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The copulation story of Muthukutty alias Muthu and Kamala – An Indian sex story – Part –2

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Kamala did not satisfy her husband Mukundan in their mating, He lost his patience and left. Lusty Kamala selected Muthu as her sex partner.

I am Kamala. In the first part of this story, I explained about my wedded life with Mukundan. As we both were very horny and hot , we coupulated even 10 or 12 times in a day. Though I was very horny, I did not know to do sex mischiefs and satisfy my hubby. Patiently he matted with me for seven long years. As i did not know how to satisfy him, slowly, the number of copulation started denuding.. Daily 12 reduced to daily 1. Then weekly one and then once in a month. But my lusty feelings did not reduce. My little sister even now wants to play with his little brother. Then he started copulating with his tuition students. This was conveyed by a student herself. So, I also decided to select another sex partner to satisfy my lust. Now let us go to the second part.
Immediately after our marriage we bought a tiled house with some vacant land. After sometime we built another terrace building and shifted. I decided to give that tiled house to a bachelor for rent.. Muthukutty alias Muthu came to my house and asked the house for rent. At the first sight itself we each attracted the other. As I was very colourful with big boobs and attractive face , Muthu was trapped. His lusty eyes made me to approve him. In addition to that his broad chest curly hair and absolute personality with six packs body, spellbounded me. But he was black in colour. It’s alright colour is not a matter for nice erotic copulation. I put a tick mark and selected him as my future sex partner. My little sister also gladly accepted that.
Even now I am washing the clothes manually using a stone which is even now situated near the old house. In order to attract Muthu I wore an absolutely transparent white blouse and a petticoat. Anyone can see my boobs and reddish brown nipples very clearly. When I was washing my clothes Muthu was in the habit of coming out and sitting on a paddy very near to the stone. Showing his broad chest and wearing just a small towel, he would sit before me and start to brush his teeth.
At the beginning we both just talked normally. Though he was just in his 35, he called me as aunty. Angrily I asked him not to call me so because I was just in my 25. As we both were malayalis he started calling me as Kamala chechi. When I was bending down and applying soap on the dresses his lusty eyes would be piercing my boobs . Moreover he would admit his left hand inside his towel and started to caress his penis. At that time, the small towel would open 60% and his hanging cock would be exposed. My God! it was nearly one foot long and 3.5 inches around. Saliva was falling out from my mouth and I wiped it off.. He had noticed it and faced my face directly with a lusty smile. I completed the work and went inside my house.
On the next day he came and sit with a banana in his hand. Heaping his lips, he moved the banana inside and outside. I asked him weather he would be eating the banana with the skin. He said that that was a symbolic message to me. Though I understood the main matter I asked him what would he do with that. He simply said that he would insert it inside the mouth of a lady and would ask her to lick and suck the banana.. He said ,” I can’t eat my own banana”. I said,” yes males would give banana to ladies to suck and lick,” and winked my eyes.
We both understood that we both were getting near. In order to avoid making wet, I raised my petticoat to the maximum so that he could see my vulva. Then he joined his index finger and thumb and made an O. Then he moved the banana in and out and smiled. I could grasp each and every action of Muthu. I asked,” Are you practicing ?. Symbolically it means to me that the banana is moving inside a hole.” His answer was,” chechi why are you calling it as a hole there are many synonym words for that hole. Say it as valva vagina pussy or even cunt.” I acted that I was shying.
He said ,” I am very much interested in talking sexual and slang words. But what is the use of just talking and making symbols?. Just before me a golden statue is standing and inviting me to play with. But I can’t take it granted and start the play at once.” I said,” mostly ladies like me are only hesitating to talk and take action. You males have a courage of doing it straight away. Is it not?”
He got up and came to me. He held my hands in his hands and caressed them. He required his fingers with that of me. He approaches still more closer and try to kiss me on my cheeks. Saying ,”This is not correct Muthu,” I took the clothes quickly and got inside my house. I thought that I should take some more days to initiate the copulation.
The next day I did not go there. It was about 2:00 p.m. After having my lunch I was just taking rest on my bed. Nowadays during the daytime purposefully I am keeping the side door open. Using that unexpectedly Muthu entered into the house. He straight away entered into the room and asked me,” chechi have you had your lunch?”
Inturn I said Yes and asked him the same question. He replied ,” we both are very hungry chechi . What to do chechi ? Though the food is very near to us we cannot take and eat. Can you give some food to both of us.? It took sometime for me to understand his words. With a sweet smile I said to him,” First you take the food. After that I will give to the other person, you said about.”
He said,” No no chechi he is more hungry than I am. First you satisfy his hunger then I will take food from you.” Saying so, he sat on the bed very near to me. I did not want to prolong the matter. I selected Muthu in order to mate with him. So the earliest is the best I decided.. I opened his towel and held his penis in my hand. I bent my back and kissed it saying,” My dear little boy! Are you really very hungry.?” Muthu held him in his hand and moved him up and down. I laughed merrily and hugged Muthu. Automatically the towel fell down and he was.sitting stark naked.
After laying on the bed I said,” Come on Muthu. I am ready to supply food to your little brother. come and allow him to eat.” With great joy Muthu said,” Thank you chechi.”. He jumped and leaped on me. As I was wearing just a nighty and nothing else Muthu simply lifted it up and removed it. I asked him to lean on me in the form of number 9. At first he started biting my thighs by the way he was caressing the thighs and my abdomen. Then he started biting my vagina. Using his two fingers he opened the lips of the vagina and inserted his tongue well inside the hole. At first he licked my clitoris.
His tongue was very long, broad and rough. So when he was licking my clitoris I could not bear with. I started to hum. Then vertically he rounded his long tongue and inserted it inside the vagina hole. Oh my God! he was moving that rounded tongue speedily in and out. It was just like being fucked by a penis. With extreme emotion I had my orgasam. The viscous liquid was started flowing out. He sucked and drank it, without leaving even a single drop. The more he sucked the more the liquid flowed like a fountain from my vagina. After sucking the entire liquid he said,” Thank you chechi. It is our custom to give water to a guest. I have drunk more than enough of water.”
Then I said,” Not only water you can have milk also from my boobs.” [Sorry I have forgotten to tell you tha. Before some 3 months I have begotten to a male child]. He woundered and asked me,”Is it true,”
With a sweet smile I answered him,” Really really it is 100% true.” Then he turned his body and started sucking my both boobs. I had fed my boy only at about 11. Now he is sleeping. Therefore my boobs were full of milk. He sucked and sucked. About a litter of milk he drunk. I wondered about it. When my baby was sucking so much of milk was not produced. For that Muthu cleared my doubt. As he was dashing his face against my boobs with extreme emotion more and more milk was being produced.
He compared it with the little goats sucking and drinking milk. Normally she goat is begetting at least some four little goats. She has to give milk to all the four. When the goods are dashing their faces against the udder of the mother goat more and more milk is produced.
I forgot to tell you one more thing. When Muthu was sucking licking and biting my vagina, I linked sucked and bit his dark coloured cock. To my surprise it got erected nearly to one foot. When I had his little boy inside my mouth I could allow only half of it. When I was moving his fore skin, I was keeping my 2 folded palms one below the other. So also my own hand cannot go around his cock. Only I could cover half of the curvature. Yes, that was what my dream. I bit the bud gently and munched half of his penis. He got he got immense pleasure from that.
After having drunk the entire milk from my two boobs, Muthu started his work. He inserted his one foot long penis straight inside my vagina. I thought it might cross my abdomen and could peep out from my mouth. I felt so. Eating well done into my vulllva and touched my uterus. Moreover his way of copulating was very different from that of Mukundan. I could understand that he was an experienced person in copulation.
I asked him openly,” Muthu! Do you have any previous experience in couplating with any other girl?.” He said,” Yes chechi. The daughter of the owner of the previous house and I had been copulating for more than 3 months. Because of that she conceived. In a fear I vacated the house and come here. Then I asked whether I would also conceive by our copulation. Inturn he asked me Why not chechi? My sperm is very thick in density. So most probably you may also conceive. But I said to him that I won’t care about it . I was ready to bear his child also in my womb. So like irrigating water to the plants he spillled out his entire white milk inside my vagina. Both got immense pleasure by that.
Then like every couple he asked me to stand on my fours and pierced my vagina with his one foot long penis. I could feel the movement of his little brother when I was standing in this position. rather than when I was lying on the bed. Like a piston moving in the cylinder his cock moved very speedily inside my vagina. Oh my God! oh my God! How can I write in words the absolute joy or happiness or bliss, I enriched by this copulation.
Then he asked the real food. Nakedly we both entered into the kitchen. Sitting on the floor he started eating the food. I was standing behind him and caressed my pussy on his head. He understood that my lust can’t be quenched so easily. So he joined his three fingers, middle, index, and ring fingers and inserted inside my vagina. By moving his hand speedily I felt I was once again fucked by a very stout penis.
Anyhow he had completed his eating also. Now in the same way he joined his three fingers and inserted jointly into my asshole. At first I experienced a very very heavy pain. As I did not have that experience before the pain was very heavy. I controlled myself and bear with that big pain. Now he was moving his both hands. That was a very new one. But the pleasure I enriched was an incomparable one. By doing this he had widened my asshole to the most. Yes his fingers were very stout the three joint fingers circumference was larger than that of his penis.
Now he asked me to stand in my fours once again. Having applied some castor oil on his penis as well as inside my vagina, he started copulation by inserting his penis inside my asshole. Now his little brother is moving gently and comfortably inside my asshole. To my surprise, the pleasure I had enriched and earned cannot be compared with vegina copulation. Yes, I had enjoyed atmost pressure in my life time.
At the time, I heard someone calling me,” sister are you inside?”. The man got inside the house was none but the thickest friend of Mukundan by name Akash . In this 7 years he is having enough of liberty to enter into my house as well as into all rooms without getting any permission. Muthu did not care about that. But I was shocked seeing him inside the kitchen room. Akash. was stunned seeing Muthu and I , in that position. But he simply took it easy. Moreover he said to me that he had been trying to mate with me for a long time. But I did not give him any gap.
Saying so he removed his dresses and became nude. He simply came before me and stretched his penis near my mouth. There was no other way for me. I had his penis in my mouth. For each and every blow given by Muthu, I moved front and back and sucked the penis of Akash. It was really very interesting for Akash and I. This went on for about 20 minutes. All of us touched the peak. Muthu poured out the white milk inside my asshole. At the same time Akash also poured his sperm inside my mouth and I simply swallowed it. I also had my orgasam.
Holding my head and legs Akash and Muthu bore me to the bed. Aakash lay on the bed and I sat on his stomach and inserted his penis inside my vagina. When I was jumping up and down and copulating with Aakash, Muthu asked me to bend down my back. Slowly and steadyly Muthu inserted his penis also in the same vagina hole where the penis of Akash was inside. I couldn’t believe myself. What a wonder! what a wonder!. Two big penises that too, the giant size penis of Muthu were inside my pussy. I thought even one more penis could get inside my vagina. My vagina adjusted up to that level. Slowly the two penises moved in and out of my pussy. My God! oh my God! this is the absolute and atmost pleasure one girl can ever get in her lifetime.
After attaining the peak point all the three separated. Now Muthu laid on the bed and I was in the same position. Now Aakash was inserting his cock inside my asshole. I was moving up and down where as Akash was moving front and back. This game was also very interesting.
I looked at the wall clock. It was nearing 8:00 p.m.. Almost within an hour Mugundan would come back. So we three entered into the bathroom. There also that two stupids did not leave him. Some three times they fucked me in different postures . That is , some six times I was matted with those two heroes.
I was copulated again and again by Muthu in the following days. He matted with me at least some four or five times in a day. Even in the night time during my sleep Muthu was fucking me in my dream. So the viscous liquid was flowing out and drenching my bed every night. I was attached with Muthu so much.. Even now, that is going on. I pray my God not to separate me from Muthu.
Thus Muthukutty alias Muthu became my second husband
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