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Young white girl attracted to a obese black man PART 1

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A young girls is attracted to a large black man

My name is Jane and this is a story of me being more than nice to men `with a weight problem and never had a real love life or sex. My parents own a weight lost clinic and have clients of all ages, races , men and women. People of all . sizes from needing to lose a little weight to the very obese. By the way im white and 13yo. I spend alot of time at the clinic. Just helping out and really meeting some nice men that have no one and pay alot of attention to a pretty young girl. . I seem to be drawn to the very obese guys. I sneak some times and look into their file folders. Most have no family never been married and live alone . They hardly ever go out and depend on others to do errands for them. For some reason find myself attracted to these over weight lonely men. Im at the age where all these sexual feelings are starting to come out. There r two that fit that profile. One is a black man , named Rob . He is 62 yo , single , never married and weighs around 425 lbs. The other is a latin man named Jose. He is 65yo and weighs 450 lbs. i cant put my finger on it but im attracted to them. And believe it or not they make my pussy wet. They flirt with me alot and if i sit with them and talk they sometimes touch my legs or my back and hug me often.They both come to the clinic two times a week. And they r losing weight. I never said nothing about them touching me. So they started it futher. Both would pat ass when i walk by and sometime grabbing it. I would just smile and wiggle my ass at them. This became alot more with Rob first. ON one visit my father who is also a medical dr. was working on him in one ot the rooms. I was never allowed in the room, but i would sneak back sometimes. My father left the room and i peeked into the room that he was in. Rob was lying on the table nude. He was massive all over which i knew. The thing notice was his black cock. It was massive just like him. It was 10 inches soft and his balls with also. I thought they must contain alot or black cum. He saw me looking in . And smiled and winked at me. I smiled back and left before my father came back. When came in a couple of days later . we started talking . I said i was sorry for spying on him but i like him. He said that made him feel good. He had never had a girl friend because of his weight and was flattered that a pretty white girl would pay attention to him. I told by my parents to treat people for how they are and not for the way they ,look. I dont know why but i kissed him. He pulled away and looked at me and pulled me close and kissed me. Our tongues dancing in each others mouth. Luckly no one was around. I left right then. I was so confused and at the same time turned on. When Rob was leaving i followed him out to the office. He went into one of the restrooms in the lobby of the building. There were locks on this restroom doors. I knocked on the door and said Rob its me Jane. He opened the door and i went in and lockded the door behind me. He said u should not be in here. I said i had to talk to u alone. I asked why did u kiss me . He told me that he like me and was attracted to me but thats all it can be. He said u r so young and pretty and me a over weight old black man. i just loved the attention u were giving me. And u are the first girl that i have ever kissed. I said oh my god. How did u cope all u life. I had friends and a good job and alot of family. The ladies were never in my life. I learned to live my life the best way i could. Losing weight was a health concern and thats why i came to ur fathers clinic. I told Rob that i really liked him the way he is. .He picked me up on to his large frame and we kissed. He was making my pussy so wet. He let me down and i could see a large bulge in his pants. With out saying a word i undid his pants and pulled them down to the floor . He didnt stop me, i pulled down his underware and his hard 12 in black cock sprang out . I started stroking it and looking at every beautiful inch. He said ohJane what r u doing to me. I said making a nice man i like feel good. He said u r the first female to touch me. I kept jacking him and i say his precum leaking out of that huge black thick cock.. With out giving it much thought i dropped down and took stood me up and kissed me and got dressed. He said Jane you are a dream come true. i left first and said see u next time.

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