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Blood of The Young || PILOT Chapter One (Nazi erotica)

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A classic tale of a man’s inappropriate obsession with a young girl set in Nazi Germany, 1941. / English is not my first language.

This is a pilot chapter, giving me an insight of what my story will look like. I also posted this here since this was the only place that seemed it would take it.

Chapter One

The sun beams over the city, the sky gradually blowing all the flurries to north side as many children play in the alleys. The sun shines brightly from above, casting an eerie light over the area. On a quiet street, a young girl stands alone at the corner of a building. She’s dressed in a skirt and trench coat. Her black hair is neatly brushed down as her bangs gently blew with the breeze.
She waiting for her father’s soldier to come pick her up, now seeing a black Mercedes Benz turn around the corner, slowly rolling towards her as the girl opened the door for herself, sitting down in the back with her feet propped onto the seat. The interior of the Mercedes Benz is dimly lit with its red and green hue from the street signs outside; the sound of her shoes creaking against the leather seat beneath as the car accelerates. The driver looks through the rear-view mirror back at the girl, checking out her features and taking note of her appearance. The man’s face shows no emotion as he quietly observes her, the quiet engine noise fills the cabin of the vehicle.
While she leaned against the side, crossing her legs over the car seat, she sucked on her lollipop quietly, licking it slowly as the stick inside began to show. Her eyes glanced over at him through the rear view mirror, giving the soldier a little wink jokingly, chuckling at herself as she gazed out the window. The man glances at her in the mirror, his expression stoic and impassive as she laughs. He watches her as she sucks on the lollipop, his eyes tracking the motions of her tongue and lips. The driver keeps the car at a consistent pace, driving through the dark streets of Berlin. The girl’s eyes flit back and forth between the window and the mirror, her attention now split between the view outside and the soldier driving. Slowly, the girl moved over to lean over the back of the front seat to the passenger side. “You’re new.. You haven’t driven me before, have you?” The girl’s little, innocent voice fills his ears while he playfully tips his cap over and takes it off his head, placing it on her own.

The soldier chuckles, the deep masculine sound sending a shiver down her spine. It almost felt as though she was under his spell, like his voice could wrap around her and take her to a special place.
“You’re right, I haven’t before. I’m Hansh.. Hansh Dietrich.”
The soldier smiles warmly and reaches one arm over the seat as he offers her a hand, expecting her to shake it.
She chuckled, shaking his hand and gasps at the difference of their hand sizes as hers barely reached the middle of his fingers. “You must be from the frontlines, how come they sent you back here?” She asks, taking his cap off her head as she began to play with it and tracing her fingers over the eagle emblem.

His hands completely envelope hers, his calloused fingers wrapping tightly around her delicate and slender hand. Hans looks at their difference in size, noting her soft and smooth hands, his thumb gently brushing across the top of hers.
“Yes, I just returned from the frontlines. And they sent me back here because of my rank. I’m an SS officer. And you?”
The girl nods, slowly. “My name is Odile and I’m part of the Band of German Maidens, as you can see.” She leans over, showing the man her sleeves patch. “What do SS officers do?”
Hansh leans his head for a better view at the patch on her arms but not before taking note the slender and toned arms. The soldier stares at the patch then at her for a few moments, his brows raised.
“You’re in the Hitler Youth. And we are elite officers of the Nazi party. We lead and protect Germany from all threats, foreign and domestic. Do you know why I was at the frontlines?
His deep voice fills the car with each syllable he spoke, the words flowing smoothly as the man glances over at her while he continues driving. Hans tilts his head a bit, thinking about how he should answer her question.
“Yes, I did use weapons, but I am not allowed to talk about that with anyone. And yes, I have killed people…a lot of people.”
Odile let out a small moan of amazement, sighing. “No.. the only things I’ve ever killed was little insects and my pet butterfly.” She chuckled nervously, poking at his epaulette on his shoulder. “You’re a good SS, by what I’m seeing here.”
He chuckles, her innocent laugh and playful demeanor bringing a smile to his face. Hans looks down at her as she pokes at the epaulette attached to his shoulder, his eyes following her fingers as they trace the outline.
“There’s not many girls like you out there: smart, witty, and with a good sense of humour. You’re quite unique, for someone so young.”

”I’m only twelve, though.” She replied, gazing at his features and then looks at herself in the rear view mirror. “How old are you?”

He smiles more, taking note of her youthful, petite features; a twelve-year-old who acted like a woman, who spoke like an adult and carried herself with maturity far beyond her years. His eyes scan over her body, taking note of her figure and build.
“And you’re quite mature for your age too. I’m thirty-four.”
She blushes, smiling. “You really think? My father often calls me a klutz!” Odile giggled, now watching the road ahead of them as it seemed her fathers villa was just up ahead.

Her blushing cheeks and her soft, girlish laughter made the soldier feel something inside him, an unexplainable emotion of wanting her— something he’d never felt before, not like this. The driver continues down the road until the villa comes into view. Hans nods his head and then stares ahead, still checking her out through the rear view mirror.
The Girl was starting to get her bag ready to go home, yet she pulled out another lollipop out of her pocket, offering it to him. “Here, take it as my token of payment for driving me him, on your first day?” She said as they pulled out into the gates, now entering the driveway.
A smirk spreads across his lips, her offer almost irresistible to his sweet tooth.
“Thank you, little cherub. But it’s not necessary.”
Hans accepts the lollipop, placing it in his mouth, he then notices their arrival at the villa and her gathering her items to get out. Before she exits the vehicle, he stops her by gently grabbing her arm.
”For keeping our nations safe..” she noticed him grabbing her arm, coming back to the passenger seat, leaning over and giving Hansh a kiss on his cheek. “Please don’t tell my father.” Odile giggled at him, blushing as she also waited for what he was going to say. A shock of electricity courses through his veins, his breath caught in his throat as he stares back at her innocent, childlike eyes filled with innocent flirtation. He is completely enthralled by this girl. He is drawn to her, intoxicated by her beauty and her youth. Hans looks at Odile, her lips close enough he could kiss her. He wants to kiss her, but he knows he shouldn’t.
Hans looks at her, his gaze focused on her lips. He leans forward and kisses her, his warm and soft lips pressing against hers. His heart flutters inside his chest as he feels the warmth of her breath against his. Hans pulls back, his breath heavy and his eyes still on her.
Odile giggles, hearing her father call her from the porch step, now taking her leave as she says bye bye to him, finally leaving and hugging her father, being led into the house with him.

He keeps his gaze on her a little longer, watching her hugging her father and then the two of them entering the house. Hans takes a deep breath, wiping away his drool, but he can’t get her kiss — her lips — her taste out of his head.

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