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Daddy loves me

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I love my mommy Tara and dad and grandpa very much. I love what we do inside and outside the bedroom

I’m Jen B red hair green eye’s 5 foot 1 inch tall 100 pounds 32A boobs

Mommy Tara quit her job at the dinner. Because my dad makes enough money to support all of us . Me mommy Tara and my grandpa . We live in a big house its got 5 bedrooms 3 full bathrooms and a half bathroom a full finished basement. 6,000 square feet of house with 60 acres of yard . My dad got when my great grandparents passed away. Anyway I get home from school mommy Tara greats me at the door. Mommy Tara gives me a hug and a kiss . Mommy Tara helps me with my homework. Mommy Tara starts dinner she ask how my day was in school. I said it was ok there this boy who try to be my boyfriend. He asked me out a lot . But I don’t like him that way just friends. Mommy Tara asked has he done anything to you thats inappropriate. I said no we kissed once he touched my boob as we kissed . That’s all we did that was only one time that happened. We never did anything after that. Mommy Tara says it’s ok Jenny. Just tell him you only like him as a friend not like boyfriend girlfriend I said ok mommy . Mommy Tara said ok Jenny we need to get ready for when daddy gets home . Mommy tarar got us matching pink tight panties and tight white tank top. Dad gets home I hug and kiss him . Dad walks in the kitchen . Mommy Tara hugs and gives dad a big long kiss . Dad grabs mommy Tara ass . We sit down eat dinner we all talk about our day . My grandpa says you ladies look gorgeous and sexy tonight. Dad agrees. We finished eating me and mommy Tara do the dishes. Dad goes and changes . .dad comes down in boxer underwear. After a couple hours dad says you girks ready for bed . We said yes its getting late.

We get to mommy Tara and dad bedroom. Das takes off his boxer underwear get on tge bed . Me and mommy tars get on each side of him . Mommy Tara kissing dad on his cheek. I see mommy tara hand going down dad body to dad dick . Mommy Tara starts playing with it .. dad starts to undress mommy Tara. Mommy Tara gets on dad face . I hear dad ducking mommy Tara pussy . Then mommy Tara starts sucking dads dick . Dad playing with my boob . Mommy Tara sucking you hear sucking noises. Then I see mommy Tara hips moving up and down. I hear that’s it fuck my pussy with your tounge. The I hear mommy Tara moan loud. I see this liquid shooting out of mommy Tara pussy. Mommy Tara says I’m cumming. Mommy Tara finished and collapse in dad . Then dad puts mommy Tara on her back . Dad gets between her legs put his dick in mommy tara pussy. Dad starts moving in and out . Dad leand down srart sucking mommy Tara boobs. Dad moves faster .dad moaning as he sucking mommy Tara boobs . Mommy Tara says baby slow down a little . I don’t want us to hurt the baby . Dad slow down some . Mommy Tara says that’s it baby right there . Mmmmmm yes baby it’s feels so good then mommy tara says she going to cum again. Then mommy Tara says. Baby only cum in my mouth because I want out baby to eat what I eat . I want to swallow your cum till the baby born . Dad says ok my love . Dad moves faster says baby I’m getting ready to cum . . Ok my sexy husband in my mouth. I want swallow your cum . Dad pulls out. Goes up to mommy Tara mouth. Mommy Tara starts sucking dad dick . Then dad grabs mommy Tara head I see dad dick jumping. Mommy Tara moaning with every shot of cum going in her mouth. Dad pulls out mommy Tara swallow. Says yes now our baby can taste you .

Mommy Tara pregnancy test


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  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I can not drink alcohol not even wine it will hurt my baby that’s growing in me . I noticed since i’m pregnant i am so horny , i can’t wait to have daddy and grandpa fuck the two of us tonight . I bought two white crotchless lace bodystockings for us to wear, they are the same size because i am the same size and build as you sweetheart. love mommy Tara !

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I’m making Thanksgiving dinner today for dad, grandpa and you so we all can sit down together as a whole family and love each other , and tonight we can play with daddy and grandpa. Mommy Tara !

    • Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      Mommy Tara that sounds amazing as a family can’t wait

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I was really worried about you !! I have not heard from you and you have not posted anything !! mommy Tara !

  • Reply Bob ID:1ek6aj78op9r

    If that’s you in the picture area, GOD, would love to see more of that beautiful body… You are gorgeous

  • Reply Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

    MOMMY TARA im here

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Are you there babygirl ? mommy Tara

  • Reply Tj ID:1dvmpjq0lcmv

    Sexy lol slut Daddy would love to meet you..

  • Reply ian ID:19uff67joid

    You are very beautiful Jen, i certainly enjoy seeing your smile, and what a perfect outfit you have picked. mummy TARA certainly has a beautiful daughter, and a very lucky daddy and grandpa you both have.

    • TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      Ian you leave me and my daughter jen alone ! or i send my Wolf after you and you will have to deal with him !! I am married with a knew loving husband and father in law and beautiful daughter jen.

  • Reply goby ID:22lqx5oyqk

    hot hot want to see more of you

  • Reply goby ID:22lqx5oyqk

    more picture show more xxxx

  • Reply Strong Lord ID:1dkurefjt733

    Damn if you and my daughter I’ll be fucking every night

  • Reply Just daddad ID:mybk3btd4

    You are so hot

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Daddy bent me over the kitchen table and fucked me today and i just got through sucking his cock and swallowing all his sperm to feed my baby now i’m gonna go and fuck jenny and suck her tits. jenny is very protective of me now since i’m pregnant. love you my babygirl mommy Tara !

    • Wolfe ID:1dt1c1df28ja

      My beautiful dominatrix Tara. Go to, I want Brittany in the teen category. I have a special comment for you and your little girl Jen. Your Sissyfag Wolfe

    • TARAS ass ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Hi baby

  • Reply Jack ID:1u70l0m9a

    Fuck you are so beautiful and sexy 🔥🥵🤤

    • Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      Thank you Jack