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Wife taken

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So I been married to my wife for now about 15 years when this took place. My wife very conservative goes to church
Every Sunday.
She is 5’3” 139 lbs 35 years old dark hair. Straight over her shoulders In length. She could be hot and sexy but wears loose fitting clothes and no makeup.
So I offend wanted to see if she masturbated. She never talked of suck things and sex with her was always missionary.
So wanting to se I set up camera in house Livy room and kitchen and bedroom.
She does a lot of volunteer work raised money for sift charities going door to door asking for donations for whatever
Charity. So one Saturday she was having a bible study class
At our house. About 15 people show up and I tell her I going to friends house to watch the game.
. Well my friend was gone and I did not know it so I go set at the park listening to fame on radio. I pull up camera on my phone bored to check on bible study n group. About 19 people there. And they were standing up like the were all leaving. I listened in as one by one was saying goodbyes and this guy Mike went to restroom was last one there.
He came out thank her for evening.my wife naive and to trusting sat down with him at counter and they talked small talk really. I could see he was hitting on her. She did not pick up on any of it.
She started rubbing the back of her neck like she always does when she is getting tired and he goes around and started rubbing her shoulders given her a little massage.
She let him said it felt good as he worked his hands up her shoulders to her neck and back of head.
I could tell it felt good to my wife not realizing what he was doing.

She froze when he leaned down and kissed her neck.
I heard her say what? And no I can’t as he was kissing on her neck. She said you better stop still trying to be nice to him.
She had on just a skirt that went to her knees and shirt she already had slipped off her shoes earlier.
Held her now still kissing her neck she said Tom stop Dave will be home trying to get him to stop.
He said he can watch them and she stood trying to twist away from him as she did he held her by hair pinned her against counter facing him he kissed her on lips she was tell him stop please don’t and he worked his way down her neck
I didn’t hardly notice as he tore open her top. I was in a shock sorta also.
Not realizing at time I was getting aroused watching it Unfold.
She was trying to push him away as he held her with one arm she twist in his grip and he bent her over counter. Quickly he pulled her panties off and was unbuckling his pants.
He pulled out a thick 7”cock and quickly was shoving into her.

She let out a painful cry and kept telling him I could be home any minute. He said you said he’s watching the game. It’s not over for another hour stop worrying.
She was face down on counter as he pounded her grunting and she got quiet for a minute.
He picked her up and carrying her down hall I quickly changed not bedroom camera.
He slipped her shirt on off and braw pulled her skirt off sand I realized then how painfully hard my cock was.
I look around sitting in car I unbuckle my own jeans.
She still trying not get him to stop not really fighting him just begging him not to as he got on her in bed pinning her legs back.
Brutally her pounded her on the mattress. Bed squeaks and and the sounds of her crying and saying please stop as he jack hammering her.
Skin slapped ever hard thrust into her and she kept say no
Until I saw she was holding her breath making a painful look
I knew she was going to she always held her breath when a orgasm was building.
Shaking her head no back and forth as he brutally thrust into her with a cock twice my size.
Then she let out a gush of air in a loud no moaning out of her lips as I see her hips thrust uncontrollably having a orgasm during the rape.
He finally can deep into her moaning her name out she laid trembling beneath him.crying.
When it was all over I had came all over myself. He was leaving as I was getting myself cleaned up. My wife was getting in shower as I was pulling out of park. 1/2 hour later I was pulling into driveway. Knowing I can’t tell cops or my wife about cameras.
I go in she was watching tv looks up and says hey how was game? Smiling as she said it. Good how was the Bible studying. She said it went well. And then goes on about who all was there and what they learned.
She literally was not going to tell anyone she had been raped.
We went to bed. Like nothing had happened.

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  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    Enjoyed the story. You need to proof a couple more times before posting. We all make mistakes and proofing will catch most of them. I will read more of your stories.

  • Reply J Biden ID:pwu4hgy20d

    I think you did the right thing not calling cops. She liked it and that man did a favor to you. He released her inner whore. Now you can enjoy her more than ever.

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ithd9k

    One night when we staying at my sisters house on vacation I started to notice my wife would come out into the living room and watch tv for a while and when I noticed she was not wearing panties it turned me on after the first night she came out of the bedroom wearing a short robe and when she sat down on the couch we all could see her pussy and when she slid down on the couch and spread her legs my sister told her she had a beautiful pussy and if she wanted to play with it and let everyone watch that would be better than the movie she took off the robe and my brother in law got up from the couch and took down his underwear and my wife started licking his cock

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    If she was right once she didn’t be raped again every night, I tired to the bed and fucked shit out of her

  • Reply Unknown ID:ysqa2ehi

    Don’t think she was raped she could have been cheating this whole time at his place or something and not comfortable doing it at yours

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ithhrk

    I was working for my brother in law and on occasion when it was raining he would call it a day my sister would always leave the house early with the kids and then go to work one morning after my sister had left my brother in law said it was to wet outside to work after a couple of minutes I just walked out into the living room and my brother in law was jerking off on the couch he asked me if I wanted to get naked together and when I walked over and took off my underwear he told me to get on the couch and spread my legs open I got on the couch and he moved back so I could see his huge cock he told me to spread my legs open over his cock and let him put his cock in

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ithhra

    My neighbor and my wife had always been a little friendly but the woman was 10 years older than us I’ve actually seen her in her panties out of the patio door

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ithhra

    My ex wife was always the perfect party host and when she asked me to have some friends over after work I was all for it but my work schedule had a different plan when I called her and told her I was not going to get back into town until the following morning she said that was ok and to call her back when I got to my stopover

    • Dave ID:7zv2u2g8rk


    • Sammy ID:fx7ithd9j

      It was like a normal day and when I didn’t get a call or text back it was ok I was thinking about my wife and how sexy she was wearing panties she was always beautiful but when she would put a pair of sexy panties on and have on a pair of heels and walk around in the bedroom I don’t think there was a better time in my life

    • Sammy ID:fx7ithd9j

      Well if that’s ok with you I’ll actually get to the best pussy I’ve ever tasted and the most beautiful picture in my mind