The Servant of A Dog Squad

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June 22nd, 2018: I was on my computer, and watched my favorite bestiality video, which featured a Great Dane screwing a milf, and that’s where I looked to my dogs. I did some internet research, upon where the risks of getting multiple diseases, but, me and my dogs are all healthy, so, I carried on. I closed all open spots in my house, and I raced up to the bathroom. The dogs had followed, 2 of them, and at that exact moment, I took off my clothes, unaware of their footsteps, as I was preparing to be mated. As I was, my 1 Great Dane, Maximus, jumped on me, like if he was a bull, and tried to mate me, but, he got off, and went to licking. After 2 minutes, both of my bloodhounds come, and 1 of them, Scotty, hops, and actually mounts furiously. I screamingly moan, waiting for him to expand his knot. We did knot. After we did, he pulled me around, then stopped. When he did, he looked at my large boobs. I started thinking. I decided to roll over, and after I did, still knotted, I lay all of my body on his body, and rubbed my boobs onto him. After 22 minutes, we had unknotted. I took all of them to , what I call, my Love Lair, my bedroom, exactly. They app literally jumped on me, they all fighted to see who my next lover is. It was my Boxer, one of them, named John, and he is the absolute best. After 4 minutes of mating, he got his knot in. When we unknotted after 19 minutes, you will not believe the amount of cum that came from his penis. It felt like his whole sperm system, and if was so relieving!! I literally do this almost every night with them, all 5 of them.

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  • EJ

    great story, would love to get an expanded version!!

  • Kiwi

    Wow the image of you being fucked by those horny dogs filling your wet pussy with all their cum has made me so horny I would to love to watch and join in