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Twin sisters finding love amongst each other part 1

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Twin sisters Steph & Tiff from part 1 & 2 from my other story start to explorer each other after catching their brothers Nick & Jack playing

Note: this is pure fiction all names have been changed to protect those involved. If you recognize
any people in this story it is pure consequence.

Steph is an 11 year old girl with a bald puffy cameltoe with almost A cup tits Tiff is also 11 with a bald puffy cameltoe also with almost A cup tits.
Early in.tbe day Steph & Tiff spent the day playing with the princess Nintendo themed Princess dolls & all the accessories that the dolls had including castles after supper Steph & Tiff took a bath & got into bed for the night. Tiff drifted off to sleep rather quickly. Steph lies wide awake one night & here moans coming from her brothers room she gets curious as to what is the cause of it. Steph creeps closer to her brother’s Nick & Jack’s room careful not to make a sound. As she peers into the room she sees Nick & Jack naked moaning while jacking each other off. She had never seen a boy naked up until now eager to watch but not wanted Tiff to miss out Steph goes back & wakes up Tiff. Tiff yawns & looks at Steph with a displeasing look on her face. Tiff asks Steph what do you want? Steph whispers come with me. Tiff asks why? Steph says I got something to show you but, be quiet. Tiff follows Steph back to Nick & Jack’s room. Tiff looks on awestruck at her brothers Nick & Jack stroking each other off.

Both Steph & Tiff start to get all tingly in their 11 year old puffy cameltoe pussy yet didn’t know why as they have not fully hit puberty yet. Steph nudged Tiff motioning back to their room. Once there Steph spoke first saying my thing got kinda tingly watching them did your’s do the same? Tiff admitted yes it did. Tiff asked Steph why did it do that & why were Nick & Jack doing that to each other? Steph said i don’t know. Steph asked Tiff what does she think they were doing? Tiff said I’m not sure but, it must of felt good because Nick & Jack were making weird & funny noises. Steph nodded in agreement Steph & Tiff shared full size bed unlike their brothers Nick & Jack. Steph & Tiff got back into bed & decide to cuddle up together. Steph decides to rub Tiff’s back while they cuddle. Tiff asks Steph did you like when your thing was tingling while watching Nick & Jack? Steph says to Tiff Yes I did. Did you Tiff. Tiff says yes I did. Tiff asks bravely have you ever felt it before tonight? Steph says yes when I wash it while in the shower. Steph asks Tiff what about you? Tiff says to Steph yes me too.

Steph asks Tiff would you like to do what you do in the shower with me but in bed & without the washcloth? Tiff nervously answers yes. Steph answers I do too Tiff. Steph slips off the bed & undresses in front of Tiff removing her princess peach nighty & pink underwear now standing nude in front of Tiff she encourages her to do the same. Tiff removes her princess Daisy nighty & yellow underwear. Now with both Steph & Tiff naked they get back into bed & sit facing each other. Steph reaches her fingers down on her puff cameltoe pussy & starts rubbing herself & subconsciously starts moaning. Tiff asked Steph does that feel good when you do that? Steph says yes it does Tiff try it rub your thing. Tiff slowly lowers her had down to her bald cameltoe pussy & starts subconsciously moaning too. Steph asks Tiff if she liked the feeling like she did? Tiff said yes she did enjoy it. Steph said I got the same tingly feeling watching her. Steph asks Tiff would she like to try touching her & see if she gets the same feeling? Tiff says yes but won’t that make us gay like it made our brothers Nick & Jack? Steph says no I don’t think so Tiff. Steph & Tiff start rubbing each other & they in unison subconsciously starts moaning together. Steph says wow that felt good better than when I did it. Tiff nods in agree ment. They fall a sleep exhausted. & sleep all the way up until the sun is up & the birds are chirping. They got up & quickly got dressed before someone caught them being naked & went into the kitchen to eat breakfast where Nick & Jack were already eating breakfast.

To be continued in the next chapter will Steph & Tiff eat each other out or try something else. Stay tuned to find out.

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  • Reply KnH ID:5vahn18fik

    Need to find a small gf for my 9 yo…would love to see her eating pussy while stroking my cock

    • SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm

      I wish I or someone could help with that. It is to bad society says you shouldn’t have sex until you are 18+. I just finished part 1 of the story of Uncle Peter I’m waiting for it to be posted(it is just 420 words long) part 2 will probably be longer as it might start off when the parens of Nick Jack Steph & Tiff died

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    SZU !! Tg is a asshole so don’t pay any attention to him sweetie ! okay your writing is just fine and if you were with me i would hug you and kiss you very passionitly ! britney

    • SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm

      Ty I do try my best to not have the story be just bedroom stuff or gangbang this or that

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Your story is so hot it reminds me when i was staying overnight at my girlfriends house debbie overnight and we ate each other out and finger banged each other then we scissored each other until we both came then we fucked her brother !

    • SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm

      Ty I love the positive feedback.I’m an amature writer. I wish Tg would relies that & that an introduction story is just ment to introduce the character to reader & nothing more. I took a break from writing due wanting positive feedback instead of what Tg put. I guess you can’t please everyone. & I was trying to write my stories from the kid’s prospective as if it was me. Plus ik most girls love dolls & the such.& I was trying to relate the dolls to their panties as Ik Disney owns the rights to their Disney princesses I didn’t wanna go there. Again thank you for the positive feedback

  • Reply SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm

    To: Paul for young girls well Uncle Peter did grab those in part 2 of the other story & added them to his collection so I could write in it that he decides to give them some of them or buy them their own or that the “borrow” them frim their uncle Peter.

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bhm

    This story was shit

    • SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm

      Sorry about that was half asleep towards the end

    • SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm


  • Reply SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm

    Let me know if you think they should eat each other out or not

    • Paul for young girls ID:1degvg6bcbya

      Yeah I think they should eat each other out and use different objects like moms vibrator or dildo