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The kiss part 2

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Having my first kiss by my pet dog When I was doing my homework when I was doing my homework I didn’t think I was going to be having an affair

I didn’t think that when I was watching Something for my college class that I would be receiving the strangest thing a kiss from a dog. I returned the favour and shared a deep kiss. I never thought I would be the one to fall in love and date a dog. But the kiss told all. I gently how old is head close to mine as the kiss progressed I found myself not just chasing him but caressing him in places that I never thought. Again I never thought I’d fall in love with a dog or data dog but there is a group on Facebook that shows that people date dogs. And I joined it right after I had the kiss. After the curse nothing was the same again as someone who is probably going to notice That I am a A dog lover and a dog mistress. I didn’t think anyone would notice but pretty soon people would start noticing things on Facebook with me taking pictures of me French kissing the dog deep kissing the dog. Soon I ended up being deleted off of Facebook and ended up having to lose most of my friends except for the friends on the dog fucking site. They’re I was able to find acceptance with the group of fellow zoos and animal lovers. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel like a criminal or anything or a pervert I felt normal. But it was very weird and offsetting that first case I thought of Meredith as a girl female human and what she would look like and went from there. Is it so wrong that I have been making out with my dog while doing homework assignments for college.
I am on my second year of college I am Lisa by the way and I am 22 years old. Never had sex with anyone in my life never kissed anyone in my life I was the nerdy girl that nobody wanted to be around. Except for Meredith she always stayed around with me but this is the first time she displayed this kind of behaviour to me. As I Kister one night she kissed me and we set another deep tongue kiss. This is weird because this is beyond amazing about being with animal and dog and human at the same time but I was soon going to be more than just her lover and mistress I was going to be your everything. That was when I found out Meredith was a boy.
Meredith one time when I was in the shower came into the shower with me and he started humping into me. Some thing that I didn’t expect either he kept licking my ass and private areas and licking them as well and kissing them through it was the best time for both of us. Again this was unexpected I never thought I lose my virginity to a dog. I laid her down or him down as a desire to ride his dog cock in me and kiss him first it was a gentle kiss then it was a even more deeper KS. When I was doing this my heart was racing and I felt a certain arousal I never felt before. Not even for humans my fellow humans.
The sour sex was good I never thought I’d be having sex with a dog let alone anyone else for that matter because I was a social reject at the time. But Meredith and I had something special. Some of those special they say that animals cannot concerned but she concerns is it when she first surprise me with that kiss. When she did I wanted more from her and more love from her sexually. When I wasn’t around with her or him I should say I was fucking myself with lipstick something I didn’t think I was going to do either when I was in college rubbing my bits on a tube of lipstick but that was enough to keep me from staying away from Meredith except for kissing. Each time I rub my bets with a tube of lipstick or lip gloss I was able to stay away from Meredith long enough not to have sex with him. Though the kisses were very unavoidable.
I even ended up going to a zoo support group for zoophilia people. But that didn’t work I still had urges and lipsticks and wore off its affect on me. I wanted I would be grabbing up my breasts in my shirt just having thoughts of him kissing me. I am sorry this is on natural but this is what happened. I need up grabbing my underwear and giving myself a front wadgie to keep me from being distracted with my classes are all so I’d be more stock with more homework by the professor and the professor was a mean guy to begin with who was always giving me homework because I was different. If he knew that I was having affair with a dog he would’ve had my throat.

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    You have life really fucked up lady and need help badly.

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