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BRITNEY – Almost To Good To Be True

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Britney turned around in the chair and flipped my shirt up displaying her super fine ass. “See something you like?” she teased.

I rolled to my side as I slowly woke up that Saturday morning and as I did I felt the soft skin of another body. As my eyes cleared I look at the tan skin beauty naked in bed next to me. I stared at her as she slept and took in every beautiful curve. It came back to me slowly. I met Britney, a drop dead gorgeous English, half Italian and Norwegian girl, at a cocktail party the night before. She had been wearing a very short red dress that showed off her shapely legs.

The dress was draped over a chair in my bedroom along with her thong panty. I remembered the dress was loose fitting and I had wondered most of the night what those gorgeous legs led to. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find out that very night.

I have always been enamored with the female bottom and I had been fortune enough to engage frequently in anal sex. Even if the girl was not interested in anal intercourse they always went wild with the way I made love to their bottom. Most of them were receptive to a shower before sex where I would douche their lovely bottoms and rim their tight nether holes. Mathilde was no exception. In fact she allowed me to penetrate her incredibly beautiful ass and I spent hours in her bottom as we had sex well into the early morning hours.

We had entered my Parisian apartment and she came right into my arms. We kissed and I dropped my hands to her bottom and slipped them under her short dress. I found her buttocks naked as she had not worn hose and only a thong panty. I had guided her to my sofa and had her lay across my lap. I had pushed her dress up to her waist baring her well tanned gorgeous ass. Britney moaned softly when I stroked her bottom lovingly. We must have stayed in the position for an hour as I was spellbound by her marvelous curvy ass.

After the shower and my douching of her anus, I made passionate love to her ass with my fingers and tongue. Britney had a massive orgasm when I licked her pussy and anus as she knelt on all fours. She remained submissive on all fours as I lubricated her anus with one then two fingers. When I knelt behind her I was in a euphoric state as I prepared to push my cock into the most beautiful female ass I had ever seen. Her acceptance of my sizeable cock in her bottom was like a dream come true.

Now as I recalled our love making, my cock stiffened into a morning erection. I could feel the pressure in my bladder but I chose not to get up to pee. I decided to reward Britney with morning sex with my piss hard-on. I rolled her onto her back and once again took in her beauty. I loved her smallish breasts and recalled how long and stiff her nipples got when she was excited. Moving her legs apart I settled between them and eased my cock into her moist pussy. Britney moaned and opened her eyes.

She smiled at me when she realized what was going to happen. She wrapped her arms around me and her legs around my lower torso. I fucked her slowly at first bringing her to her first orgasm and then I picked up the pace. Britney had multiple orgasms and went limp after the final one. She begged me to let her rest so I decided to take my morning piss. Before I returned to the bedroom I wash my cock thoroughly and lubricated it in preparation for her ass. I entered the bedroom with a throbbing erection and Britney gave me a knowing look. Without hesitation she got onto all fours and looked over her shoulder at me as she ran her hand from her pussy to her anus lubricating it with her natural juices. I moved behind her on the bed and eased my cock into her fantastic ass.

On Saturday morning I rewarded Britney with a piss hard-on morning fuck. She had multiple orgasms before I left the bed to let her recover and take my morning piss. I had not cum but I wasn’t concerned about that as we had all day together. I drew a warm bath for her and then I got dressed and to go to the bakery. Britney was soaking in the tub when I told her I was going out to pick up some pastries. She smiled and nodded her approval.

When I returned Britney had finished her bath and she found one of my dress shirts to wear. She looked incredibly sexy wearing just my shirt with her well tanned shapely legs exposed. My shirt just covered her bottom and pubes creating the erotic look. I made coffee and served the pastries. Britney tucked her legs under her as she sat in the chair and I was getting hard just from looking at her.

“How was your bath?” I asked.

“Wonderful!” she replied and then added, “I douched my ass and pussy again for you.”

I felt my loins stir and responded, “That’s great. Do you have something in mind?” I prodded.

Britney turned around in the chair and flipped my shirt up displaying her super fine ass. “See something you like?” she teased.

I moved from where I was seated and squatted down behind her. I ran my hands all over her buttocks and planted light kisses on them. I slipped my tongue in her crack and licked her from her vagina to her anus and back. She smelled super clean and I probed her pussy and anus with my tongue. Britney was getting hot and she rotated her ass in small circles. I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear freeing my stiff cock. Scooping up some butter from the kitchen table, I lubed her ass and my cock. Then I eased my cock into her lovely ass and fucked her slowly as she leaned over the back in the chair.

It was quite a picture we made having sex in the kitchen with her on a chair. With my shirt thrown up over her back only her fantastic ass was visible. I still had my shirt on and my pants and underwear had slipped down to my ankles. I held onto Britney’s hips as I moved my cock in and out of her curvy bottom. I loved watching my cock disappear into her channel and then re-appear with only the head remaining in her ass. The eroticism of the moment overwhelmed me and my release snuck up on me.

My balls suddenly tightened and my body went rigid as I felt the buildup in my scrotum let loose. I drove my cock all the way into her rectum and unleashed a torrent of cum. Britney moaned when she felt her rectum fill up with my seed and then she worked her sphincter milking my cock as it remained in her ass. We stayed coupled together for several minutes before I slowly eased my cock from her ass. Britney took a napkin from the table and held it under her bottom as cum dribbled out. She giggled and ran to the bathroom holding the napkin against her bottom.

I remained in the kitchen and took off the rest on my clothes. After several minutes I went to check on Britney and found her naked in my bed. She had shed my shirt and was lying on her back. Her lovely long black hair was spread across the pillow and her nipples were hard and extended like little dicks. She moved her hands to her pussy and smiled at me as she pulled her outer lips apart.

“That was quite a load you put in me. Here eat my pussy now,” she told me as she pried her lips further apart exposing her clit.

I moved between her legs and lifted them onto my shoulders. Cupping her gorgeous buttocks in my hands I fastened my mouth to her cunt. Her clit was hard and protruding like a tiny dick and I gently nibbled it driving her wild.

“This is going to be a quick one,” Britney said just getting the words out before she exploded.

I held her tightly as she juiced into my mouth and I licked her clean not allowing her to pull away from me. I continued to eat Britney’s hot pussy working her toward another orgasm. I released her ass and moved my hands to her hot little titties. The nubs were rock hard and I twirled them in my fingers as I continued to maul her pussy with my mouth. I enjoyed the taste of her and I kept licking and eating her. I pointed my tongue and burrowed into her pussy as it parted her labia my tongue was rewarded with the exquisite taste of her juice. I loved eating her and she loved me to do it.

Britney reached down with both hands and spread herself wide making it so much easier for my tongue to explore her pussy. Britney was breathing rapidly and she moaned softly whenever I got near her hard clit. As I searched out her hard clit still just barely hidden she tensed and began to quiver. After I felt like I had teased her opening as much as I could with my tongue it was time to see her reaction when my tongue finally touched that treasured pearl.

I burrowed my tongue as deep into her as I could and then I just sort of licked and sucked my way up. When I got to her clit I used the very tip of my tongue to push back the little hood. I flicked my tongue over it once and then used the tip to explore the folds of flesh on either side of it. Britney was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her clit stuck out even further like a little cock. I nuzzled it with my nose taking in her scent and I licked it once more before I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled it.

Britney went wild and started bucking and moaning loudly. She let go of her own fleshy hood and pulled my head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. I sucked her clit as deep in my mouth as I could and Britney humped my face for all she was worth. Britney put her hands on my head just before she came a second time. This time she was determined to push my face away after her orgasm. She cried out in ecstasy and held my head to her pussy and then pushed it away to keep my tongue away from her clit.

We lay there for awhile and then Britney started stroking my cock. “I like playing with your cock,” she told me.

She then lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. She only took about five inches in her mouth and stroked the rest of it with her delicate hand. “Let me know when you are about to cum,” she told me.

I just nodded and told her that I was close. Britney kept sucking me and jerking me off until I put my hand on her head as a signal that I was close. She took me deeper in her mouth and jerked me off with her hand. Cum flew out of my cock and sprayed the back of her throat. She pulled my cock out and let my remaining cum splash against her tits and neck. Several ropes of cum shot out of my cock she squeezed the remaining seed out then took my cock back in her mouth and sucked me dry.

Britney stood up, kissed me and then said, “Wow that was another big load.”

“You definitely bring out the best in me. Do you want to get cleaned up and go out for lunch?”

“No I’d rather eat in. All I have to wear is that red cocktail dress and it is a little early to be walking around in that.”

“No problem, I have plenty of food in so I’ll fix a salad for us,” I offered.

“Salad is perfect,” Britney accepted and then she used the bathroom.

We both cleaned up and she put my dress shirt back on. I threw on a tee and a pair of workout shorts. I went commando under the shorts. Britney helped me prepare the salad and I opened a bottle of white wine for us. We dined and then cleaned up the kitchen. We finished the bottle of wine in my sitting room and then as it had all started I pulled Britney over my lap and pushed my dress shirt up baring her incredibly hot ass.

I stroked and fondled her buttocks and planted kisses all over her bottom. I tickled her tailbone with my tongue and probed her anus with my finger. Britney remained on my lap and cooed with the anal foreplay. Her ass was so marvelous that I could just not get enough of it. Britney raised her buns off my lap accentuating the shape of her lovely ass encouraging me to dip my tongue in her crack. She loved to be rimmed and I loved doing it.

My cock was rock hard again and I needed to fuck her ass one more time. We went back to my bedroom, stripped and got in bed. Britney struck a sexy pose as she knelt on the bed with her head down turned to the side. She ran her hand up and down the crack of her ass from her pussy to her anus with a look of ecstasy on her face. I had never seen a more erotic pose in my life. I moved in close and once more my shaft entered her beautiful chamber.

I fucked Britney ass as slow as possible as I wanted to last forever. Watching my cock slide in and out of such a beautiful ass was an incredible turn-on and in spite of having cum several times that day, I did not last as long as I had hoped. Once more my balls tightened and I shot my wad in her receptive rectum. As she had before, Britney used her sphincter to milk my cock dry. I stayed behind her until my cock softened and slipped from her ass on its own.

Britney showered again and this time she put her thong panty, dress and shoes back on. “I should get going as I have another engagement this evening and I need to change clothes,” she told me.

I put on slacks and a shirt and walked her down to the street. I hailed a taxi for her and she kissed me on both cheeks before she got in. I watched her shapely legs as she entered the taxi and wished that she would have stayed one more night. The taxi pulled away and she waved to me as it left. I had never gotten contact information from Britney and she had not volunteered any. She knew where I lived if she wanted to get in touch but I sensed that I had seen the last of her. It turned out that I was correct. I never did see her or hear from her but I never forgot her either. I still see the image of her perfect ass raised up ready to receive my cock. It was a dream comes true.


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    Thank you for letting me know , I was worried ! Britney

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      You are Welcome My BRITNEY! Thank you for keeping me posted. “BRITNEY – Get Trick and fulfill her own little slut fantasy” have been posted, hope you Enjoyed. Your Sugarbud

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      Oh wow sugar bud ! Do you think something is wrong and thank you for all your time and labor ! I’ll keep a look out honey ! Sounds like a conspiracy going on against you and me !! love your Britney

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    Sugar bud please use pictures of ladies wearing my fully fashioned stockings please ! That’s what i wear most of the time at work and at night clubs ! Thanks hugs and kisses Britney !

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      Certainly, my Lady BRITNEY! I will remember that on your next upcoming story. Your Sugarbud

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    Maybe on Christmas eve you will get lucky with me when you see me bent over at the kitchen oven and you come up behind me and lift up my red dress and pull down my green tights and ram me with that thick cock of yours as i squeal out ohh !! sugar bud !!

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      Mhmm My BRITNEY! Thanks for the Lucky wishes as the head of this story “It was dreamed come True”! Your Sugarbud

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    Thank you sugar bud ! I am sorry that i’m keeping you so busy !! Britney

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      Not at all My Sexy BRITNEY! You kept me going on this Site Otherwise. I’ve also learned what to and not to post up here now, thanks to you. Your Sugarbud

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    I was told by a classy lady, to be a lady in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom !! Britney

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      Absolutely My BRITNEY! Anyway “TWO COCKS FOR BRITNEY part 1 & part 2 Your Sugar and Spunky come in to play. Has been shared Your Sugarbud

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    Oh really sugar ! I make this site interesting ! That is so sweet of you saying that to me because there have been other people here that don’t like me and all i bring is sexual love and things that have happened to me ! Britney

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      Absolutely My BRITNEY! “You really are great, Britney, You’re just a total slut in the bedroom, and you’re a helluva nice lady outside it.” They are just loser and Jealous of great personality you are. Your Sugarbud

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    Oh ! I want to thank you for having me being fucked by cock !! love Britney

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      Anytime and Anything for 😊 My Sexy BRITNEY! Thank you for keeping SexStorie69 Interesting, with out you It would be boring sites 😴 😀

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    Somebody wrote BAGGING BRITNEY on literotica can you copy it and bring it hear baby ! your Britney

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      I will do anything for you My Sexy BRITNEY! But wait Part one of “TWO COCKS FOR BRITNEY” has been shared here. Your Sugarbud

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    Oh sugar baby !! Do you mean my Spunky’s back ! Because i have missed him just like i would miss you if you took some time off ! I’m a two guy girl !! love britney

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      Yess My BRITNEY! Your Spunky that the surprise, me and Spunky going to tag team you, how’s that sounds. Your Sugarbud

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    Yes some how you became my New Zealand stud !! How’s my English side sugar ? Your horny Britney !

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      Aw.. Thank you ❤️ for the compliment My Sexy BRITNEY! I’ve got good news.. Me and Spunky up plan.. You’ll find out soon enough. Your Sugarbud

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    I’m here baby ! Did i do good and let you mount me and fuck my tushy baby, you really made me cum again my sugar ! loved our story so hot ! pictures are great depicting us locked in love ! your BRITNEY

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      Aw My Sexy BRITNEY! So great to hear you’re having fun and enjoying your story 😀 😊 ❤ Your Sugarbud

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