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The Mansion bang part 2

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This is the continuation of the stories ‘I fucked my mom ‘ and ‘The mansion bang part 1’ I have given my mom’s pic at last enjoy it.

After the seven men have fucked mom they asked me to leave they said they will send mom the next morning .I said I will stay there one of the men said while having finger in mom’s pussy said oh you like to see your mom getting gangbanged by men . I said yes . Then he said let your mom take rest because tonight another group of men will come then they will bang her see it. Now go to home and come later .Then I went and I came afterwards. Mom was sitting in the sofa with only bra and underwear Then a man asked you have come to see the show sit on the cushion there and enjoy the show. Then two Black men came there they talked to the seven men and came to the bedroom and sat near mom and talked about sex to her then I saw a comfort in mom. Then they started by kissing her then one of the men opened his zipper and mom saw the biggest cock of her life she voluntarily started sucking it .
The other one also put his cock out and mom sucked it too then the got her up and put her on the bed double penetrated her pussy . Then they one by one fucked her in doggy pose .then titfucked her boobs. Then again fucked her in double penetration . They loved fucking her.Then they made her to give a blowjob . Then they fucked her ass. And last came all over her.
To be continued…

I have given her nude pic I have only shown the body so enjoy it. It will disappear after 3 weeks.


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    Do you guys want a cheating story of mom

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    I want to fuck your mom.

  • Reply Mansionbang ID:n1z7zwd2

    The readers can comment about my mom and say slutty things about her .💦💦💦
    I like when people say dirty things about her.

  • Reply Mansionbang ID:bizlzy6ic

    The image is gone but don’t worry i have given link to the pic of her tits enjoy👇

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    If I get a chance I will fuck her in doggy pose and I will fuck her tits .
    Pls release part 2

  • Reply Mansion bang ID:bizlzy6ic

    Do u guys want part 3 ???

    • Anon ID:8bvvy07zra


    • Mansionbang ID:n1z7zwd2

      I have released part 3 but there was a little mistake while typing the name . If you type “the mansion bang part 3” in the search box you will get the story.
      Thank you

  • Reply Mansion bang ID:bizlzy6ic

    Question to readers:
    What would you do to her if get a chance??

    • Anon ID:8bvvy07zra

      If I had the chance to fuck her I would have her deep throat my big black cock before fucking her doggy and finishing off in her ass. I must say those tits are made for fucking. Liked the story – short but sweet!