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babysitting the boy next door

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I thought he was a little old for a babysitter but I needed the money

When the people next door called and asked if I would sit their boy I thought it was a joke at first but, they offered me a hundred bucks. Well I needed the money so I said I would do it. When I got there at 5 like they said their son was on the couch playing some video game. It was a game I had played years ago, like when I as a 8 year old. I didn’t even know you could get that game anymore. Anyway his parents thanked me and said they should be home at midnight, and if it was going to be later they would pay me more.

They had left money for pizza and the number of the place they order from so no big deal. I asked Rob what he wanted on it and he said all he wanted was cheese, boring right. So I ordered 2 smalls so I could have what I wanted. When the pizzas got there it was already going on 7 and I thought I would ask to play against him. He was good but I knew I could beat him. He said lets make it more interesting. I asked how we should make it more interesting, and he said the winner gets to make the other person do one thing he or she wanted. I thought there was no way he could beat me so I agreed. That was my mistake.

It was close until the last minute when him just hammered me. He said he wanted me to kiss him like I was his girlfriend. I said that his girlfriend wouldn’t like it if I did something like that, plus I didn’t think I should be kissing him. He started going on that I only wouldn’t cause, he won and how girls always don’t pay off on their bets. So I give him a quick peck on his cheek to which he said, that that’s the reason I had nothing else to do on a Saturday night. So I thought he was being a bit of a ass but a bet is a bet so I give him my best with tongue and the whole bit. Dam if this kid wasn’t all that bad of a kisser. When I pulled back he looked into my eyes saying that I could do better. I thought ya right kid you just want me to kiss ya again don’t you, well that’s not happening.

So are we doing a rematch or what? Kid said sure but next time I get to feel your tits. I said I don’t think so bud! There’s no way first your beating me again and second your not touching me like that. This time I knew I had him beat and again at the last second he 4 times the points and beat me by 2 fucking points. This time he grab my shoulder and turned me towards him. He was so fucking fast he had his hand not only under my t-shirt but, my bra as well. I tried to pull his hand off me but even thou he didn’t look that strong I could remove his hand from my breast. This what 13 year old was forcing his way with me and, I was so startled at not only how strong he is but, at now bold.

I yelled at him to let me go and he smiled saying nice tits. He then somehow pulled me so I was flat on my back with him on top of me. He lowered his face kissing me hard on the lips, as he tried to push his tongue between my lips. He raised up saying I seen you and that black guy behind your house. Did you enjoy having his cock in your mouth bitch. How in the hell did he see that? I mean he would’ve had to been standing on our garbage cans to see over the fence. Well bitch did you like sucking his cock. I yelled at him again to get the fuck off of me, to which he laughed saying he would get up once he was done with me.

I tried again to get him off me but, he just laughed as he pulled my t-shirt I was wearing up over my bra then, he pushed my bra up as well. I told him if he stopped I wouldn’t call the cops on him and, he smiled saying at my age they can’t do shit to me. He bent down taking my nipple in his mouth. I was waiting for the pain of him biting my nipple. but he only sucked it and flicked his tongue against my hardening nipple. I must’ve stopped flighting him cause what he was doing did feel really good. When he moved to my other nipple I just laid there letting him suckle on my nipples and, starting to feel a little bit turn on at what he was doing. I had always wondered what it would be like to be forced and, at night I would even have fantasies about being taken.

I was wearing a pair on sweat pants and as I watched him suck and give my nipple little bites, his other hand that he now wasn’t holding me with went south, and inside the waist band of my sweats. I didn’t fight him only asked him to please stop what he was doing, that I didn’t want this. I was wondering if I really wanted him to stop. When his hand started moving through my public hair as I started to fight to get him off of me. That’s when he bit my nipple just enough so, I knew he could hurt me if he wanted. I stopped struggling waiting for my chance get him off of me.

His fingers were stroking my pussy slit and in doing so my clit. I couldn’t believe it when a moan escaped my throat making him rub me that much faster and harder. I didn’t want to respond to what he was doing but my body was giving in to everything this young teenager was doing to me. He sat up and with one quick pull my pants and panties were down to my knees. I tried, I really did to clamp my legs together but, he was way to strong and soon I was on my back with a t-shirt and bra around my neck and nothing else but one sock on my foot. I knew I was in big trouble and had no idea other then to try to hurt him to get him to stop. Maybe if I get a chance I can knee him in the balls or stick my finger in his eye, anything to stop him from going through with this.

It’s like he read my mind cause, next thing I knew I was in the air being flipped over on to my belly with him on top of me pinning me to the couch. I felt his hand go between us and I thought, he was going to finger me that way but, that turned out to be hopeful thinking cause I soon felt his rock hard cock being pushed against my pussy as I thought ‘ OH GOD NO, Oh God he’s going to Rape Me.’ I said ” Please don’t do this, please I beg of you to at least use a condom I don’t want to get pregnant this way.” I’m on the pill but, I was hoping he would not want to knock me up.

I was wrong as he pushed himself inside of me as he said ” That’s what I want is for you to get pregnant. It will be great to see you walk around with my kid inside your belly.” I just give up and let him have his fun. One thing that really worried me was how wet I was. I mean was I, turned on by this? Sure I had a fantasy or two about being forced but, to actually having it happen was all together a other thing. I felt a stirring in my belly which I had only felt once before and, it was when I used the handheld shower head between my legs beating on my clit giving me my one and only orgasm. Was I going to cum from being forced? No it had to be, oh god no I am, I’m coming. Then I heard “That’s it bitch, cum on my cock. I knew you were a hot bitch. Ya fuck that pussy on me.” My hips were pounding back at him as if they had a will of their own. My whole body was jerking and, I was totally out of breath as he began to really pound me hard and driving me right into my next orgasm.

He’s right, I am a fucking slut, that has to be the answer why I’m coming with him raping me. He slowed down and just give me slow long strokes as his hand went around my body finding my clit with his fingers. Oh god, what in the hell. No I can’t, oh fuck OH FUCCCCCKKKKKKK, FUCK ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD, FUCK ME. I heard myself screaming those words at him as if I was someone else. I felt like a limp pile of flesh after that orgasm and had no defense when he pulled out and, flipped me over. I had my one leg on the floor, and the other on his shoulder he drove himself back inside hard and very deep.

Ok I have had sex before many times with different boyfriends, but this is the first time I have ever been totally fucked. And to think it’s a 13 year old boy making go from orgasm to orgasm for the first time in my life. I started knowing he would cum soon as I was starting to get sore. Any of my other boyfriends would have came in the first minute or two but, this had to be over a half hour and he’s still fucking me. I finally said ” Cum for me Rob, Please give me your cum Rob, shoot it deep inside me please.” I wanted to think that I wanted to have his baby just to get him to cum but, I just was getting very sore and if he didn’t cum soon I knew, I was going to offer to suck him off just to give my pussy a rest.

Rob seemed to like hearing that and was driving himself in as deep as he could go and with a groan like an caged animal he came. I swear I could feel him as he shot his cum inside of me, and once done he slipped out giving me my first look at his not small cock. This kid is 13 and he’s as big if not bigger then my last boyfriend was.

He looked at me saying “If your going to call the cops the phone is right over there.” I just laid there breathing very hard and still not believing that someone that young had just give me a fucking of my life. When I didn’t move he looked at me and said ” You do know that you have to be the best looking girl in this state don’t you, and it makes me feel sorry I did that to you. And by the way your not a bitch either.”

Well saying he’s sorry don’t make it right but, I didn’t feel any anger towards him. The only thing I could feel was cum coming out of my sore pussy. I finally said ” Rob what you did is very I mean VERY, wrong but you did give me the best sex I have ever had, so I’m not going to call the cops on you even thou I should. But if you want to help me you could bring me a warm wet face cloth so I can clean up.” He got up and was back with a face cloth and a towel. After I cleaned myself up Rob bent down and kissed me like a lover would, not as a rapist but with a lot of love.

About a hour later his parents came home paid me the money and asked if I could maybe do it again in the near future? I said I would be only to happy to do it again as I looked at Rob giving him a wink. It was a sore walk home cause I was still a bit raw down there but, it was worth it. Being paid did make me feel almost like a hooker but, I will get over it.

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    I love young guys fucking me. They are so horny and eager to please

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      Oh to be 15 again and living next door to you Jan!

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    Love kids assaulting older women, I’m so wet I want a boy to rape and breed me like a good little slut

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    I learned the hard way to, when a 13 year old boy totally dominated me and fucked me pretty much the same way ! Tara !!

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    More painful screaming arse fucking stories PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE