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H-eeling time 2

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The second day of the healing process begins, where nothing matters anymore.

I woke up early the next morning, after a night filled with dreams about slimy, cold creatures taking over my body. It was absolute bliss and I was soaking wet when I opened my eyes. I must have been moaning, because the old Indian man was sitting not too far from me with a smile on his face. I spotted the bulge in his pants.
“Good morning,” he said, as he leaned forward a bit. My cheeks flushed but I smiled back at him.
“How did you sleep?” He had an innocent look on his face, and his question was genuine.
“Exquisite, thank you for asking. Haven’t slept this well in ages.” I sat up and the blanket fell down to my waist, exposing my breasts to him. When I moved, I could still feel the slimy feeling between my legs. He hadn’t cleaned me after he took me from the water.
“Everyone’s experience is different. I’m glad yours was a pleasurable one.” His answer confused me. Were there actually drugs in the tea he gave me, or had it really been a dream?
“Had it been real?” He didn’t answer me, instead he stood and moved to the bed. Without hesitation, he pulled the blanket away, pushed me down to my back and pushed his fingers between my legs. When he removed his hand, thick slime coated his hand. The feeling of his hand had been so unexpected that I couldn’t stop the moan from escaping my lips. His eyes darkened immediately, before he wiped the slime off on my tits.
“It was real.” His voice was low, and he placed his hand back between my legs, which opened on their own accord. It was like he had put a spell on me, as my hips started to buck against his hand. I needed relief from the tingling in my core.
“What have you done to me?” I moaned as I gripped the bed.
“Nothing, my dear. You opened yourself to healing. This is your body healing your mind.” I groaned as he pushed a finger inside me. It wasn’t enough. Desperation filled me.
“More, please.” He pulled his hand away and shifted, so he was sitting on his knees on the bed. He placed one hand on my lower belly, pushing my hips down on the bed. He positioned the other in front of my cunt, and slowly let all his fingers slide inside me. The slime made it so much easier, but I winced anyway as he stretched my pussy wide over his knuckles. The pressure on my belly made it feel so much better. He pushed until his fingers hit my cervix. There, he balled his hand into a large fist and started to pull out. I moaned deeply and loud as he didn’t stop, stretching my pussy even wider as he pulled all the way out. This time he didn’t stretch his fingers when he pushed back in. He pushed hard until my body gave in and his fist was engulfed by my cunt once again. Then he started fucking me. Hard. His fist bounced against my womb, which made my tits bounce on my body. I screamed. This had been exactly what I needed. More than I needed. The hand on my belly moved up to one of my breasts, which he gripped hard, his nails digging in my nipple. It was enough to make me cum, hard and loud, gushing over his arm. Right in the middle of my orgasm, he pulled his hand out of me roughly, which caused my back to arch and my world got black spots. My heart was pounding and I didn’t know what to do. I had been fingerfucked before. I had been fucked before. But never in my life had I been fisted. Fucked so hard by a hand that my insides were aching. And still I wanted more.

He left me then, with my legs still spread wide and my pussy still leaking. I heard him walk around the cabin and open a door. His footsteps outside, removing themselves from the cabin. He then returned to me, placing a hand on my mouth just to indicate that talking time was over. Day two of the healing had begun. He didn’t hand me tea now. Instead, he again lifted me up like I weighed nothing. He took me back to the river bank and placed me there on the sand, before flipping me over so I was on my hands and knees. With his hand, he pushed me down so my cheek was pressed against the sand. Like a proper whore, I hollowed my back and widened my legs slightly. His cock pressed against my asshole, and although I felt super sore from the eels yesterday, I didn’t complain. Silence was what he wanted of me, so it was what I was giving him. Guided by the slime, he slipped in easily and with long, deep strokes he started to fuck me. My breathing quickly became heavier but I refrained from moaning. Instead, I pushed back against his thrusts. One of his hands moved between my legs, which he stroked, his fingers slipping in to gather some of the slime and my own cum and smeared it all over my pussy and ass. I have him all the controls, as he gripped my hips hard and picked up the pace. I was close to an orgasm, but he was closer. Suddenly he stilled, and I felt how he shot his thick cum deep inside my ass. As he pulsated again, he pulled out, sending warm streaks over my ass, which he spread out with his fingers and mixing it with the slime. Everything felt sticky and spread wide open. He then took my hands and placed them on my ass cheek. I knew what he wanted and I quickly used my hands to pull my cheeks apart, not allowing my little hole to close. Not completely satisfied, he pushed a couple of fingers in, spreading me wider and I gripped my skin harder, pulling harder so I didn’t close again.

This whole journey was unexpected, and again he surprised me. He took a handful of sand and let it fall on top of my ass. I felt how it stuck to the slime and his cum on my skin. Another fist of sand, of which most fell into my spread open asshole. He rubbed the next one on my pussy, opening my lips with his hand and pushing some inside my wet core. Everything happened for a reason, although I suspected this might be his own sadistic tendencies. I let him. In fact, I pulled my ass even wider and hollowed my back more, so I gave him all the space. This was a journey of giving in, and allowing things to happen. The next thing he did was to grab a cup, fill it with lake water and slowly let it pour inside my gaping hole. Slow enough that I didn’t overflow, but I felt the cool water fill my bowels. If I moved now, I would for sure feel it sloshing inside me. Now I was just curious. Did he want my insides to be filled with mud? Watch how I shat mud?

I noticed the bucket not too far away from us. He grabbed it and moved back out of view. Not much later I felt something familiar. Something I had been dreaming of. Something that completely rocked my world yesterday. There were new eels. Thick, slimy eels that stretched my ass beyond its limit. The sand he poured on my skin didn’t make it easier for the animal to slide in and I gritted my teeth slightly as it forced its way inside. The lake water did make it easier though and as soon as it noticed the wetness, it seemed more eager to move forward. Soon, I felt it slip in completely, wiggling inside my bowels. More water was added to my ass, before a second eel was offered a place inside me. This one slipped in faster, as the path was opened by the previous one. The third was a thick one and I had to keep myself as relaxed as possible to allow it in. It was determined and soon it too slipped all the way in. Feeling my ass close a little over its thick body was the perfect feeling, I don’t think anything could ever come close to this. The man added another, and another. Short, long, thick and thin, he kept pushing in more until my belly was completely bulging and wiggling. I felt them slide and move around inside me, fighting for a place, moving further up where they could. My body cramped slightly at the weird intrusion, but I did not care. More water. More sand. More eels. Until I felt something else press in my ass. It was thick and ice cold. It wasn’t pushed all the way inside, but sealed the eels inside my butt. When I creeped my fingers closer, it felt like a metal plug. The man then pulled me up to my knees and stepped in front of me. I winced, my body feeling heavy and the shifting made all the eels wiggle around harder. I felt like I was going to burst. Or that the eels would wiggle its way up until they would come out of my mouth. I shivered at the thought and surprisingly, it aroused me. He pushed me down by my shoulders, so my pussy was pressed against the cool sand. My mouth was pried open and the man pressed is cock inside my mouth. He didn’t allow me to suck. Instead, one hand in my hair pulled my hair back, one on my chin kept my mouth open. I did stuck out my tongue a little as the man started to fuck my throat. Slow and deep. I gagged a couple of times, but he did not care. I could feel the slime that still covered his cock, and I could taste my ass on his skin. But I needed to give in. I did not control anything and that was fine. Soon, my face was covered by my own drool, dripping down to my tits. His pubes pressed against my nose and covered my lips with the slime that was still sticking to it. My eyes closed at one point as I pictured myself sitting there. A pussy buried in the sand, as my wide knees had caused me to sit low on the river bank. A plugged ass, and a belly full of live, wiggling eels, filled with water and sand. A throat that was being fucked deeply, against my control. My hands were resting on my legs. They didn’t matter anymore. I had no free will. If I really let my imagination run wild, I could see the cock as an eel, sliding in and out of my throat. It alone was close to make me cum, but I held back. I allowed the arousal to spread through my body but not to release. I clenched my ass tight on the big plug, one hand moved to my belly to feel the wiggles on my hand.

The man cummed, right down my throat. Thick, warm sperm shot straight to my stomach. I didn’t taste it as he was lodged deep inside me, stilling with his hips pressed against my nose. Breathing didn’t matter. Give up control. Finally he stepped away, releasing me, but I didn’t move. My mouth was still wide open in the exact same way. The only thing I did was open my eyes and look up to him. He stood there, watching me for a second. Cocking his head to the side for a second. He then started to stroke my face. With soft, gentle movements. His thumbs over my eyebrows and my eyes. My cheekbones. My temples. My forehead and my hair. Down over my nose. Over my spread open lips. My jaws. My chin. I didn’t move, but my eyes fluttered close. His fingers slipped inside my mouth, stroking my tongue. Sliding deeper in my throat. He was testing me again. He went from using me, to praising me, to pushing me again. I wanted him to. I wanted to see what I was capable of. And secretly, I was proud of myself for not gagging right now. And when I opened my eyes again, I couldn’t quite pinpoint the look on his face. He had something in mind, but I did not know what. He took a few steps to the bucket filled with eels, before walking back to me, holding a long thick one by its beak. It wiggled furiously, not appreciating the way it was being handled.
I blinked. Was he for real? I knew he was asking me, without saying a word. He held the tail in front of me. Could I…? Let go. Taking a deep breath, I tipped my head back just a bit further and gave him the tiniest of nods. My nights of furiously rubbing my clit while watching tentacle porn sprung to mind. This was as close as I would ever get. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go through with it. It is part of the process. My regret wouldn’t be about having an eel down my throat. My regret would be about not pushing through my own uncomfortability.

The eel was cold. It did not want to be lowered in my throat, but the man held firmly on to its tail as he pushed it in my mouth. The tip of its tail hit the back of my throat and I relaxed, allowing the cold eel to slide down my throat. I tried to ignore the slimy feeling and the bitter taste of it. Instead, I looked up at the man as he pushed more and more of the eel inside me, stretching my throat and blocking my airway. He pulled it up, allowing me a single breath, before pushing it down again. In and out. Fucking my throat with a live animal. The eel was angry as it curled up on itself, inside my throat, stretching me further. My eyes watered, but I did not give in. I was being throatfucked by an eel, while about ten more were still raging around in my bowels. I had never sunk this low, yet I never felt prouder at the same time. I proved to myself I could let go of what the world forced me to think. I could let go of the limits of my own mind. I could let go of grief if I really wanted to.

The man pushed the eel deep inside of me and for a second I was afraid he would let it go. Leave the eel inside me. But he pulled the eel slowly out of my mouth, before throwing it back into the lake. He then spat in my mouth and pushed my lips closed. I didn’t swallow just yet, but I swirled my tongue around to taste both the eels slime and his thick glob of spit. Gently he pushed me back, until I was laying on my back. His cock, which was raging hard again, was forced into my pussy, pushing in the sand that was still sticking to my slimy lips. It felt like sandpaper and I moaned deeply. His cock stirred the eels even more and it only took me seconds before I unexpectedly cummed hard. With his thumb he rubbed my sandy clit hard, forcing another one from my body. And another one. A frenzy of unrelenting orgasms, fueled by his cock and the eels inside. And then he cummed too. Sending his seed deep inside my womb.
I felt exhausted, like I had also just released all the pressure I had built up inside of me. The man slowly pulled his cock out and cleaned it on my tits. He then slowly pulled the plug out of my ass, watching how it stretched right over the thickest point before pulling it away. Immediately, two eels slipped out which had been close to my hole. The release of pressure in my belly felt good, yet I felt sad at the same time. But the man sat back. He watched how my asshole slowly closed, trapping the eels inside me. He then pushed down on my belly, causing the eels to start to move again. I groaned as one pushed against my asshole, looking for a way out. Forcing the hole to open and it slipped out, wiggling its way to the lake. Another followed. The man kept pushing firmly, working his way over my whole belly to make sure I was completely empty. I felt empty and light. When he thought there was nothing left in there, he slipped his fingers inside my asshole. Just like he had done with my pussy this morning, he pushed until my hole stretched over his knuckles. This time there was no limit. He pushed his arm in as far as he could go, feeling around for more of the slimy, rubbery eels. Pushing on my stomach at the same time. And all I did was lay there and let it happen. Give him complete control.

When he was sure I was empty, he closed his hand to a fist and slowly pulled himself out, watching me wince and groan as he came to my sphincter. My body was his. He then picked me up, took me to the lake and washed me completely. Dunked my head under water to wash my face. Cleared my tits from the slime and his cum. Used one hand to open my pussy and the other to rub the cum, sand and slime from my cunt. Moved back to open my ass and do the same, cleaning me from the inside. He then lifted me and carried me to the cabin. There, he grabbed my clothes and dressed me without drying me off. He didn’t bother to put on underwear.
He packed my bag, took me by the hand and pulled me gently outside, to a car I hadn’t spotted before. He still didn’t say anything as he started to drive to the nearest airport. There, he pulled me out of the car and kissed me deeply. His hand caressed my cheek and he smiled.
“Your healing is done. Go home and rest up. Start living.”

So I followed what that stranger said. I went home. Rested. Restarted my life. But at nights I swore I could still feel the wiggling of a forgotten eel inside me.

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