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Siblings Lose Virginity Together (Real Life Incest)

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12 yr old lil sister Rochelle and her big brother Nat lose their virginity together,innocent play leads to curiosity about Sex and naughty play time

This is My very first ever story,I hope you enjoy,it’s based on real life events,thanks for reading 🙂
The Backstory
12 Year old Rochelle was such beautiful girl a little on the curvy side but she was absolutely gorgeous and so very cute with her smile and her chocolate brown
Eyes and wavy dark brown hair and although she didn’t get much attention from the Boys her age at school because she was a little overweight,a few had a crush on her but the boys her age were rather immature and Rochelle was a clever intelligent more mature 12 year old. Rochelle had a rather bad experience in school With bullying just like her older brother Nat had previously had too and they both had a few friends but they were your normal typical close siblings who always had each other and Were like Best Friends Nat was very protective over this little sister Rochelle and Rochelle always looked up and admired her big brother Nat.
The Build Up
It was July 2006 a Hot Summer day just a typical day that was about to get ever hotter,Rochelle was in her bedroom playing with her Barbie Dolls,she had always been a collector of them and still is today and she liked giving them characters and personalities,she had two dolls called Scott and Jess who were brother and sister and she was acting out a scene with them where they shared a kiss which lead to incest Sex where Jess worried about doing it with her brother and getting pregnant but Scott’s character said don’t worry a brother can’t get his sister pregnant(which of course is a lie) Nat was with Rochelle playing and after hearing this he was surprised at what his sister had just said through her dolls but it was what was on her mind ,her next move surprised him more,she grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips,Just a sweet peck on the lips and she said I Love You…..as more than just My brother and with that Nat grabbed Rochelle’s face and they started kissing with tongues and everything a hot and steamy makeout session,Nat asked Rochelle have You every wondered what Sex is like? And how it feels? And say if the world ended and You had never had Sex you’d feel like you had missed out,they were both still virgins and then Rochelle replied We could try,We can do it,let’s have Sex,they didn’t have any condoms and she wasn’t on the Pill or any form of contraception so it was risky but in the heat of the moment they weren’t thinking about that and just two really horny youngsters,being brother and sister kinda went out the window,Nat asked Rochelle Many times Are You really sure You Wanna do this? Are you 100% sure this is what You Wanna do? No going back? Do You consent? And said they could stop at any time and Nat wanted Rochelle to be comfortable at all time because even though he was a virgin himself his little sister who he had never seen or looked at in a romantic way or a Sexual way ever before was about to give him the most sacred special gift a girl could ever give a boy her virginity and Nat was about to pop Rochelle’s Cherry and rip her Hymen,they made there way over to her bedroom door and made sure it was locked so they wouldn’t be interrupted by their parents and so now the naughty fun could really begin……
The Main Event
Nat placed Rochelle up against her bedroom door and they started making out and taking off each others clothes like horny animals while deep breathing and panting and gazing into each others with a real sexual want,need and desire,there clothes where flying off,Rochelle removed Nat’s top and pulled down his jeans and removed his jeans and his boxers and Nat removed Rochelle’s top and unhooked her bra and threw it on there floor and there In front him his sisters big boobs like two juicy melons and hardened nipples bounced in front of him and then Nat asked Rochelle are You sure You still want to do this? We can stop at anytime,if You’re uncomfortable or not enjoying it just let me know and We’ll stop,if it’s ok can I take Your pants off now? Rochelle said I want this and go on take them off,what are You waiting for? Nat slowly and sensually pulled his sister’s pants and blue flower panties down and now they had crossed a line they wouldn’t just be siblings any more but lovers too. They were standing in front of each other as naked as the day they were born,seeing Rochelle’s naked hairy bushy virgin Pussy was a sight to behold and Nat’s instant boner and fully hard erect penis was ready for all the naughty stuff they Were about to get up too but they had to keep the noise down as their Mom and Dad were in the house too,there were kissing and sucking everywhere on each others naked bodies and then Nat got on his knees and started licking his sister’s sweet pink pussy,it was the pinkiest pussy You’ll ever seen and she was absolutely dripping with heat and completely soaking wet,breathing in her intoxicating scent and aroma and lapping up her tasty delectable Pussy juice,her juices were heavenly and divine and sweet and Nat was doing the alphabet with his tongue in Rochelle’s Pussy as a technique and when that was done he started fingering her tight hole too,Rochelle had loved being the receiver but she wanted to be a giver too,she got her hand and wrapped it around Nat’s cock and started masturbating him until he came and then she was thinking of Oral and giving him a blowjob but was a little nervous,it’s ok you don’t have to said Nat as he could quite half believe what they had done already but Rochelle preserved and took his cock into her mouth and You would never of guessed it was her first time giving head,she was a pro and she swallowed down every last drop of his semen.
But this was enough of the foreplay and the horny siblings were about get down to business and lose their virginity to each other,Enough of this foreplay Nat I need You inside of me already so put it in Me,I’m ready Rochelle demanded with a sexual list longing and hunger,ok sis if you insist and are really ready Nat replied and guide his penis head to his sister’s tight virgin hole,is it in yet? Rochelle asked,Nat said No not yet as he was taking his time to make Sure he didn’t hurt her and that he got it right,then with one long fast deep thrust that was it and her hymen was broken and her virginity gone,Ooooo now You’re in,Oh My God You’re in,they were standing there having Sex in standing missionary position thrusting away and meeting each other with every thrust,the penis entered the vagina and in and out repeatedly,it was like they were made for each other literally or there private parts/genitals were as it was the perfect fit,it was romantic and they kept on kissing and kissing each others necks and bodies constantly during the love making,there heartbeats were beating faster than ever and Like A Virgin – Madonna “yeah you make me feel shiny and new,oh like a virgin touch for the very first time,when you’re heart beats next to mine” Nat said the lyrics to Rochelle and it was just fitting….speaking of fitting,Rochelle’s now not so virgin Vagina was holding Nat’s penis in the tightest vice grip and milking his penis dry,they were having fast deep but loving passionate sex but trying to make little noise as their Mom and Dad were home and they didn’t want to get caught,while having Sex Nat and Rochelle could hear the TV was on in the other room and it was playing Slow – Kylie Minogue with the lyrics “slow down and dance with Me,yeah slow,skip a beat and move with my body,yeah slow,read my body language” that only added to the heat and fire of their incest romp,the song just fitted and was like fate to come on during their lovemaking so they said the lyrics to each other
“Oh God Roch baby,yes Oh Roch You’re so Damn tight,You’re pussy is the best,this feels absolutely incredible” Nat moaned and groaned while trying to hold on and not cum so soon,”Oh Nat Your cock just fills me up completely and makes me feel whole” Roch replied while grunting,panting and heavy breathing and trying not to scream and shout out in sheer pleasure and absolute sexual delight,they both reached orgasm at the same time,oh No Nat You’ve cum Roch said a little worried,her pussy game was so strong Nat couldn’t pull out in time,they both hoped that they would be ok and she would get pregnant,Nat withdrew his penis and they both kissed and hugged and Nat kissed Rochelle on her head and thanked her for giving him
Her virginity and they had shaky legs because for them the earth just moved and it felt like an earthquake,they had one thing left to do and that was Anal and Nat got his penis and shoved it up Rochelle’s bum and eventually came in there too and spanked her ass to finish,Rochelle said that she wanted to go clean up but before that she put her blue flower panties back on but now they had her virginity and broken hymen blood in them,Now they had crossed the line and made love and become lovers they both didn’t know if this was just a one off or if they would have Sex with each other again but leaving the bedroom reeking of their Sex smell and combination of Pussy juice,semen and sweat hanging in the room not both siblings knew that with all they had been through in their lives this brought them closer than they had ever been before and this probably wasn’t going to just be a one off and it would inevitably happen again and for them both it was the happiest they had ever been and happiest moment of their lives,they left the room to both get themselves cleaned up until

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    This is a wonderful and delightful story. I really enjoyed it.
    Yes there were mistakes made, no paragraphs etc. But for a first story, this was truly amazing. Good punctuation, spelling and all that will improve as you write more. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, especially in the beginning. Keep writing. You got a wonderful untapped talent.

    • Sexty9 ID:1e2pch72k87j

      Thank You there will definitely be more to cum

  • Reply Willy T. ID:1e3ylbyp4gki

    If she was old enough to have pubes, she was old enough to buy a plan ‘B’ pill.

    • Sexty9 ID:1cobcrfxubp1

      Yes she was old enough to have pubes and a thick bush she had and she didn’t buy a Plan B pill because she was usually painfully shy,very sensitive and a bit Naive and We didn’t think We would need it and that time We got lucky and she wasn’t pregnant and she didn’t want Our Mom and Dad to know that We were having Sex or even that she was having Sex,although later on they had suspicions when We had pregnancy scares

  • Reply Willy T. ID:1e3ylbyp4gki

    A great 5 star ⭐️ tale ruined by misspelling and homophones.
    Please bone up on your English!
    Don’t schools teach “ I see, I saws, I have seen “ anymore?

    • Sexty9 ID:1cobcrfxubp1

      Thanks but You don’t have to be so anal about it though lol and Yes I understand there are a few spelling mistakes but I can’t edit it now and it doesn’t ruin the heat and passion of the story and in the moment of reading and when it actually happened I don’t think either of Us would of been thinking about grammatical errors,I’ve always been boned up on My English and boned up on her Vagina too,I’m schooled when it Comes/Cums to Sex

  • Reply Strong Lord ID:1cwpu7s2hynj

    Did she get pregnant is there going to be a part 2 for your first story this was badass I loved it

    • Sexty9 ID:1cobcrfxubp1

      Thank You and she didn’t get pregnant this time but there was a few near misses,close shaves and pregnancy scares along the way and there will be a part 2 and much more to cum

  • Reply Papa two ID:1ebyml2azykd

    We all hope your sister was in her fertile time and her belly grows with your baby. Damn that was hot.

    • Sexty9 ID:1cobcrfxubp1

      Thanks,she unfortunately wasn’t on this occasion but there were many more times and a few pregnancy scares

  • Reply cloudwalker ID:gnrvcvoid

    Damn you two, that was hot. I wanna read more. I love the love you have for each other. I would have loved to have been there to make it a threesome. He and I could have made you into a sandwich, standing there with your feet in the air supported by our two cocks. Mmmm.

    • Sexty9 ID:1cobcrfxubp1

      Thank You,there will be more,there is more to cum 😉