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Kindergarten Caught

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I didn’t know what she was doing in kindergarten, but there was this girl underneath the wheelchair ramp.

“Lookit!”  This boy pointed her out on recess, so we all looked over to see her with her legs wide open, her panties down, and her skirt up to show us her hairy crotch.

“What’s she doing?”  I scraped dirt back in the hole I dug in the sand.  Playing “Catbox,” because we had a cat, and for some reason, I liked to dig holes in the sand-box to scrape the dirt back in, like a cat.

“Sh, don’t go over there!”  He ran to stop the other kids gathering around the corner there.  There was this porch, then the ramp ran down one side like a slide, with a railing around it so you didn’t fall off.  At school, we had our own playground with bucket swings, and little slides, so we didn’t get hurt playing with the big kids on their playground.

She sure wasn’t a kindergartener. I found out later she was in 5th grade, and a child molester?  I guess, she never touched us, but she sure liked to expose herself to the whole kindergarten class, and she got her brother to point her out.  That was the boy, I guess I’ll call him Luke, because the first thing I remember him saying is “Lookit!”

That was him, but then after school she came by the kindergarten again to walk him over to the busses.  They didn’t ride my bus, but I followed them all the way home, because I was curious what was going on.  Why she would do that, which was part of her plan all along.  I had to grow up a lot, learn to read and write to even understand what S. E. X. spells, but I fell right into her trap.

That was how I got sex-ed, in kindergarten.  I had a lot of questions right off the bat, but she said to wait until we got home, to tell me.  Of course, he knew all about it, but she used big words like “Exhibitionist.”  I had to talk to her brother for him to dumb it down to words a 5 year old would understand.

Like playing with herself, instead of Masturbate, and showoff instead of Exhibitionist.  For some reason, I don’t even understand now, she got off on masturbating in front of kids.  Then, she talked us through S. E. X. and we took all our clothes off to do it naked while she watched.  We’re all adults here (I hope) so I don’t have to explain what goes where, when it gets hard, but first I had to put it in my mouth to suck it hard.

A little 5 year old pisser, but he didn’t pee in my mouth. He just got a stiffy, then he lay me down on the living room floor, while his big sister told him to “Do her now.”  He went down, and wiggled his tongue around in my privates.  I can’t really call it my sex, or pussy yet, because I didn’t have any hair on it, but I got the giggles.

“It tickles!”

“Yeah, but now he’s got you nice and wet so he can stick it in you.  Go on, stick it in her.  Huh, fuck her tight young little body, yeah.”

“Uh,” he stood up, and his dingle dangled soft, but I knew how to fix that.  So, I put it in my mouth, and sucked him hard again, but he couldn’t really fuck me.  He didn’t even pop my cherry, I don’t think.  I’m not really sure what happened to it, but there wasn’t any blood or pain that I remember.

He tried to fuck me in and out, but it just came out.  Popped back up against his belly, so he had to push it back down.  Feel around, and stick it in again, but then his big sister said “Oh! Oh god, I’m cumming!  I’m cumming so hard.”

So, we could stop, and put our clothes on, while she caught her breath.  I asked her what she ment when she said she was “Cumming,” so she told me what an orgasm was, and that’s what sex was all about.

She lied to me, or at least she left off the most important part.  About getting pregnant, and having babies, I guess because it was all about getting orgasms for her.  So, I still didn’t know where babies came from, but then I had to ask “How am I going to get home?”

“Well, where do you live?”

I shook my head, “In a house?”  I didn’t know my address, but thank goodness my mom thought to put her phone number in my bookbag so she could call her to come and pick me up.

She told me that I’d get in big trouble if anyone found out.  Well, “You’re a slut.”  Of course, she had a dirty mouth to go with her dirty mind, but she had to explain that to me as well.  “Only a slut would have sex with a boy she barely knows.”

“Oh, he’s not a stranger,” I told her, “He’s in my class with me at school.”

“Okay, I know, but if anybody asks.  Just tell them it’s a play date, and you played with dolls, or cars, and stuff.”

“Okay,” I didn’t have any problem lying, to get out of a spanking.  I knew that I’d get at least a good hard swat to the behind if my mom found out I’d been a slut, with a boy from school.  Whether or not we knew each other from class, even then I knew I was much too young to be doing any of this grown-up stuff.

So, I kept the secret, but I got to brag to my big sister when I got home.  “I got a boyfriend!”  I told her all about him, but not what all we did.  I said he kissed me, but not where, let alone what else he put in there, and we had sex.  Just that he kissed me.

That done, she didn’t come back on recess again, to flash us, and play with herself in front of the other kindergarteners.  Just me, and her brother, but since we’re such good friends.  She talked mom into letting her baby sit me, and go on playdates after school.  She just watched, but she called the shots, too.  Always, we just did what she said, but also we fell in love.

I know what a fucked up thing it is to say, considering how it happened, but it’s true.  We kept going out, all through school, and really having sex with real orgasms so I didn’t have to fake it to satisfy her. When we started puberty, we knew bye then how you got pregnant. So, we stole finger-cots out of the first-aid kit until he grew big enough to use real condoms without them slipping off.  We practiced safe sex, even after she stopped making us do it, because she got bored with it.

Honestly, that was part of the thrill.  Getting little kids to do adult stuff, and once we started doing it for fun, she didn’t have to make us.  She got fed up with us doing our own thing instead of what she said when she said it. So, I don’t know what she did then. If she got some other victims, she didn’t tell us about it, but I really doubt she just stopped, after she got her little brother a girlfriend.

I don’t know why I’m sharing it now, I guess I just found this site, and I thought that kiddy porn was a thing of the past. They shut down all the web pages with pictures she showed us. Of course, she got her hands on a computer, and free AoL disks were free everywhere, but they didn’t have any videos. Just pictures, but they shut those all down long ago.

I guess I should say that I don’t know what possessed me to look for incest stories now, after all these years.  I’m happily married, I have kids of my own, and the last thing I want is to risk them being exposed to anything like this, but I must say.  I’ve never read even fantasies about another girl like that.  Exposing herself to kindergarteners in 5th grade, to find the one curious enough to talk into playing sex with her brother.

I sure as hell won’t let them anywhere near their aunt, though.

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    How old are your daughters what if that happens to them

    • Anonymous

      She got none

    • Psiberzerker

      This is a complete fantasy. In other news, duh.