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2 Boys in the Woods – Epilogue

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The FINAL, final chapter of Chris, David, & Debbie. Debbie finally gets her dare!


Debbie remembered feeling so comfortable that day. Her two best friends on either side of her, the soft breeze flowing over their naked bodies and the sun dancing through the tree canopy overhead.

It was just a few weeks before then that she knew nothing about sex. Not really. Just what she had read in health class and what she had seen in the movies. David and Chris invited her to their weird game of dare and she had let them have sex with her, and she loved it! She loved the feeling it gave her. Not just the orgams, which were fantastic, but that the three of them now shared these moments she felt had given them something that would last forever. They three 12 year olds became more than friends that day.

The fall and winter, as expected, didn’t give them any opportunity to spend any time together, not in any way that would allow them to have sex. They were closer than ever in school. They ate lunch together, sat together in any study halls or classes that they shared, and walked home together. if not the three of them, then at least one other of them.

They kept their summer secret to themselves and counted on renewing their adventures the next spring when tragedy struck. David and his family moved away. It was devastating to the trio. Debbie cried for days after saying goodbye to David and she was pretty sure Chris cried too, though she never saw him do it. David shared his new phone number and address with them, but he was miles away in another school. To get together would take planning and parents. The latter of which would prevent them from really enjoying themselves.

Spring came and Chris and Debbie thought they’d try and have some fun at the party circle but things got worse. The woods had been developed over the winter. What was their spot, the spot where they first saw each other naked, where the boys “accidentally” came all over her, the spot where Debbie had her first orgasm, was now someone’s backyard!

Now they were without their best friend AND a place to share their special moments. Debbie and Chris felt lost. They took each other’s hands and walked home.

Over the following years, She and Chris dated, officially. They occasionally got together with David when his mom drove him over to one of their houses or they went to his, but the three never made love in that time.

Now it was summer, 4 years later and it looked as though things were finally turning their way! David was moving BACK to their school! His parents divorced and his mom decided to move back to let him graduate with his friends. The best part was that this summer her parents were letting her stay home and not go on the family trip to the lake! She had a HOUSE, a whole house to herself for a week! When she told Chris and Davis the news she could swear she saw their pants bulge! They all knew what it meant. After all this time, after all these years, they would finally be together again!

How the boys arranged to stay out all night, Debbie didn’t know or care. They were coming over to her house that evening after dinner and they weren’t leaving until the next morning.

Promptly at 7pm, the doorbell rang. Debbie ran and flung open the door. David and Chris stood there with smiles stretching across their faces. She let them in and they all hugged each other almost too tightly. “Shit!! I missed you guys so much! I can’t believe this is happening!”

“Right?! Did you know it has been FOUR years!” David said.

“Jesus, yes, we know! Debbie and I have practically counted the days.”

David asked, “Did you guys really not have sex together in all that time.”

“Meh..” Debbie replied. “We tried. Once in the back of the car, behind the shed in Chris’ yard… but we couldn’t get into it.”

“Yeah… it wasn’t the same.” Chris added.

“We totally need to get naked! I want to see how much we’ve changed!” Debbie said and began pulling up her top, revealing her braless breasts. “Check these out!”

“Damn, Debbie!” David exclaimed! “You’ve got tits!”

Debbie cupped them and gave them a jiggle “32 D’s baby, and they have missed their boys!”

David and Chris took the hint and each knelt down in front of Debbie and began kissing and suckling a boob. “Mmmmm… So much better!” Debbie moaned.

After a few minutes, the boys got up and undressed themselves. Debbie finished undressing as well, except her panties.

The three took in the sight of each other. Debbie marveled at the boys, already rock hard, “You guys look great!” Their bodies were fit and strong from years of running and swimming in the case of David. Their muscles were well defined and their cocks looked bigger than they did even a few years ago.

“You’re beautiful, Debbie!” David said. “Fucking sexy!” Debbie was still slim. She did a slow turn to show herself off. Her 32 D tits sat over a tight waste and thanks to her own time in cross country running, her legs were shapely and her ass was round and very firm. “Why the panties?”

“My next surprise!” she replied and pulled off the blue thong. “Look, I have less hair now than I did back then!” she laughed. Her pussy was shaved smooth. A soft triangle of flesh sat in between her legs.

The boys laughed “That’s awesome! You look great!” Chris said. “I can’t wait to taste it again!”

“No time like the present! Come on!” She led them to her room and she flopped onto her bed backfirst and spread her legs. “Dessert is ready!” she exclaimed!

“After you,” Chris said to David. “Welcome back!”

David knelt on the floor and leaned in between her legs. He only licked up and down a few times before he dove in and began eating her out. “OoohH!! Shit!!” Debbie yelled. “Fuck! You are HUNGRY! MMMMmmmm…”

David slipped two fingers in and began fingering her pussy. He easily found the special spots, both with his tongue on the outside, and with his fingers on the inside. “FUCK!! YES!!! Ahhh….!! YESSS DAVID!!! DON’T STOP!!!” Debbie screamed. “FUUUUUCK! I’M CUMMING!” Just as she did four years ago, her body
instantly covered itself in goosebumps and she spasmed as juices gushed from her pussy and drenched David’s hand…

“Quick! David said to Chris, “Jump in!”

Chris did just that. His fingers dove into Debbies wet slit and he licked and sucked at her clit. Debbie continued to scream and spasm. “Oh, SHIIIIITT!! YES!!! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!”
She came again almost instantly. “OooOOOoooOHH!! FUCK, YES! Oh.. shit…that felt amazing. You guys are so much better than anything I can ever do!”

“You’re welcome!” David said. “Glad we haven’t lost our touch!”

“You definitely did NOT! I thought of something the other day… I need you guys to do something for me before I tell you.”

“OK, ” Chris said. “What do you need?”

“I want each of you to fuck me for a little bit, but don’t cum! Just slip those fantastic cocks in me and get them good and wet!”

The boys shrugged, “OK, Fine with us”

Chris stood up and slipped his cock in. He was just shy of 6 inches, but his cock had gotten fairly thick. “Fuck!! You feel amazing, Debbie! Hard not to cum!”

Debbie moaned and sighed with pleasure. She let out a long breath as he entered her. “Oh… fuck… you feel amazing too! God, you are thick!”

“Your turn, David… I can’t go much longer.” Chris said as he pulled out. His dick shined with Debbies juices.

David moved into position and slowly slipped his dick into his gorgeous friend. He wasn’t as thick as Chris, but he was a little longer. Maybe an extra inch or so. “Mmmmm You DO feel incredible!” he sighed.

“MmmHmmmm… Oooohhh.. I can feel you how much longer you’ve gotten! Damn!!”

Soon David too had to stop as well. Like Chris, his cock was practically dripping. “OK.. This better be good…”

“Remember the first time you invited me to the woods? You two pretending that you accidentally came all over me.”

“Hey! We did!” Said Chris. They both laughed

“UhHuh… Right.. anyway.. I never got me dare! You said I could dare you two to do something and I never did.”

“Oookay… So now you want your dare?” Asked David

“Yup! I do! I dare you two to suck each other’s dicks!”

“What?!” Scoffed David. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah.. I don’t know.” added Chris.

“Come on! It’s my dare! You two will taste like me, so how bad could it be? I used to suck your dicks. It isn’t a big deal!”

The boys looked at each other, and the others dick, both of which were now only semi hard.

“PLEASE!” begged Debbie. “It isn’t going to make you gay or something! Just try it!”

Chris was the first to shrug and agree, “A dare is a dare… I’ll do it.”

David looked at him wide eyed… “Really? You’ll be OK with sucking my dick?”

“Yeah… and you sucking mine. We don’t know. It might be fun.” Chris said.

“Fine.. OK. I guess.”

“Awesome!” Debbie cheered. “Lay down on the bed in opposite directions so you can do it at the same time! I’m really excited!”

The boys nervously did as she instructed and soon they were face to dick with each other.

‘Well,” Debbie prodded. “Go ahead! I’ll help.” She knelt behind Chris and held David’s cock out for Chris and Chris’ out for David. Chris was the first to lean his head forward and take the offered dick into his mouth. David gasped at the sensation of his semi hard cock being in the mouth of his friend. He went ahead and took in Chris’ eliciting a moan from Chris.

Debbie caressed the boys bodies and, sliding her hands up and down their legs, arms and bodies, occasionally cupping their balls as the boys sucked each other.

“This is so fucking hot guys! Don’t stop!” She stood up on the bed and leaned against the headboard and began rubbing her clit. “mmmmmMmmmmmMmmMMM… Keep going!” she begged. “Don’t stop! I want to cum with you!”

David was the first to break from sucking Chris’ dick… “I”m going to cum! I’m going to cum, man…” Chris kept David’s dick in his mouth as David unloaded! He swallowed each shot as David groaned with surprised pleasure.

“YES!!” Debbie screamed.. “I’m cumming too!! Ooooo, I’m cumming!” Streams of her juices began running down her leg as she spasmed against the wall. “Fuck, yes! Cum with us Chris! Suck him, David! Suck him!!”

David restarted his sucking of his friend’s dick. He felt Chris getting even thicker and heard him begin to moan. He prepared himself for what he thought was going to be a disgusting experience and closed his eyes as he felt the first shot of cum shoot across his tongue, then another and another. He tried his best to swallow it. Gulping over and over to pull it down.

“Fuck!!” Chris Moaned. “Nice, dude! That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

David shook his head, and swallowed again.

“Here!” Debbie said as she jumped off the bed and pulled up a couple bottles of water from the floor. “This will help.”

They boys took a few swigs of water. “That really wasn’t awful.” David admitted. “I thought it would taste worse.”

“And it was kind of fun, wasn’t it?” Asked Debbie.

The boys looked at each other, nodding. “Yeah.. it was actually!” said Chris.

“Dare completed! Thank you guys!” Debbie hugged them both. “Now… I REALLY need you to fuck my brains out!”

The three laughed and then they began doing something that they never did four years ago. They kissed! It started with Chris kissing Debbie, then Debbie kissing David, then Chris and David trying to kiss Debbie at the same time which lead to Chris kissing David! They three shared kisses back and forth in every combination… until Debbie pulled away and sat back staring at her friends. A tear fell down her left cheek.

“What’s wrong?” asked David.

“Are you OK?” asked Chris.

She nodded… “Everything is fantastic… guys, I… Iove you! I’m in love with you two!”

“I love you too!” Chris said. “I mean, I love you TWO, too!”

“Same!” David said. “I was afraid to say it… I love you guys. I mean, I really love you!”

The three friends sat in the bed, hugging, crying and kissing until finally David spoke up again. “Now… about those brains that need fucking!”

“YES!” Debbie squealed and threw herself down on the bed!


They spent that whole night fucking, sucking, and kissing. After that night they didn’t try to hide their love for each other anymore.
Their parents didn’t understand at first. The three never told them about the sex, but they would hold hands together and hug each other and kiss in public, and the parents thought it was some weird phase and something that would pass. It didn’t. The three finished high school, David and Debbie went to college, Chris found work in a trade.
They moved in together afterwards and Debbie and Chris wed, but David stood as the best, best man. As far as they three were concerned, they were all married to each other.

Like in a fairy tale, the three lived happily ever after!

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