This time there was a picture Ally took pointing the camera down at her yellow panties. With her other hand she was pulling her panties out and down to expose her pre-teen cunt to me. She barely had any hair on her mound; it was light and looked velvety soft. In the middle of her panties was a dark wet spot with a milky sheen where her pussy had leaked. I was getting rock hard looking at this picture of my 12-year-old girlfriend’s pussy, knowing that I was the reason she was so wet.

I didn’t expect things to progress this quickly but something awoke in me French kissing a child and seeing her pussy for the first time tonight. I realized how much I wanted to breed this youngster, and not just her but other little girls her age. I decided to take a small leap of faith and see how obedient Ally might be to my instructions.

“Oh my god. You’re so beautiful, girlfriend!”

She replied with a heart emoji.

“I have a fun little idea. Are you interested?”

“yes what is it?”

“I want you to go to school tomorrow in a dress but no panties. Then during sex ed class I want you to pull up your dress, spread your legs open, and take a picture of your pussy under the desk.

“yes, Sir”

Then almost immediately she sent another message.

“I mean yes my handsome boyfriend”

“Good girl”

TO BE CONTINUED: Please post any comments you have, especially if you would like me to continue writing this story!

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    please write the rest of the story i wish it was true

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    Yes love your story. I have impregnated five of my daughters school girlfriends at their sleepovers.
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    Clearly the work of a genius, loved it n oh so true.
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