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They know the routine

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My twin cousins come to stay 3 nights a week, and we have lots of sexy fun together.

Sat in my room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it’s 4:57pm and I’m laid on my bed staring at the clock on the wall, willing it to tick faster to reach 5pm.

Then I heard the doorbell and my mom’s voice greeting my auntie at the door, I hear little voices too, and I smile, a few seconds later I hear heavy footsteps running up the stairs, like stampeding elephants, and familiar giggles getting louder as the get closer.

As my mom and auntie shout up the stairs to let me know they’re leaving for their night shift at the hospital, my bedroom door swings open and in run my two giddy cousins, Zoe and Zara, twins, a cute 8 years old, they shout downstairs when their mom tells them to behave and be good for me, “We will.” I was their babysitter 3 nights a week.

They drop their overnight bags on the floor and jump on top of me on my bed, “Oof!”, bouncing up and down on me and laughing and giggling as they tormented me.

Zara keeps watch out of the window and as soon as our moms are out of sight, she races back to the bed, they both take off their coats and kick off their shoes, then they unzip me and pull my pants and boxer shorts down, grabbing my cock they start to rub it together, both leaning down and swirling their little tongues around the tip of my cock.

They knew the routine and followed it perfectly every night they stayed over, god love em.

As my cock grows and hardens they take turns sucking on my twitching shaft, my cock wedged between their faces being sucked, kissed and licked in to submission, I ejaculate, sperm oozes from my pulsating tip and as my thick white fluid begins to drizzle down my shaft, they lick it off and eat it like they were eating an ice-cream.

Then off they run in to the spare room to play with the mountain of toys mom keeps in the house for them, and they leave me to recover for a while.

It’s their bedtime and they sleep in my mom’s big double bed, once they’re under the sheets I join them on the bed, they argue over who’s turn it is, “It’s mine. You went first last time.”, when they finally agree I get to work, I crawl under the sheets and lick her sweet little pussy out until she’s lubed and wet, I climb up her body and glide my hips between her legs as she lifts and wraps them around me with a smile.

The tip of my cock finds her warm opening and I thrust it inside her as I have done many times before, and it’s always tight, I fucked her deeply until I come, my sperm warming her belly helps her to sleep, she kisses me goodnight and thanks me for my loving, and then I slide over and fuck the other one.

As the girls drift off in to a gentle slumber, I return to my room and rest on my bed, happy and satisfied for the night.

Our moms return in the morning, the girls have breakfast and their mom takes them home, I stand at the bottom of the stairs and wave them goodbye as they leave, then I wait once again, counting down the minutes until they return.

I love my life.

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    I wanna see these girls to know if they are real