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Garden time

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Getting a school girl to help in the garden and to lose her virginity to my middle age cock.

First time I saw her was at the stop, while waiting for the bus. Slim youthful body, long black hair, cute face with pale skin and rosy cheeks. She looked around 14, having that awkwardness teens have before turning into adults. Before she was off to uni to shag all those faggots at the house parties and turn into yet another basic, used up whore. I shouldn’t care about that though, I was going to enjoy the here and now, couldn’t give a flying fuck about the rest.

I rarely went to the office more than once a week, but for the next couple of weeks I commuted daily so I could map the girl’s habits. Found out her school, her address, her social media, all of it. Her name was Morgan, a weird one. Even got lucky and sat really close to her on the bus a few times. Noticed all her peculiarities, the lanky frame, the slender long fingers, the intelligent but awkward demeanor

Then one day I got even more lucky and sat next to her. I commented on the badges on her rucksack, some animal rights activists shit. Got her talking and played into it, creating a wedge. She was guarded, but opened up after I pretended to be into what she liked, using all the Intel I had gathered.

From there on it escalated, going from chatting at the bus stop to chatting on social media. I took my time but slowly I made quite the impression on her and became her wise older friend. Even though I was almost three times her age, she was convinced I got her, that she could trust me. One of the things she told me was how much she loved nature, which I already knew. Another was how she was still a virgin but was having all sorts of random erotic fantasies, like being in a naturist commune where everyone is running around in nature, nude and with no judgment. That, I could use.

I finally got her to come over to my place. Supposedly to help with finishing a wild flower meadow at my garden and fix some stuff for bees. Truth be told, I was keeping a nice, tighty garden, with the tall fence and vegetation creating a private nice corner for myself. I called sick at work, not that anyone gave a fuck, and waited for my special guest. The school was on a break at the time, but with her parents working, Morgan had freedom of movement.

It was spring, not cold anymore but with gray skies, like always in this bloody country. I was wearing my cargo shorts and boots and a flannel shirt. I still worked out, but my waistline had gotten bigger over the last few years. Still, I wasn’t too shabby.

Morgan arrived early, looking nervous but beaming with excitement. She had wide short shorts and sandals on, exposing her long slender legs and cute feet, and a light raincoat. I ushered her inside before anyone would see her at my front door. I convinced her to have some chilled wine with me while gardening. From what she had told me, she had little exposure to alcohol so I took advantage of that.

We did some flower seeding and moved some logs at a corner. Luckily, she was getting bubbly from the wine and the clouds parted, warming up the garden.

I told her I’d often sunbathe in my garden, nothing better than the soft mossy grass under my feet and the sun on my skin. She loved the idea, as I knew she would. Soon she had her sandals and coat off, laying on the grass. Her small tits barely formed a mound under her t shirt but I could see the outlines of her puffy nipples.

After getting her some more wine, I excused myself and stripped down to my underwear and laid down. She laughed with how brazen I was and wished she could spend her life sunbathed like this. I took the opportunity and confessed to her that my biggest pleasure was being naked under the sun and that normally I’d be all naked if I was alone. Morgan laughed some more and confessed that she did that a few times at her garden, but there was little privacy and probably was seen. The alcohol and my manners persuaded her that she could always use my garden to fulfill her naturist fantasies, that I knew what it was to not being able to feel that type of freedom. That there was no judgement in my garden.

Reluctantly, she got on her feet, kicked her shorts off, then her t shirt and panties, standing there all naked, hands hanging awkwardly. She had alabaster skin and the rose colored puffy nipples, already erect. Not much in the ass department but she looked tight and fresh, accentuated by her smooth tighty cunt.

I got out of my undies too and topped up our glasses with wine. She didn’t even look at the glass, her eyes were on my hairy body, drawn down to my thick shaft. Morgan took her drink and said nothing, but she got used to my nudity eventually.

Then gradually I got closer and closer to her, then my hand touched her young body. She flinched but didn’t pull away and let me message her shoulders as she sat on the grass. I was firm with her but deliberate and had her moaning in pleasure. Inevitably I pulled back her lush black hair and kissed her. She wasn’t good at it but we practiced plenty.

I could tell she was scared and curious when I put her hand on my cock, but she kept jerking me off slowly after I let go of her hand. In turn, I played with her pussy and soon she was experiencing her first fingering by a man! Fuck me, it would be a mission getting my cock inside her tight pussy.

Not wanting to cut her any slack, I pushed her on her back, made her hold her legs spread and dipped my tongue in her wet pussy. I ate her out like mad, tasting all of her juices, invading her tight holes, going crazy while she cried. She was genuinely tasty and her smells drove me wild. My affectations had their desired result and the teenager was soon crying while her orgasm shot through her body.

I got between her legs and rested my rock hard cock on her, balls against her lips. Generally I’m not into feet but it felt natural getting her small toes in my mouth, while rubbing my erection on her. She laughed from tingling but I could see the worry in her eyes, she was scared from what was coming next.

It was time young Morgan got to experience the real deal. I hooked my arms under her knees, lined up the exposed cockhead to her lips and pushed with intent. She cried out in pain, even as sleak as it was her virgin pussy was not ready for a girthy cock like mine. But I persisted until I was halfway in, about three inches of meat lodged inside her cunt.

I kissed the little bitch. Even if the garden was private, I didn’t want any neighbours getting nosy after hearing a girl screaming. Same time I cupped her small butt cheeks, spread her and sunk deeper inside her, crushing her under my weight until I hit the back of her pussy. Morgan was such a lucky girl, getting stretched and bottomed out on her first time. I wondered if I was turning her into a size queen?

Staying still so she could get used to me, I got off her face and started kissing her neck, whispering to her how amazing she was, how special it felt making her fantasies come true. It was all bullshit, but I no harm winning her heart.

I started fucking her slowly, moving an inch or so in and out of her. It was unlike anything I experienced before, the pressure and wetness of her pussy. It was as if her body was trying to milk my cock and I was losing control fast. Over time, her face changed from pure agony to tiredness and then surrender. She was no longer screaming, just cries and moans and my grunting as I worked her insides hard. It was over a week since I last came and combined with her tightness and the intensity of the setting, there was no way of lasting long. My cum surged through my cock and I came hard inside her, pushing deep and hard with each shot.

There were tears going down her flushed cheeks. I kissed her and bit her tongue and lips as I emptied my balls. She was relieved when I I pulled out my spent cock. I had her cuddle me, all while I praised her for being so brave and fun, for honouring me by choosing me as her first. All bullshit, but I had great plans for the girl and I needed her to buy into it all. I kept the pressure on until she admitted how good it felt to have her orgasm and she was genuinely surprised to hear that she made me feel good, considering her inexperience. Well, she’d have plenty of opportunities to learn, if only she’d want to stay close and share my garden.

My words had an effect on her and she relaxed in my hug. We even made out for quite a bit, like teenagers. I could not resist kissing her everywhere, traveling along her slender body. Her used pussy was too tempting to avoid and I went down on her, licking and sucking with thirst.

Morgan could take it only for so long. Plus she looked really exhausted, with having the wine and my cock inside her, not stuff she was used to. I carried her to my bedroom and cuddled with her in my bed, where she was soon asleep. I even managed to get some rest myself, while keeping her fresh body close to me.

I woke up first, the girl sleeping with her back at me and my cock hard, so I started rubbing it gently against her. First on her back and then pushing it between her skinny thighs from behind until she was awake too, dazed but having slept the drunkenness away. She was s bit upset and confused with what happened in the morning, but I managed to calm her down and get her in the shower with me.

My cock was still hard for her and I made her play with it. Seeing her slender fingers wrapped around it was mesmerising. I needed to fuck her again but she still hurt from before and I had to pace myself. Instead, I had her close my soaped cock between her thighs and held her close while humping her. She was so slender that my cock was longer then her thighs were thick. I mean, I have decent length, but overall she’s so thin compared to me. She could even hold the tip in her fist. We kept that up until I came in her hand.

At the end she left all tidy and clean, though she looked a lot more fleeting and thoughtful then in the morning. As long as she kept our little adventure to herself, I’d be fine. Now I had to keep up playing her and hopefully I’d get to do a lot more with her in the future.

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    I wish I had a bolder guy to use me. My kik is bella_quinn123

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    Hopefully your seeds will grow strong and healthy in her

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    My neighbour’s 12yr daughter helps me with gardening and lost her virginity in my back shed…3 weeks ago..

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      Be sure to help her by planting your seed in her regularly and hopefully they will take root

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