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Catching Step son spying on his mother 2

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Grooming his mom to hopefully giving into her desires.

After Danny got to fuck his passed out mom he was addicted.
It didn’t help him he was more obsessed with her even flirting some with her openly. Thank hs she was too naive to notice his attention.
So knowing her higher than normal sex drive I decided to help groom her to the thought of fucking her son.
Barb and I played a game where I would get her worked up and tease her to the point she would be begging for me to let her come.
So I started fooling around with her after a couple drinks to loosen her boundaries up. I get the sex handcuffs out and she was all for it. I handcuffed her to bed post and usually I give in and have to fuck her after 29 minutes or so of watching her beg and plea and she would get so wet and her hips would be noticeably trembling.
I jerked off before I started to help control myself. So with her striped naked on her back using her vibrator butt plug etc. she was beyond begging. This is where I turn the tides.
You want my cock don’t you Barb? Yes come on please stop teasing. I’m not going to give it to you. Please she said in a cute irresistible voice. No I said and continue and slapped her pussy lightly her juices flowing and I smear them all over her . If I don’t give it to you you want me to bring a big young guy in here to fuck you in front of me?
Yes I want cock any cock please Dave fuck me.
No I say who do you want to fuck? You honey please!
No How about our neighbor Bill? You want me to go get him?
She got quiet moving her hips feeling the butt plug in her trying to get her self off in vain.
Come on you like his big cock admit it touching her clit teasing her. Oh you’re a naughty wife. Yes she moans.
How about your sisters husband. She bits her lower lip and moans as I flick her clit that is so sensitive at this point she jerks with the least touch.
Yes I’ll fuck his little cock get him!
No I say. She moans out. How about Danny? I ask as a matter of fact. What? She said in a hoarse voice. I rub her lips up and down she hits her lower lip please Dave let me come.
No you didn’t answer me. How about Danny? He’s 18 he’s in his room, I can go get him. Nooo she said stop that as I rubbed her pussy gently. Please Dave she begged. Not until you admit you think Danny is cute. Please she said. You hear me. Say it.
I flick her clit. I think Danny is cute!!!she blurted out!l.
Good girl, I say sliding my finger into her. Yes she moans.
You want his cock don’t you. Resisting and I start pulling my finger out slowly. She says yes suddenly raising her hips up to keep my finger in her. You want to fuck your little boy don’t you? Sliding a second finger into her. Please she says in a long drawn out voice. Please what? I ask removing my fingers.
Please fuck me. No you can fuck Danny. Noooo please
She begs. Imagine his cock sliding into you i whisper in her ear as I slide my two fingers into her slowly. Yes she says. You want his cock deep into you thrusting. Mmmm she moans.
You want him to fuck you hard. Yes. Who’s going to fuck you hard Barb? You she answers. I pull me finger’s out till just the tip is touching her. No who is going to fuck you hard. Danny she whispered. Danny who? My boy my cute boy my baby fuck me please. Call me Danny. Fuck me Danny Ogg mom I whispered as I shoved two finger into her all the way. Oh mommy you feel so tight slamming my fingers into her again.
Oh baby she moans out raising her hips. I teach around with my free hand and grab her fat 8” dildo. . I love my fingers up to her clit pressed hard against her and shove the dildo in hard. And fast. She holds her breath letting out a squeal then I say oh mom your pussy us so tight. Her intake of air into her lungs came out in a long moan her entire body tending up
Fuck me honey she pants out. Fuck mommy fuck me hard.
And I start slamming the dildo into her rubbing her clit with the other hand her butt plug comes out as she raises her hip to each assault. Is mommy going to come? I ask. She nods her head eyes closed tight pulling at her restraints on her wrists. Oh mommy I’m going come also as I slam the didldo into her as hard as I could. She lets out a whale and jerks her body upwards and started squirting. Spraying off my hand onto her belly her entire body was having an orgasm as she moans out her sons name. Don’t stop she begs as I continue to hold her dildo into her trying to control it with her thrash around.
Mommy I moan out putting her over the edge again squirting more flooding herself. Jerking and spasm and slowly trying to catch her breath. She sinks into the sheets.
I take handcuffs off.
She gets up and goes to bathroom to clean up.
We go to bed she didn’t say a word just snuggles with me and drifts off.
The next morning eating breakfast I keep smiling at her as Danny walked by. She gives me that embarrass stop it look.
He walks back by and goes upstairs. I said I saw you checking him out . She said stop it. That was just a fantasy
Not looking me in the eye. Made you squirt didn’t it.
Still not looking up at me she said no you did.
I said I could have sworn I heard you begging Danny to fuck you hard. Shhh she said he will hear you as she turned 3 shades of red instantly.

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  • Reply Materhead ID:3zxjienrfid

    Tom thats hot and it sucks i know im in prison now for same and cant get nobody to talk about it

  • Reply Tom ID:1eu4bn2lb8ja

    I caught my wife fucking her nephew

    • BRITNEY ID:49kap65h5qr

      To bad you didn’t catch me because fucking him ! I would have fucked you to Tom !!

    • [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

      Tom, I would love to hear more about that!

    • Tom ID:1cr4ae4wqzl5

      Sissyboy can’t write about it she got caught later on cause her nephew told his friends and he was less than 10
      She got jail time

    • ken ID:phgdrcyxq3n

      what did you do when you saw they were screwing together?

    • Tom ID:1cr4ae4wqzl5

      Ken, I was shocked and curious I guess. Was surprised how horny she was acting with him. Seriously if you ever see your wife screw anyone. It’s a shock to see your wife in that way. She was talking to him. That’s how I knew she was doing something and opened door quietly. But she was on her back pulling him into her holding his ass and her legs up around him. Encouraging him to keep going and telling him how good it felt. I must of watch for 5 minutes without realizing it till she told him she was coming and don’t stop. The poor boy was along for the ride. I closed door and left I was supposed to be home yet was early.
      And literally didn’t know what to do. Watching her fuck him was amazing I had to admit I just never saw that side of her. She was so proper acting. Didn’t cuss. Went to church.After she got ratted out we talked I never said I saw her. But I guess she had fucked him dozens of times. She said the first time she was just wanting to masturbate but she was babysitting him. And he would not leave her side and it wasn’t planned . She said she just started pulling his pants down and did it. She talked like it was no big deal. Because to her it wasn’t. Except for the fact she cheated on me. The kid part was not a issue to her she just had mental issues.
      Size didn’t matter to her lol