Another moment with ten years old Ida

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Just a short moment with my little friend.

I was baby-sitting Ida, my 10 years old friend. Or I was not sitting but on my knees by the bed. She was lying in front of me, and I was licking her pink underpants. The pants were getting wet, my tongue made it from outside and her pussy made it from inside. The taste and smell of her pussy made me harder and harder.

My hands were under her buttocks, and she was squirming in front of me. She was moaning and whispering that she wants me inside. But she was not ready yet. I had made love into this 10-year-old angel so many times I knew she would enjoy more of my dick when she is not whispering anymore but screaming for lust.

I ripped of her now so wet undies. I sank my tongue into her pussy. It was so hot, so wet, so slippery. I licked her and her squirming got stronger and her moaning got stronger and I got harder and harder. My tongue caressed her clit that had was big now and very tactile. She tasted like champagne in heaven.

My hands found her nipples on her flat chest. The nipples got a bit harder from my tenderness. My tongue was all the time in her. She pressed her pussy against my face. My face was so wet from her juices. And now she was screaming. I sat on the bed and took her on my lap, her flat chest against mine. My dick sank into her hairless little cunny and we both were moaning and panting and the smell on her pussy was mixed with the smell of her dark brown hair.

– Ida, I love you so much.

– And I love your dick!

It was deep inside her. She was almost jumping up and down on my lap and I felt how she was cumming. Bed was getting wet. Ida lost her ability to move. She squeezed my body with her hands and squeezed my dick with her pussy, harder and harder. And she screamed. I screamed with her. I shot her cunny full of sperm.

Then we lost consciousness for a while. After that I licked our juices and we both were so happy.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db4n0gtlbll

    nothing better than a very wet 10 yo

    So hot

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1e6h5kv6dhia

    Who wouldn’t be happy making love to to a horny preteen dying for some cock. I love their sex faces and lil moans, whimpers and shrieks as they orgasm for the first time and feel your sperm coat their insides. Sex is amazing.

  • Reply JangMeil ID:sif22joj4du

    I sure like this story about sex with a preteen. There is nothing but the act, nothing in vain.