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Tiny girl is young, but older than she looks – part one

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Tiny and I find our way to a secret den.

I was making a journey and at the time was driving in a town centre. For some reason, not obvious why, a police car was blocking the road so everyone had to stop, On the left I noticed a family, a mother and three children looking to get back into their car. The oldest, a boy, fourteen maybe. One was a very young girl and the other one looked about seven, a girl, but I was looking at her back. She turned round to face me and, wow, she has tits! This girl can’t be so young, must be much older and very short for her age but the boobs are unbelievable. Not just midge-bites, real pokies and showing so sexy through her tight bright yellow tee-shirt top. Because the traffic was stopped, I could admire her for a couple of minutes. Cute pretty face above the bulging tee-shirt. She’s looking into the car at me. Has she seen me looking at her?
The family all got into their car, the police car moved and the traffic started moving again. I’m going to see if I can follow the car without being so close it’s obvious.
OK, they didn’t go far and are home, the car’s now in a driveway at the side of a house. Just down the road is the entrance to a playground, part of a park that goes on behind and around it. I stop in the car park nearby. The rest of the family have gone into the house but the girl is walking towards me in the car. She turns into the playground and starts swinging on a swing.
I’m walking to the playground. Apart from me and the girl there’s no-one about, so she’s looking at me as I approach. I’d mentioned her tee-shirt, below that is a very short blue denim skirt. She starts to swing higher and, am I imagining it or is she deliberately opening her legs wider so, as she gets to the top end of each swing, I have a clear view of her white panties. I’m quite close now and she gives me a lovely smile.
“Having fun? I could give you a push if you want to go higher.”
“Mum tells me not to speak to men I don’t know. But I’d like to know you, so OK, give me a push.”
The question was, where do I push? Her back, her shoulders, her nice little bottom?
I put one hand each side of her slim waist and pushed, next time pushed a bit harder, again and again until she was going as high as possible. Just holding her waist on each push was giving me a thrill.
“That’s good thanks, that’s enough, stop me now.”
I stopped her with one hold, my hands round her waist again, and I had to hold her tight. She’d stopped but my hands were still round her waist as I stood behind her, as she sat on the swing.
“That was fun, thanks. And I like you holding me like that.”
That was good for me, but it suddenly got better. She took my hands in hers and moved my hands up until each hand was on a breast poking her tee-shirt out. Oh my God! Through the tee-shirt I can feel soft yet firm little tits and hard nipples.
“Do you like that? I do, it’s turning me on and my pussy’s getting wet, I can feel it.”
“I love it but if anyone sees I’m in trouble. Pushing you on the swing is one thing but touching you like this is something else. You’re much too young for me to touch you this way.”
“We can go further in the park, I know a place where no-one can see us.”
Obviously, I have to tell her I can’t go. But I can’t resist.
She got off the swing, grabbed my hand and led me into the park, not very far, going behind trees and bushes and we were in what I’d call a little den, surrounded by bushes with a little entrance, made by pushing branches aside, that you wouldn’t find unless you know where it is. The sort of secret place we’d have loved to find when my friends and I were kids.
Now we’re in the den, the girl looks at me with her lovely smile again. And again she takes my hands, this time she puts them on the bottom of her tee-shirt and moves them upwards so I’m pulling her tee-shirt up. The lower parts of her little boobs are just visible. Wow! What comes next?
“If you’re not going to take it off, I’ll have to” she said and pulled the tee-shirt off, over her head. Her perfect little breasts are facing me.
“Come behind me again and hold me like you did on the swing.”
I did, my hands on her waist again and I slowly moved them up until each hand was cupping a bare breast. Now there was no tee-shirt between my hands and the blissful feel of her soft boobs and hard nipples. Heaven!
“I shouldn’t be doing this and you shouldn’t be encouraging me. I don’t even know your name or how old you are.”
“I’m twelve, I just look younger because I’m so small. I’m Tina, but most people call me Tiny, because that’s what I am. I like it, call me Tiny.”
“Good things come in small packages” I said, still enjoying “But you’re too young to let anyone open the package.”
“It’s been opened before and I enjoyed it and I want to do it again. The package isn’t all opened yet and it needs to be. So, I’m going to start to open the other bit and you have to finish it.”
She unfastens the button on her sexy little skirt, which looks even sexier now she’s naked above it.
“I can’t do that” I said.
“If you don’t, I will. But I’ll enjoy it much more if you do it and I think you want us to enjoy ourselves. We can please each other. Every time you touch me and remove my clothes you’ll turn me on even more.”
Here we go! Again, I can’t resist, so her little skirt’s soon down to her feet and she lifts each foot over it and stands there in just her panties. I know they’re going to come off but first I put my hand inside, down until my hand finds hairs and a damp crack. I rub the crack and my index finger parts her pussy lips, caresses her wetness and finds the way inside to gently finger-fuck her.
“That’s wonderful, it’s what I like to do but it feels so much better when you do it.”
“You’re so young but you like the attention of a man. When your panties are off we can have more fun and I’ll try to give you more pleasure.”
So I pulled her panties down and, again, she lifted her feet out of them.
Naked in front of me she was so cute, sexy and beautiful. The tight crack between her legs with quite a lot of wispy hairs above and around it was a lovely sight.
The ground under the trees was clean and dry and I laid her on it. I lay down too and said “We’ll start with some kisses.”
First, a soft kiss on her lips. Then a second, longer kiss and my tongue found a way between her lips and met hers.
“I like that, I never did that before.” She said and kissed me next and it was her tongue that met mine. The kiss went on and on and it was so good but I needed to make the next step. Her left breast got the treatment first, then the right, gentle kisses on the soft skin before sucks and gentle bites on her nipples, hard already but they got harder as my attention to them made her even hotter.
“You like me holding your waist, perhaps it’d like a kiss too. I kissed along her waist, one side to the other before my mouth made its way south and I slowly found my way to the pubic hairs around her vagina. The hairs were wet and the whole area was soaking in her sweet juices. This girl is incredibly hot! I was kissing her pussy when she put her hands down and unashamedly opened her pussy lips. I gazed at her labia and the pink hole between them and my kisses were all over them. I tongued and sucked. My fingers explored and found her clitoris. The little knob was bigger than I expected, is that why she’s so sexual?
I sucked and kissed and tongued her clit and her pussy hole and after a short while she was moaning and pushing her pussy as hard against my mouth as she could. I realised she was climaxing and felt her orgasmic juice in my mouth.
Wonderful for me and she said “Wow, thank you for that, another first time. When I had sex before it was good and I liked it but the guy just wanted to put his dick in my pussy and fuck me. He didn’t feel my tits or kiss me anywhere. I love all the new things you’re doing. It all makes me so hot, I’m yours for ever if you’ll have me.”
“Tiny, you’re like a little dream, I’ll have you for ever and ever.” I really meant it although I knew it could never come true. “You’ve just had sex once?”
“Yes, just once with a man, but it wasn’t like this with you, and we’ve only just started. I’ve had sex with girls including my friend Leah. She and I watch porn at her house ‘cos she found where her brother keeps his stock of dirty videos. I’ve seen girls sucking men and you sucked me and it was good so I wondered if you’d like me to suck you? And I want to help you take your clothes off.”
The dream’s getting better and better!
I unfastened my belt and the top button of my trousers and looked at Tiny. She looked back with another of her lovely smiles. “This is another first time for me.” she said and her hand found my fly zip and pulled it all the way down.
“Do I want to see it or do I want to touch it first? I think I want to feel now and see later.” Tiny’s hand was investigating the waistband of my underpants. I was semi-hard but she found the way inside the pants and she held my dick. It took only a few seconds before I was right on and as she held my dick the end was poking out of my pants.
“Wow, I think your dick likes me! That’s fantastic, another first, feeling a dick grow in my hand. It was nice to touch it when it was soft but now it’s stiff, wow! To think a girl can control a man’s dick just by holding it.”
She’d pulled my underpants partly down now and all my dick was sticking out and she was starting to wank me. “Is this good? I never did it before but it feels nice for me. I love to see the end coming out of your skin and going back in as I rub you up and down.”
“Tiny, it’s good, it’s wonderful, you’re wonderful.”
Her other hand found its way into my pants and found my balls. “Play a bit if you want but be gentle, my balls are very sensitive.”
After a bit she decided to do what she’d said and her head went down and first she kissed the end, then her soft lips were round my cock and it was more than an inch in her mouth. Tiny said “I like it, it was wet and the wetness tastes good.”
“It’s like your pussy gets wet, my dick gets wet with pre-cum. It’s getting us ready for real sex, real intercourse, fucking.”
She resumed sucking the top two inches of my dick, wanking with her hand at the same time. The girl’s a natural, her first blowjob and it comes naturally to her. But not very long after, it’ll cum naturally to me unless I stop her.
“Tiny, stop now. It’s lovely but if you keep on I’ll cum in your mouth. I’d like to do that but not now. We need real sex for our first time.”
“There’s something I’ve seen in a porn video. A man having sex with a very small woman, he held her up in front of him and bounced her up and down on his dick. I think that would be fantastic. Could we do that?”
“I know what you mean, I’ve seen it and never thought I could do it, I’m no strong-man. But yes, I think I could lift little you, and I’d love to.”
Although Tina had loosened my pants, I still had my clothes on and I quickly took everything off except for my underpants, there was a tent in them. I looked at Tina and she pulled them down to my ankles and started wanking me. I put my hands again round Tina’s waist. I lifted her up, then put my hands under her bum cheeks, which was more comfortable. Her face was in front of mine and I kissed her, she responded, and her legs were round my waist, gripping me, her hands were on my shoulders too, so I wasn’t holding all her weight, it was wonderful. In that position, she’s light as a feather, Tiny is the right name for this little angel.
I took her legs and raised them up so her heels were up to my shoulders, she was folded in half with just air between her pussy and my dick just below it. My right hand found her wet pussy and then guided my dick into position. I lowered her and I slid gently, deep in her pussy. I was in her for the first time, the wetness and tightness was incredible, I lifted her and lowered her, I was almost out on the upstroke and all the way in when she was down. The feeling’s building, she’s so tight, as she said, I’m bouncing her on my dick. I keep on and she’s whimpering in my ear, “Don’t stop, it’s wonderful.”
How long can I go on before I cum? Happily, long enough, she’s shaking and moaning and I just leave her all the way on me with my dick cumming inside her. A few spurts and I’ve finished and she’s still having her orgasm.
I’m still inside her and holding her and we’re kissing again. But my dick’s softening and I can feel our wetness leaking on to me from her pussy.
Eventually I put her down and we lay together on the ground. My dick and the skin and hairs all around it are wet with spunk and pussy juice. I examine her leaking pussy, it’s beautiful.
Tiny said “I’m going to clean your dick with my mouth. And you said you’d like to give me a mouthful.”
“Yes, but not just yet. It’ll take some time before I can do that. And you’ll have to work harder, ‘cos I’ve cum once.”
“I’ll work as hard as I have to, I want my mouthful and you deserve all my hard work after you’ve given me the most incredible experience ever.” She’s sucking all the wetness off my dick and around it.
We lay together cuddling, naked, lucky it’s a warm afternoon. Lovely to feel her soft skin, look at her cute breasts, caress them again and suck her nipples, and that’s getting me hard again. Which Tiny sees and gets to work. Her mouth and hand are taking me to heaven and it’s not long before she gets her mouthful.
“You swallowed it!”
“Yes, will it make my tits grow?”
“That’s an old wives’ tale, but your lovely tits will grow anyway, as you get older. Not that they need to, they can’t get any more beautiful and sexy than they are. Tiny, I said you’re mine for ever, but that can’t really be true, although I wish it could. I live a hundred miles away and even if I didn’t I can’t be with you, people will know and I’ll be in jail. You’re a girl who loves sex and the way you look, a lot of boys and men will want to give it to you. I want you to promise me that you’ll be very careful and never tempt a man the way you tempted me today. It was wonderful, I’ve never known an afternoon like it, but you took a big risk because not all men are nice, some like to hurt girls when they have sex, some might even murder a young girl after sex to stop her talking about it because they know they would go to jail if she did. And don’t go with just anyone, don’t get known as the local slut, everyone talks now and puts things on social media, keep your reputation. Be known as the good and beautiful Tiny.”
We got up and started to put our clothes on.
“Thanks for the advice, I know you’re right but now I know how good sex can be, it’ll be hard to follow the advice. We had sex two ways. But there are two more ways I’d like to have sex with you, and then I won’t need to find anyone else to show me. I’ll not tell you how now, except that it’s not having you in my bottom, I don’t fancy that!”
“Don’t worry, I don’t either! Never did.”
“Please find an hotel to stay tonight and we can meet again tomorrow.”
I had an hotel arranged already, not all that far away. “OK, you tempted me again. When and where shall I meet you?”
“My parents are taking my brother to the hospital and my sister will go with them, so you can park where you are today and I’ll see you and you can come in the house.”
“No, that’s too dangerous for me, they might come back, anyone might come. What time will your parents leave?”
“About 9.30 so they get to the appointment on time.”
“Let’s go to the car now. If no-one’s about, get in.”
We went to the car, I drove to the end of the road to the main road. I’d passed another car park when following them to the house and I drove there. “Meet me here at ten tomorrow morning, OK? I’ll be in the car and we can drive somewhere safe”.
It was arranged, we parted with a tender kiss.

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