Unexpected Love

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Vanessa’s babysitting job leads to the unexpected

Vanessa was a 12 year old girl, tall for her age with A cup breasts. She was very shy, and dressed in her older sisters hand me downs, something that had made Vanessa cry more times than she could count. Growing up in a strict religious family, she was forced to wear long flowing skirts and sweaters or blouses. She was only allowed to wear long dresses. Even her bras and panties were plain ans ugly. Her hair was required to be cut at shoulder length, and she wore large frame glasses. Her school life was filled with teasing ans ridicule for being so plain and in all of the honors classes. She was also on the school volleyball and basketball teams due to her height

Her parents kept her free time busy with activities at the church. Youth group, Bible study, volunteering, and church on Sunday. Vanessa wanted so much to be more like the girls at school, to dress more modern, when she asked her parents, they told her no, and wouldn’t even give her an allowance. After weeks of persistent bugging, her dad suggested that she put an ad in the church bulletin to do odd jobs for money. Vanessa wasted no time putting in an ad and was soon doing house cleaning for the elderly women in the church. They were sweet ladies but always underpaid her for all of her hard work.

Then came the day that Sunday school class was coming to a close. The other kids were talking with each other and leaving the room. Vanessa always waited until everyone else was gone. Pastor James, the youth pastor asked her if she could stay behind for a moment. He was a handsome man in his 20s and a single dad to an 8 year old boy and t year old girl. His wife had died of cancer two years earlier

“I saw your ad in the bulletin, how is that going for you?” He asked and knew the answer when she looked down “that bad?”

“The ladies are sweet but I only get 10 dollars for cleaning almost a whole house”

“I can see how that would be tough, it’s good of you not to complain or give up. The babysitter I had for my kids recently moved and I am looking for a new one. Would you be interested?”

Vanessa felt a sense of joy come over her, something that might pay better and his kids were sweethearts. She was ready to say yes, but feared her parents would say she is too young

“I don’t know if my parents will let me” She said as she pushed her glasses up her nose

“I’ve already talked to them and they are okay with you doing it”

Vanessa accepted the offer. He explained how he had to work a second job to supplement his income. That she would babysit on nights he had to work and when he had business at the church. Vanessa thanked him and gave him a hug before leaving the class.

Pastor James had a nice house that was always spotless. The walls still held pictures of his wife. Pastor James said it was so that his kids could see their mom anytime they wanted. When he spoke of her, Vanessa could hear sadness in his voice. Vanessa found that seeing him away from church and talking with him, a crush developed. She saw him in a way that none of the other kids did.

Tommy ans Ashley tested her the first couple of weeks of her time babysitting them. Getting them to take a bath was a battle every time she tried. Once she finally got them to bed, she would work on her homework while secretly counting down the time until Pastor James got home. When he did, they would talk as he drank bourbon and cokes. Her parents would arrive and she would give him a hug before leaving. It was while riding home one night that Vanessa closed her eyes for a power nap when her mind created the image of her kissing Pastor James, a French kiss that was so graphic. Vanessa’s eyes shot open she found her heart beating a little faster. When she started to go to bed each night, she would see him when she closed her eyes and started to awake to her panties being wet, yet it wasn’t pee

A Google search on her laptop told her that she had been having wet dreams, one of the many things kids on puberty go through. Vanessa stared at the article in disbelief. She has been having wet dreams about her youth pastor, she was scared of going to hell. Then something came over her, something she had started thinking about but had never imagined searching for. Her fingers hesitated above yhe keys, if her parents knew, they would kill her. She let her fingers type the words “Man’s penis”

The screen filled with selfies of guys from 18 up to their 40s. Vanessa stared at each picture, memorized how each one looked. She felt the room get a little warmer and found that her panties had become damp, her pussy tingled as she looked at the pictures. Vanessa reached down and touched her pussy outside of her skirt and felt a sense of excitement fill her. She began moving her hand slowly against her crotch and closed her eyes, laying back on her bed, she moved the laptop off of her lap to the mattress beside her.

She parted her legs a little and continued to rub her pussy outside of her skirt, her head tilted back and she gasped, having to bite her lower lip. Vanessa pulled her skirt up to her waist and began to rub her pussy outside of her panties, the exciting feeling grew even stronger, Vanessa moaned softly sad decided to go further, sliding her hand into her panties. She loved the feeling of touching her own. Pussy, rubbing her little clit, her lags parted wider. Her free hand slid under her blouse and up to her bra, her hand slid under the cup. Playing with her pussy and breasts at the same time felt amazing.

That’s when the image of Pastor James came into view. Imagining him undressing and moving on top of her. Vanessa’s middle finger slid between her pussy lips to her opening ans without thinking, she slid it in a little, her body started to writhe and squirm on the bed, her hips began to make a humping movement. A feeling grew inside of her that grew more intense by the second. Vanessa began to moan the name repeatedly “James, James, James, Pastor James” that was when she felt the greatest release of her young life. The intensity of her first orgasm. One that made her back arch and her body shake uncontrollably. Vanessa laid there panting. Her hand still cupping her breast and her finger still in her pussy. She opened her eyes ans looked at the laptop screen still filled with naked men.

She knew her life from this moment forward would never be the same

To be continued

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    I grew up in a strict catholic house hold and went to catholic high school and i always hiked up my dress to reveal my garter strap tops attached to the tops of my nylons to show off to the boys and make them hard up for me sophee !

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    Hmmm daddy loves it!! The pastor is going to be a very lucky guy!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

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      I don’t have SC, sorry. You can email me [email protected]

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    Excellent start for this story.