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Why Do I Sleep With Other Guys

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I’ve had a very interesting and sexually fulfilling life. I’m a bit of a wild child. Mommy and daddy divorced when I was 10. I was forced to have sex by an uncle when I was 11. We lived with him and his wife for awhile when momma left daddy. He was momma’s brother. He would grab me and fuck me fast and hard whenever he could get me alone.

We moved to Kentucky for awhile after about 6 months. So, he had fucked me a lot in that 6 months. We stayed with my grandparents. I met a few guys in Kentucky and they were older than I was. I was 12 going on 13 and they were 18, 19 an even 20. They took me out to fairs and I would meet them at this little restaurant everybody hung out at. I fucked most of them. I was very promiscuous.

We ended moving back to my hometown and I ended up married at 19. Everything was good but, about 6 months after I was married I went to Kentucky to visit my grandparents and I fucked two old boyfriends while I was there. I had several affairs and my husband never knew what I was doing. He worked a lot so I had lots of time to slip around. I didn’t work at the time.

After several years my husband found out I had fucked this guy he knew. An acquaintance told him. I think she wanted my husband but, he never wanted anything to do with her. Anyway, I confessed. We had a hard time for awhile but, got past it. I started working and I fucked a couple guys even after I confessed to my husband about the one guy he knew. He didn’t find out about the latest two guys. It would just happen. I didn’t plan it. Most of the time it was when I’d be out having drinks with friends. When I drink I get really horny an I wanna fuck.
My husband was working 2nd shift at the time so, I would go to the guys van, car or a motel. He still didn’t find out.

Several years later I had been out drinking and fucking. The guy fucked me twice and when I got home my husband was home. I was a little surprised but, played it down. I told him I was glad he was home because, I was horny. He grabbed me and took off my clothes. He was just in his boxers. Now, my husband has a very nice dick. It’s almost 8″ and quite thick. Very satisfying to me. I will say that it’s grown since we’ve been married because, I suck on it a lot. I think pulling blood into that muscle makes it bigger. Like a body builder.

Anyway, he’s got a nice hard on and he’s taking off my clothes. Then, he pushes me on my knees and said, “You need to suck my dick before I fuck you.” So, I do and he fucks my mouth and throat so good. He almost cums but, he stops because, he loves my pussy. I get in the bed and he climbs between my legs and sticks his dick in me. He’s fucking me for a minute then stops and says, “Your pussy is full of cum, who you been fucking?” I denied it initially but, he raised up, looked at me and said, “I know you fucked somebody tonight, who was it?” I said, “Just some guy I met at the bar tonight.” “It was nothing, I’m sorry.” He said, “Where did you fuck him?” I said, “In his panel van.” He said, “Panel van?”” You mean an empty van like a work van. I said, “Yes.” He said, “What was inside?” I said, “A bunch of tools and an a small mattress.”

“He fucked you on the mattress?” I said, “Yes.” He starts fucking me again. His dick is hard. He said, “Did he get you naked?” I said, “Yes.” “Did he get naked?” I said, “No, he just took off his pants.” “Why did he get you completely naked?” I said, “I don’t know, he undid my blouse unhooked my bra, the one that hooks in the front.” “Then, he pushed them off my shoulders while he was sucking my titty, and then he pulled off my skirt and panties.” “You just let him?” “Yes.” “Then, what did he do?” “He got between my legs and fucked me.” “How many times?” “Twice.” “Did you suck his dick?” I said, “He got up on my chest and put it in my mouth for quite awhile, I thought he was gonna cum in my mouth but, he slid down and fucked me a second time.”

Now, my husband’s dick is so hard when I’m telling him this stuff. I was shocked. Then, he pulled his dick out of my pussy and crawled up on my chest. He was holding his hard dick in his hand and said, “Did he do it like this?” as he rammed it down my throat and fucked me hard. He pulled out and said, “Well, how did he fuck your mouth?” I said, “He held my head and fucked me in an out, he would push it deep ever once in awhile.” Then, my husband stuck it back in my mouth and fucked me until he cum. He kept saying, “Suck me, suck me like you sucked him.” I did and then he said, “Swallow.” So, I did. He got off of me and put it back in my pussy.

He was still semi hard. He was so turned on. I said, “Wow, I can’t believe it turned you on so much.” He said, “Yeah, I’m surprised too.” He’s sliding his dick in an out slowly and said, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard in a minute.” I said, “You are?” He said, “Yes, I am.” He said, “I’m gonna treat you like the slut you are.” I said, “Do you like that I’m a slut?” He said, “Guess?” “Has my dick ever been this hard?” I said, “I don’t think so.”

My husband did just what he said he was gonna do. He fucked me so hard. He turned me over and pounded my pussy, he slapped my ass so hard, I winced in pain. He called me a slut, a loose cunt that liked fucking dick. It didn’t matter whose dick it was. Then, he shot a load if cum in me that felt like it exploded in me. I loved everything he did to me.

We’ve had a great sex life since. I’ve fucked several other guys since but, I tell him after I get home and he fucks me hard.
We were talking the other night. I’ve been trying to figure out why I fuck other guys. I think its because, I didn’t have my dad. I think girls who don’t have their father around, they’re always looking for love in other men. Men who want her, even though they only want her for sex, It’s still a man wanting her. I truly believe it’s daddy issues.
I’m not blaming or making excuses, I just think mine are my daddy issues. I’m not in love with these guys, it’s just sex. When a guy wants me, all I can think about is letting him have me and I want to make him happy and give him what he wants.

My husband makes me happy. He loves it when I slip up, drink too much and come home with a pussy full of cum. When I told him I went out, without panties on, he almost cum immediately. We’ve gone out several times and I’m in a dress or a mini skirt without panties and his dick stays hard all night. He’ll reach down and rub my ass cheek or rub my pussy. I love it and so does he.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf49a

    You may have daddy issues or you may just be a slut. Either way it’s fun!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9j

    Good girl, you were taught well. Wish daddy Gonzo loved near you he would definitely love tapping your ass for sure. I have made many a cum sluts and to this day can not resist them.

  • Reply Mindy ID:fzq36549b

    I turned my husband into a cuck
    It hurt him the first time he found out I cheated
    Then we had make up sex and it was great. He didn’t realize it it made him a better lover reclaiming me.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrjplqri

      Makes sense really. Coming home with a pussy fill of cum would make a person want to reclaim it. I bet that is fun.

    • Loose wife ID:1a912bhj

      That’s exactly what happened to me and my husband. He loved me being loose and easy. His dick would get so hard if I come home with cum in my pussy, I thought it was gonna explode. He loved hearing about what I did and what I let them do to me. He really liked it if I teased them and then had second thoughts so they just raped me and made me fuck and suck them. We had the best sex we ever had after I cheated.